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Best Skills List: Best Demi-Fiend Skills

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This is Game8's Best Skills guide for Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne). Read on to know the best physical skills, the best magical skills, and the best skills for the Demi-Fiend!

Best Skills List

The Skills listed below are skills we consider to be essential or highly useful to players of any build and roster.

Best Physical Skills

Skill Name
Sacrifice * Mighty Gust Blight
Javelin Rain Divine Shot Hell Thrust
Hell Fang Tempest Gaea Rage
Iron Claw Blight Hades Blast
Earthquake Hassohappa Deadly Fury

Sacrifice for Final Damage Before Dying

Sacrifice is a perfect last resort for a dying Demon you can't/ won't heal or consider disposable.This skill is way better than Last Resort simply because it doesn't damage your team.

Best Magic Skills

Skill Name
Mahamaon * Mamudoon * God's Bow
Wind Cutter * Prominence Megidolaon
Preach * Radiance Evil Melody *
Beast Roar Magma Axis Hell Exhaust

Mahamaon and Mamudoon for One Turn Wipes

Mahamaon and Mamudoon are great one turn enemy team wipers (provided that the enemies are non-resistant to Light or Dark). They are niche solutions, but are also devastating in those niche situations.

Preach for Mind Damage and Ailments

Preach is a Mind damage attack against the whole enemy party. Not only is Mind resistance a bit uncommon, but the chance for Ailment effects is a sweet bonus.

Wind Cutter for Most Bosses with Resistances

Wind Cutter is an extremely devastating skill. We highly recommend it, from mid-game to late-game, as there are not many Bosses that negate Force. This skill, paired up with Force Boost, makes quick work of many bosses.

Evil Melody for Fast Clearing Against Tough Enemies

Evil Melody can become a best skill in dungeons with enemies with high VIT and high resistances. With a mana cost of 1 MP, this gimmicky skill can become very useful on specific situations.

Best Buff and Debuff Skills

Skill Name
Dekunda Makarakarn Tetrakarn
Tetraja * War Cry Fog Breath
Debilitate Focus *

Focus for Massive Phys Damage

Focus is a perfect skill for Demons with a high STR stat, including yourself. You can use this skill for one strong Phys Demon, then make your other Demons buff your damage even further or weaken the enemy to kill them in one hit.

Best Passive Skills

Skill Name
Life Surge Mana Surge Null: Light *
Null: Dark Null: Curse * Phys Drain
Might Dark Might * Life Refill *
Mana Refill * Watchful Counter
Avenge Endure Attack All
Drain Attack * Victory Cry Pierce

Nullify Instakills

Null: Light and Null: Dark are perfect insurances against one hit Light and Dark skills, like Hama and Mudo.

Dark Might for Crits

Dark Might is a great Skill to have against Boss Battle Demons. Just run around and wait for a New Kagutsuchi then enter the fight, assured critical hits for Demons who have this skill equipped.

Refill While Exploring

Life Refill and Mana Refill are great skills to have to conserve Macca, Items, and MP. Pair it with Estoma while exploring and you'll have a healthy party all around.

Drain and Attack for HP and Damage

Drain Attack is very useful when paired with Attack All, perfect for Demons who tank damage while Physically dealing it.

Other Notable Skills

Skill Name
Analyze * Beseech * Detain *
Wine Party Charisma Me Patra
Posumudi * Recarmdra Media *
Prayer Estoma * Riberama *
Liftoma * Jive Talk

Analyze for Information

Analyze might be a basic skill, but many players forget it's essential for exploiting the bonuses of the Press Turn Battle System. It also gives you a reading on how to easily defeat a demon and avoid damage.

Beseech for Early Communication

Beseech is one of many negotiation skills available, what makes it part of this list is because of how early it can be learned and be inherited.

Detain Swindlers

Detain might look like it's just eating skill space, but when you find a demon you really want to recruit, then just goes away after swindling you of precious Macca and Items, the necessity of this skill becomes more apparent.

Posumudi for Poison

Posumudi is essential for curing poisoned Physical fighers, since it halves the damage they deal while killing them slowly.

Media for Early Game Sustain

Media is special, since you can get it early through Ame-no-Uzume and Ankh.

Grinding and Exploration

Estoma, Riberama, and Liftoma are all necessary if you want to be able to move in maps freely and with purpose.

Best Demi-Fiend Skills

Best Demi-Fiend Physical Skills

Magatama Skills
dark magatama png.pngMarogareh Analyze
neutral_magatama_png.pngKamudo Might
dark magatama png.pngGaea Avenge
Gaea Rage
Attack All
light magatama png.pngNirvana Divine Shot
light magatama png.pngKamurogi Iron Claw
neutral_magatama_png.pngVimana Javelin Rain
neutral_magatama_png.pngKailash Freikugel

Best Demi-Fiend Magic Skills

Magatama Skills
light magatama png.pngNirvana Violet Flash
dark magatama png.pngAnathema Mamudoon
neutral_magatama_png.pngGehenna Hellfire
dark magatama png.pngShiranui Fire Boost
dark magatama png.pngMiasma Glacial Blast
neutral_magatama_png.pngWadatsumi Ice Boost
neutral_magatama_png.pngHifumi Tornado
Force Boost
light magatama png.pngNarukami Shock
Elec Boost

General Best Skills for the Demi-Fiend

Magatama Skills
dark magatama png.pngMarogareh Analyze
neutral_magatama_png.pngWadatsumi Fog Breath
neutral_magatama_png.pngHifumi War Cry
light magatama png.pngGeis Mana Refill
neutral_magatama_png.pngVimana Life Surge
light magatama png.pngSophia Mediarahan
light magatama png.pngGeis Mediarama
light magatama png.pngAnkh Media
neutral_magatama_png.pngVimana Endure
dark magatama png.pngSatan Jive Talk

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Best Skills List and Best Demi-Fiend Skills


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