Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

List of Best Demons

This is a list of the Best Demons in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Switch, PS4, and Steam! Read on to know which are the best early game demons, the best mid game demons, and the best late game demons to have for your playthrough.

Best Early-Game Demons

Below is our list of the best demons for the early-game of Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne). We will be adding to this list as we recruit and level-up better and stronger demons!

Early Game Demon Directory
Ame-no-Uzume IconAme-no-Uzume Archangel IconArchangel Blob IconBlob Momunofu IconMomunofu
Take-Minakata IconTake-Minakata Will oWill o' Wisp


Ame-no-Uzume Image.jpg
Base Level 18 Race Megami
Weakness Elec
Null Force/Light
Skills Learned
Dia Patra
Hama Petradi
Stun Needle Detain

Ame-no Uzume Strengths

The Ame-no-Uzume is one of the best early-game demons that can be attained through Fusion. One of the biggest reasons for this is that she can learn the Media skill, making her a great healer for your squad.

She is particularly useful during the Matador Boss Fight since she nullifies Force skills while providing heals for your team.

Ame-no-Uzume Stats and Skills


Archangel Image.jpg
Base Level 18 Race Divine
Weakness Ice/Dark
Repel Light
Skills Learned
Wing Buffet Hama
Persuade Estoma
Tarukaja Mighty Gust

Archangel Strengths

Archangel made it into the list because it has one of the best exploration spells in the game. After reaching level 20, Archangel will learn Estoma - a spell that reduces enemy encounters until a new Kagutsuchi.

This is useful for Normal and Hard difficulty players who need to travel to unexplored places as it reduces the chances of fighting a battle you are unprepared for.

Archangel Stats and Skills


Blob Image.jpg
Base Level 16 Race Foul
Weakness Ice/Light
Strong Phys
Null Dark
Skills Learned
Tarunda Toxic Sting
Last Resort Marin Karin
Mana Drain Zanma

Blob Strengths

Blob is a great early game tank, due its high vitality despite its low-level. They can be caught during a Full Kagutsuchi and, once in the team, have a great starting skill, Tarunda. This skill weakens the enemy party's damage resistance and damage dealt, and it stacks as well!

A good role for him would be a supporting tank that takes hits while weakening the enemy's damage and defense. However, while resistant to physical damage and immune to Dark, remember that it is weak to both Ice and Light.

Blob Stats and Skills


Momunofu Image.jpg
Base Level 20 Race Brute
Weakness Ailments
Strong Phys
Skills Learned
Lunge Life Bonus
Brutal Slash Persuade
Kamikaze Focus

Momunofu Strengths

The Momunofu truly shines when it evolves into its second form: the Arahabaki. The evolved form nullifies Phys, Dark, and Light skills, making it an amazing tank that cannot be instantly killed.

Momunofu Stats and Skills


Take-Minakata Image.jpg
Base Level 17 Race Kishin
Weakness Fire/Nerve
Null Light
Repel Elec
Skills Learned
Dark Might Mazio
Makajam Zionga
Stun Gaze Dekaja
Focus Intimidate

Take-Minakata Strengths

The Take-Minakata is a good demon to have simply because of his many uses.

His low-level is perfect for fusion experiments, while his skillset and base stats can also allow him to function as an active party member.

Take-Minakata has many skills for supports (buff and debuffs), while still being able to learn good offense and recruitment skills. All these factors make him a perfect addition to rosters of players who are still in the process of leveling up.

Take-Minakata Stats and Skills

Will o' Wisp

Will o
Base Level 1 Race Foul
Weakness Magic/Light
Strong Phys
Null Dark
Skills Learned
Zan Needle Rush
Riberama Deathtouch
Last Resort Makakaja

Will o' Wisp Strengths

While very squishy and starting only at a measly level 1, the Will o' Wisp is one of the best demons for early game due to its Riberama Skill. Since it starts at level 1, it should quickly reach level 3 quickly after only a few battles, unlocking the skill.

It can then be kept outside of the active roster, using Riberama through the command menu to increase player demon encounters. Not only is this skill good for farming EXP and Macca, it is also handy for finding demons to recruit.

Will o' Wisp Stats and Skills

Best Mid-Game Demons

Below is our list of the best demons for the early-game of Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne). We will be adding to this list as we recruit and level-up better and stronger demons!

