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These are all the skills in Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (HD Remaster). Read on to learn more about skills, their effects, and how to acquire them!

What are Skills?

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Skills in Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne are abilities that the Protagonist and Demons can learn as they fight, converse, and level-up throughout the game.

Unlike the normal Attack action, skills can have different effects ranging from damage, healing, or passive buffing.

Due to the nature of the Press Turn Battle System, victory or defeat usually hinges on the right usage of skills during combat.

How to Learn Skills

Learn via Leveling Up

Leveling up is the most basic way of learning skills. Each demon has predetermined skills they can learn by leveling up. Once they have learned all skills they can learn, they will not be able to learn more skills. Once in this state, it is preferable to fuse said demons to make stronger demons that can inherit the skills this demon may have learned.

Protagonist's Magatama Affects Skills Learned

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The Protagonist learn skills the same way as Demons but the skills he learns depends on the Magatama he has equipped. Each Magatama has a certain skill set and the protagonist may learn these skills while leveling and equipping the Magatama.

List of Magatama

Inherit Via Fusion

You can make demons learn skills by having them inherit skills from previous demons via fusion. This is one of the best ways to create stronger demons as you can improve their skill repertoire by adding skills from your previous demons.

How to Use Skills

Skills in Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne are generally used during combat. During a player's turn, options will be given to perform different actions. The skills a certain Demon or Character has learned will appear in this list.

Players need only to select the skill to be used and then select its target.

Some skills, however, are passive. Instead of targetting enemies, they buff the player's party both inside and, in some cases, outside of combat.

List of Skills

Skills by Type
Physical Skills Magic Skills Buff Skills Debuff Skills
Healing Skills Misc Skills Passive Skills

Best Skills List and Best Demi-Fiend Skills

Physical Skills

Skill List
Andalucia Arid Needle Berserk
Blight Brutal Slash Chaos Blade
Charm Bite Dark Sword Deadly Fury
Deathbound Divine Shot E & I
Earthquake Feral Bite Feral Claw
Freikugel Gaea Rage Guillotine
Hades Blast Hassohappa Heat Wave
Hell Fang Hell Spin Hell Thrust
Iron Claw Javelin Rain Kamikaze
Last Resort Lunge Mighty Gust
Needle Rush Oni Kagura Rebellion
Sacrifice Spiral Viper Stasis Blade
Stone Bite Stun Bite Stun Claw
Stun Needle Tempest Terrorblade
Toxic Sting Twosome Time Venom Bite
Venom Claw Xeros Beat

Magic Skills

Skill List
Agi Agidyne Agilao
Beast Roar Binding Cry Bolt Storm
Bufu Bufudyne Bufula
Death Flies Death Lust Deathtouch
Dismal Tune Eternal Rest Evil Gaze
Fire Breath Fire of Sinai Glacial Blast
God's Bow Godly Light Hama
Hamaon Hell Burner Hell Exhaust
Hell Gaze Hellfire Holy Wrath
Ice Breath Life Drain Mabufu
Mabufudyne Mabufula Magma Axis
Mahama Mahamaon Mamudo
Mamudoon Mana Drain Maragi
Maragidyne Maragion Mazan
Mazandyne Mazanma Mazio
Maziodyne Mazionga Meditation
Megido Megidola Megidolaon
Mudo Mudoon Preach
Prominence Radiance Roundtrip
Shock Soul Divide Starlight
Tentarafoo Thunderclap Tornado
Toxic Cloud Violet Flash Wet Wind
Whirlwind Wild Dance Wind Cutter
Wing Buffet Zan Zandyne
Zanma Zio Ziodyne

Buff Skills

Skill List
Dekunda Focus Holy Star
Makakaja Makarakarn Provoke
Rakukaja Red Capote Sukukaja
Tarukaja Tetraja Tetrakarn

Debuff Skills

Skill List
Allure Debilitate Dekaja
Dormina Fog Breath Lullaby
Makajamon Marin Karin Mute Gaze
Panic Voice Pulinpa Rakunda
Sexy Gaze Shibaboo Sonic Wave
Stone Gaze Stun Gaze Sukunda
Tarunda Taunt War Cry

Healing Skills

Skill List
Dia Diarahan Diarama
Makajam Makatora Me Patra
Media Mediarahan Mediarama
Mutudi Paraladi Patra
Petradi Posumudi Prayer
Recarm Recarmdra Samarecarm

Miscellaneous Skills

Skill List
Analyze Arbitration Beckon Call
Begging Beseech Brainwash
Dark Pledge Detain Estoma
Flatter Haggle Intimidate
Jive Talk Kidnap Kinspeak
Liftoma Lightoma Loan
Maiden Plea Mana Refill Mischief
Nag Persuade Plead
Riberama Scout Seduce
Soul Recruit Stone Hunt Threaten
Trade Trafuri Wine Party

Passive Skills

Skill List
Anti-Curse Anti-Dark Anti-Elec
Anti-Fire Anti-Force Anti-Ice
Anti-Light Anti-Mind Anti-Nerve
Anti-Phys Attack All Avenge
Bright Might Charisma Counter
Dark Might Drain Attack Elec Boost
Elec Drain Elec Repel Endure
Fast Retreat Fire Boost Fire Drain
Fire Repel Force Boost Force Drain
Force Repel Ice Boost Ice Drain
Ice Repel Life Aid Life Bonus
Life Gain Life Refill Life Surge
Lucky Find Mana Aid Mana Bonus
Mana Gain Mana Surge Might
Mind's Eye Never Yield Null: Curse
Null: Dark Null: Elec Null: Fire
Null: Force Null: Ice Null: Light
Null: Mind Null: Nerve Phys Drain
Pierce Retaliate Son's Oath
Victory Cry Watchful

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