Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

Amala Network (1st Entry) Walkthrough, Boss Battles, and Item Locations

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This is a story walkthrough for Amala Network in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, story section, boss strategies, general tips, and a list of items that can be found.

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Yoyogi Park and Shibuya Ginza and the Great Underpass

Amala Network Maps


Amala Network Story Walkthrough

Amala Network B3

1 The Amala Network will become available after speaking to Hijiri at the Terminal.

amala network.jpg
2 Starting at B3, head North until you reach the door, then Head West when you reach the hallway.
3 When you reach the new hallway, head North to the right-side hallway.
4 Keep heading North until a cutscene with Hijiri ensues. A stairway will then appear.
step 4

Amala Network B2

5 Go up the stairs to reach B2. Keep going Southeast then take the right-side path and enter the door.
right-side path
6 Continue South until a dialogue from Hijiri appears. Reroute East and go through the door.
7 Turn right then keep going Southeast. Go through the farthest door in the hallway (East).
Heading towards East until Healing Room (North) will open the door to a Heal spot.
Heading towards East until Hall of Records will open the door to a Save Terminal.
8 Go through the left-side hallway.
9 Upon entering the new hallway, go through the left-side hallway again.
10 To the left! Head to the left-side hallway upon entering the new hallway.
11 Keep pushing forward until you reach Anomaly. You'll start to hear Hijiri again.
12 Stairs will appear but you have to go back to the B2F in step 6 . Start by going through the hallway that leads to B2 (away from Anomaly).
13 Head Southeast then exit through the hallway (South hallway). Then go through the Southwest hallway. Continue Southwest and enter the door (West door).
14 Keep going West, turn right at the end, and then left of Healing Room you'll reach a door (West door).
15 Continue pushing forward and the new staircase will be to your left. Go up to reach B1.
step 15

Amala Network B1

16 Starting at B1, keep going South.
You might encounter a demon fight.demon fight step 16
17 Continue Southeast until you reach a door (East door).
18 After entering the door, head Northeast to the left-side hallway.
You might encounter a demon fight. demon fight step 18
19 Go East towards the right-side hallway
You can interact with the Soul. soul step 19
20 Once you reach the new hallway split into four, just stick East pushing forward.
21 Keep going East again, pushing forward, until you go through a new hallway.
22 Keep going forward and you'll reach Anomaly. You'll be able to hear Hijiri again.
anomaly step 22
23 Push forward away from the Anomaly until you reach the middle of the four-split hallway. Then proceed to the South hallway.
24 Go east then push through the left-side hallway.
25 Keep going forward until you reach the stairs! Yay!
stairs step 25

Amala Network 1F

26 Starting at 1F, head Northwest then go through the West hallway.
You can speak to a Soul.
27 Keep pushing forward to the West.
28 Upon entering another four-split hallway, go to the middle then turn left and head towards the South hallway.
29 Keep pushing forward until you reach the stairs.
You might engage in a demon fight. demon fight step 29.jpg

Amala Network B1 - Part 2

30 You'll reach a new area of B1 and notice a bunch of Cache Cubes and Chest scattered around. Turn left at the end of the hall towards the North hallway.
The furthest Cache Cube is a trap and your party will take damage. amala network step 30.jpg
31 Go East towards the East hallway.
You might engage in a demon fight. mou-ryo
32 Press forward until you reach the stairs then go back up to 1F.

Amala Network 1F - Part 2

33 Starting at 1F, turn right at the end of the hallway towards the East hallway.
34 Take the right-side path of the new hallway, head West until you reach the South door.
You'll find a Save Terminal at the East door Hall of Records.
You'll find a healing room at the South door near Hall of Records.
35 You'll reach another Anomaly and hear Hijiri again.
Boss Fight boss battle specter
Boss Battle: Specter.
37 Hijiri will open a door that should let you reach the next area safely.
38 Head towards the light (in the South)! Exit the area to proceed with the story.
There is a Save Terminal at the East door.
There is a Healing Room at the South door near Hall of Records.

Amala Network 1F - Part 3

39 You will be transported to an unknown location. Examine the structure in the middle and look inside the peephole.
peep hole
40 During the cutscene, Lady in Black will decide to "take you back to your original destination". After that, you will be transported to a Terminal.
lady in black

The Amala Link Will Be Unlocked

The Terminal Link enables you to fast-travel to your desired destination. This will be unlocked once you get transported to a Terminal after the cutscene.

At this point, you will now be able to access the optional dungeons of Where the Demi-Fiend was Born and Center of the Conception if you have the Mercy and Expectation Map Pack DLC.

Amala Network Boss Fights



Specter wants all the Magatsuhi for itself. Focus on area of effect attacks to wipe out the army of Specters quickly before they can overwhelm you.

List of Boss Weaknesses
None, but you can take advantage of its Fire attacks by arming yourself with Shiranui.

This battle is generally divided into two phases. Phase 1 will be against a group of Specters. Use debuffs and wide area of effect attacks that target multiple (or all) foes. At the enemy's third turn, it will activate Foul Union, ushering the battle to Phase 2.

Phase 2 will be against a unified Specter. Its stats will depend on how many Specters were left in the first phase of battle.

Specter will utilize multi-target attacks so try to keep your party’s HP up to last in battle. Keep debuffing Specter and land med-high damage attacks to end this battle early. Take advantage of the opportunity of blocking its Fire attacks whenever presented and end its turns quickly!

Amala Network Obtainable Items


Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Dis-Stone x 1


Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Bead x 1
2 Cache Cube Life Stone x 2


Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Mazan Rock x 1
2 Cache Cube Chakra Drop x 1
3 Cache Cube It's a trap! Your party takes damage.
4 Mystical Chest Life Stone x 1 or Bead Chain x 1

Amala Network General Tips

List of Enemy Weaknesses
Force, Light

Enemies in this dungeon will generally be weak to Force and Light attacks.

Bring Demons that Have AOE, Force, and Light Skills

The weaknesses of the enemies in this dungeon are varied but in general they are weak to Force and Light. It is also highly recommended to bring demons that have wide area-of-effect attacks as the group of enemies mostly come in threes.

Equip Shiranui Magatama Before the Boss Fight

The Amala Network Boss, Specter, will rely mostly on Fire and Phys attacks. Take advantage of this by equipping Shiranui that will make Demi-Fiend block Fire attacks.

How to Get Shiranui Magatama

Save Game and Heal Whenever Possible!

Check out the indicated Save Terminals and Healing Rooms hidden behind the doors in this dungeon. Always keep this in mind before proceeding to the next area.

How to Save Game

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