Mid-Game Demon Directory
Arahabaki IconArahabaki Daisoujou IconDaisoujou Naga IconNaga Pisaca IconPisaca
Titania IconTitania Yaksini IconYaksini


Arahabaki Image.jpg
Base Level 30 Race Vile
Weakness All Other
Null Phys/Light/Dark
Repel Ice
Skills Learned
Stone Gaze Panic Voice
Mabufula Mudo
Drain Attack

Arahabaki Strengths

The Arahabaki is an amazing demon to have in your roster simply due to its many resistances.

Being completely immune to Physical attacks, the Arahabaki will make several of your battles and boss fights easier to handle.

Arahabaki Stats and Skills


Daisoujou Image.jpg
Base Level 37 Race Fiend
Null Nerve
Repel Light/Dark
Drain Curse/Mind
Skills Learned
Mamudoon Mahamaon
Meditation Preach

Daisoujou Strengths

Daisoujou is a good mid-game demon due to its support potential and magical burst. With insta-kill skills like Mamudoon and Mahamaon (covering both Light and Dark types), Daisoujou does not want for offensive spells.

Supporting is on the table with its Prayer skill, which fully heals the party and removes all ailments. While MP management is an issue, it is easily solved by its Meditation ability, which allows it to keep using Prayer despite its high MP cost.

Daisoujou Stats and Skills


Naga Image.jpg
Base Level 28 Race Snake
Weakness Fire
Drain Elec
Skills Learned
Trade Fog Breath
Zionga Tarukaja
Drain Attack Hell Thrust
Life Gain

Naga Strengths

Naga is a great addition to any mid-level roster as a Tank/Damage Dealer due to his good Strength and Vitality stats. What makes him special is his Drain Attack, one of his basic skills, as he can last long in battles while simultaneously doing consistent damage to the enemy party.

Additionally, he evolves into Naga Raja, which, once fully maxed out, will learn Null: Fire, therefore negating the one weakness he has.

Naga Stats and Skills


Pisaca Image.jpg
Base Level 28 Race Haunt
Weakness Fire
Null Dark/Curse/Mind
Skills Learned
Sukunda Riberama
Lucky Find Trafuri
Stun Gaze Venom Bite
Estoma Liftoma
Life Drain Sonic Wave
Watchful Lightoma
Dekunda Mazionga

Pisaca Strengths

The Pisaca sold to players by the Shady Broken (1st Kalpa Dungeon) is one of the best utility demons you can have in your roster.

Many of his skills revolve around dungeon clearing and world exploration. He can cast Riberama/Estoma for managing encounter rates, and Liftoma/Lightoma for tricky dungeons.

Players can level him up and then simply stick him inside their rosters as a permanent utility addition.

Pisaca Stats and Skills


Titania Image.jpg
Base Level 57 Race Fairy
Strong Magic
Repel Light/Dark
Skills Learned
Plead Pulinpa
Glacial Blast Mediarahan
Prayer Mana Surge

Titania Strengths

Titania is a mid- to high-level Demon that excels in Magic. She can be turned into an offensive magic caster if she's fused (and she imports ma-/-dyne skills from other demons).

However, her biggest strength is her high mana pool and her skill, Prayer, which fully heals the party and removes all ailments.

Titania Stats and Skills


Yaksini Image.jpg
Base Level 43 Race Femme
Weakness Elec
Null Force
Skills Learned
Fog Breath Kidnap
Guillotine Binding Cry
Null: Ice

Yaksini Strengths

Yaksini is a well-rounded, mid-game demon that has high stats for every attribute. She can dish out offensive attacks and magic with consistency, as well as inflict Nerve debuffs on a party-wide scale.

When fully-leveled, she becomes immune to both Force and Ice, making her great for maps that have demons with that element.

Yaksini Stats and Skills

Best Late-Game Demons

Below is our list of the best demons for the early-game of Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne). We will be adding to this list as we recruit and level-up better and stronger demons!

Late-Game Demon Directory
Rangda IconRangda Dante IconDante Raidou IconRaidou Pixie IconUber Pixie
Beelzebub Fly IconBeelzebub (Fly) Metatron IconMetatron


Rangda Image.jpg
Base Level 72 Race Femme
Weakness Elec
Repel Phys
Skills Learned
Stun Claw Mana Refill
Avenge Makajamon
Hellfire Debilitate

Rangda Strengths

Rangda is a high-level Demon that boasts Phys nullification and high stats in every single attribute.

Once fully-leveled, Rangda truly shines, gaining a complete set of skills for Offensive Magic, Magic Reflect (Makarakarn), Debuffs (especially Debilitate, a stacking debuff which lowers ALL performance stats of the enemy party), Buffs, and even a Diarahan!

