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Where the Demi-Fiend was Born Guide and Item Locations

Where the Demi-Fiend was Born Walkthrough

This is a guide for “Where the Demi-Fiend was Born” DLC Dungeon in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, general tips, and a list of items that can be found.

What is “Where the Demi-Fiend was Born” Dungeon

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DLC Only Content

“Where the Demi-Fiend was Born” is a location included in the “Mercy and Expectation Map Pack” DLC. It becomes accessible upon reaching Ginza for the first time.

List of DLC and Pricing

Area for Grinding EXP

In this area, you are able to receive items called Grimoires from enemies. These Grimoires grant you EXP when consumed, allowing you to level up quickly.

Non-Story Area

Where the Demi-Fiend was Born has no bearing on the main story of SMT3: Nocturne. You may skip this whole area without missing any story-related content.

Story Walkthrough

Where the Demi-Fiend was Born Maps

Certain doors in this map are inaccessible. Some doors teleport you around the map. Refer to the maps below to know which doors lead where.

Underground Facility

How to Reach the Top Floor

Underground Facility

1 Upon exiting the save room, head to the leftmost part of the map.
Follow the corridor until you reach a set of stairs in the top left part of the map. Go up the stairs.


1 Head to the rightmost side of the map.
Follow the corridor until you reach a set of stairs at the top right part of the map. Go up the stairs.


1 You've reached the highest part of the area. There is nothing else to do here but grind for Grimoires.
The 2nd door from the entrance is an S-Terminal Amala drum. Use it to get back to the main terminal of Where the Demi-Fiend was Born.

Where the Demi-Fiend was Born Obtainable Items

Best Place to Farm Grimiores

Grimoires, which can be used to level up quickly, drop very often in this area. You can find Grimoire (Thin) near the starting area. Grimoire (Thick) drops more often in the higher levels.

Item Effect
Grimoire (Thick) Earn enough EXP to level up.
Grimoire (Thin) Earn a set amount of EXP.

No Items in the Dungeon

There are no Cache Cubes in this dungeon, nor any other obtainable items aside from Grimoires.

Where the Demi-Fiend was Born General Tips

Proceed Further for Stronger Enemies

Stronger enemies

The higher you go up the hospital, the stronger the enemies get. Stronger enemies drop Thick Grimoires more often. It's not recommended to enter the higher levels of the hospital in the early game.

Use Shortcuts to Get Around

Use certain doors to save time and get around the place quicker.

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