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Metatron Skills, Stats, and Fusion

This is a guide to Metatron, a Seraph demon in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne). Read on to know about Metatron, its base stats, strengths and weaknesses, how to fuse Metatron, and all the skills Metatron can learn.

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How to Beat MetatronHow to Beat Metatron How to Fuse MetatronHow to Fuse Metatron

How to Fuse Metatron

Defeat Metatron & Fuse Michael First

In order to fuse Metatron, you'd first need to have defeated Metatron in the Fifth Kalpa. You also need to have fused Michael.

How to Fuse Michael

Fuse Michael + Divine/Seraph Demon + Tyrant Demon

Make sure you have Michael, a Divine/Seraph demon, and a Tyrant demon. Then, wait for a Full Kagutsuchi and enter the Cathedral of Shadows so you can perform a sacrificial fusion.

Fuse Michael with the Divine/Seraph demon, while sacrificing the Tyrant. This should result in a Metatron. For info about how to get certain demon types, refer to our fusion chart.

Detailed Fusion Chart: Fusion Calculator Guide

Dominion + Loki are the best Fusing partners

Best Demons to Use
Loki iconLoki Dominion iconDominion

Dominions and Loki could be found in Amala Temple. These two are the easist ones to procure in order to fuse Metatron.

Metatron Overview, Stats, and Affinities

Metatron Overview and Affinities

Metatron Image.jpg
Base Level 95 Race Seraph
Null Light/Dark/Ailments

Metatron Base Stats

St 32
Ma 34
Vi 29
Ag 24
Lu 16

Skills Learned by Metatron

Skill List
Makakaja Tarukaja Mahamaon
Megidolaon Debilitate Victory Cry
Fire of Sinai

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