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The password from Episode 6 of Scarlet Nexus for the password-cracking mini-game has been found! Refer to our page on Scarlet Nexus Musubi Codes for the latest Musubi code update!

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This is a guide on Pool-type Suppression + Material in Scarlet Nexus for Playstation, XBOX, and PC (Steam). Read on to learn more about Pool-type Suppression +, its description, rarity, and which Others drop Pool-type Suppression +.

Pool-type Suppression + Material Information

Rarity and Description

Item Pool-type Suppression +Pool-type Suppression +
Rarity ★★★☆
Description Detailed data acquired by suppressing a Pool-type Other. This data has been carefully analyzed by category, including type traits and battle conditions, and therefore contains highly valuable information on Pool Others.

Dropped by Others

Gained From Defeating the Following Others

Fuel Pool iconFuel Pool Bile Pool iconBile Pool
Scummy Pool iconScummy Pool Doppel Pool iconDoppel Pool

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