Rangda Stats and Skills


Dante Image.jpg
Base Level 80 Race Fiend
Strong Phys/Magic
Null Light/Dark/Ailments
Skills Learned
Intimidate Showtime
Son's Oath Stinger
Twosome Time Never Yield
Provoke Holy Star
Whirlwind Roundtrip
Rebellion E & I

Dante Strengths

Dante is a high-level Demon that is strong against Phys and Magic attacks and is immune to instant death spells and ailments.

Son's Oath can permanently amplify his offensive power. Dante has several skills which deal high damage to single or multiple foes. Dante is very much an offensive Demon and has no weaknesses.

How to Get Dante


Raidou Image.jpg
Base Level 80 Race ???
Strong Phys/Magic
Null Light/Dark/Ailments
Skills Learned
Arbitration Endure
Provoke Boogie-Woogie
Enter Yoshitsune Mishaguji Raiden
Hitokoto Storm Raptor Guardian
Mokoi Boomerang Tekisatsu
Raidou the Eternal Jiraiya Dance

Raidou Strengths

Raidou is a high-level Demon that is strong against Phys and Magic attacks and is immune to instant death spells and ailments.

Raidou the Eternal can permanently amplify his offensive power. Raidou has several skills which deal high damage to single or multiple foes. Raidou, like Dante, is an offensive Demon who has no weaknesses.

Uber Pixie

Uber Pixie Image.jpg
Base Level 80 Race Fairy
Strong Elec
Skills Learned
Mediarahan Megidolaon
Samarecarm Endure

Uber Pixie Strengths

Commonly known among fans as Uber Pixie, this super-powered Pixie can be acquired in the Fifth Kalpa of the Labyrinth of Amala.

This Uber Pixie has high stats, and is equipped with high-level skills such as Megidolaon and Mediarahan.

How to Get Uber Pixie

Beelzebub (Fly)

Beelzebub (Fly) Image.jpg
Base Level 95 Race Tyrant
Null Ailments
Repel Light/Dark
Skills Learned
Makakaja Mazio
Life Aid Elec Boost
Watchful Mamudoon
Megidolaon Victory Cry
Maziodyne Death Flies

Beelzebub (Fly) Strengths

Beelzebub (Fly) has high base stats. His Str stats is especially high, making him a good Physical damage dealer. Beelzebub also can't be knocked down due to his death and ailment resistances.

Beelzebub (Fly) can learn an array of powerful high-level skills such as Death Flies. One essential skill is Victory Cry, as it removes the need to heal after every battle.

How to Get Beelzebub (Fly)


Metatron Image.jpg
Base Level 95 Race Seraph
Null Light/Dark/Ailments
Skills Learned
Makakaja Tarukaja
Mahamaon Megidolaon
Debilitate Victory Cry
Fire of Sinai

Metatron Strengths

Metatron has very high base stats and a particularly high Mag stat, making him an excellent offensive magic user.

Metatron also has a few very useful buffs and debuffs, making him a very essential part of any team. Victory Cry also makes it so that he doesn't need to be healed after every battle.

How to Fuse Metatron

Recruiting the Best Team

While this is our list of best demons, it really is up to the player to find the best team composition for their playstyle.

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne offers many options for builds through its Magatama system. It only makes sense that the team composition is something that can be left to player choice, as well.

How to Recruit Demons

Keep your favorite demons strong through Fusion

Players keep demons for different reasons. But, due to the nature of the areas and demon levels, most early game demons will eventually fall behind.

To keep using your favorite demons as you progress through the game, we suggest going the route of Fusion. Click the link below for our detailed Fusion Guide!

Detailed Fusion Chart - Fusion Calculator Guide

Raise your level to keep recruiting stronger demons

recruiting Will o Wisp.png

Demon recruitment relies on the player's level, relative to the demons they want to recruit.

If you find that offers are getting constantly refused, it could mean that your level is too low to recruit the demon. Consider leveling up first before trying again.

There are other factors that affect recruitment and you can find out about them in our How to Recruit page!

Leveling Guide: Best Leveling Areas

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Related Demons

demons partial final.png

List of Demons

Demons by Race

Avatar Avian Beast
Brute Deity Divine
Dragon Element Entity
Fairy Fallen Femme
Fiend Foul Fury
Genma Haunt Holy
Jirae Kishin Lady
Megami Mitama Night
Others Raptor Seraph
Snake Tyrant Vile
Wargod Wilder Yoma


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