Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

How to Beat Forneus: Forneus Weakness and Strategies

How to Beat Forneus
This is a guide to Forneus, a boss in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS4. Read on to know how to beat Forneus, Forneus's weaknesses, and best strategies against this boss!

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Forneus Basic Info

Name Forneus
Recommended Level 4 or higher

Forneus Pre-Battle Guide



Forneus is weak to Lightning attacks. It is highly recommended to summon Demons with Lightning elemental attacks.


Forneus will utilize Ice skills, so refrain from summoning demons weak to Ice as Forneus will take advantage of this.

Best Demons to Use Against Forneus

Demon Level Race
Shikigami 4 Brute
Pixie 2 Fairy

These are demons you can recruit in your Party early on in the game. They all have Lightning attacks and are highly recommended to be summoned for your fight against Forneus.

How to Beat Forneus

Forneos Boss Battle Intro.jpg

Forneus is weak to Lightning and most often will use multi-target Ice attacks. This fight will be made much easier with Pixie and Shikigami in your party, with Shikigami as your main offense and Pixie providing Support or Additional Lightning Attacks.

Target Its Weakness

Targeting Forneus's weakness and landing the attack will grant you an extra turn. Use Zio attacks to do so and if Forneus gets shocked, normal attacks will be great to use as well since all attacks gain a massive chance to critically strike against shocked enemies.

Use Rakunda on Forneus

Debuff Forneus by lowering his Defenses. This will make any attack from any source hit harder and inflict more damage. Do this if you want to turtle against Forneus and weather his attacks with healing items/spells.

Use Recovery Items on Your Demons

If Forneus does decide to relentlessly attack your Demons, and you get tied up with using Healing Skills to recover HP, use the Recovery Items you've picked up across the dungeon.

Avoid bringing Demons weak to Ice!

Forneus Mabufu weakness.jpg

Since Forneus' main skill is ice elemental attacks, bringing demons that are weak to ice (such as Hua Po) are highly discouraged. This can allow Forneus to attack twice in a single turn and allow it to dish out more damage to your party.

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