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This is a profile summary about Karen Travers, a character in Scarlet Nexus for the PS4, PS5, Steam, and Xbox. Read on to learn Karen Travers' Character Profile and Story Role.

Karen Travers Character Profile

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Name Karen Travers
Gender Male
Birthday November 15
Height 183cm
Power Brain Eater
OSF Division 540th Class
ID OTK540301
OSF Service Record -
JP Voice Actor -

Karen Travers Biography

A First Class Septentrion and the Second Regiment Commander of the OSF, Karen is recognized as the force's best with combat prowess that exceeds his peers. Confident and charismatic, many in the OSF respect and look up to him.

Despite this, there are only a few people he calls his friends. This includes his younger brother Luka, and Fubuki Spring.

Story Role

Spoilers! (Click to reveal)

Phase 0-1

Karen Travers Phase 0

Septentrion First Class Karen Travers makes his first appearance during the freak Other incursion in Suoh City. Together with Major General Fubuki Spring, Karen suppresses the Others in a show of truly awesome power.

Karen Travers Phase 0 Abilities

Wielding multiple SAS abilities during combat, Karen Travers showcases the power of his SAS Brain Eater, cementing himself as a major player in the story to come. In Phase 1, he briefly speaks to Yuito and tells him he expects great things from the new OSF recruit.

Phases 2

Karen Restrains Kasane Phase 2

Karen makes his second appearance when he stops Kasane from pursuing Naomi's captors at the end of Phase 2. Reassuring the grief-stricken OSF member, Karen tells her that Naomi's captors are working to reverse the horrifying process of metamorphosis.

He departs while leaving more questions than answers. All he tells Kasane is not to ruffle any feathers in the meantime.

Phase 3

Karen Catches Kasane Phase 3

In Phase 3, Karen is seen dealing with a mysterious Randall Industries employee, exchanging between them the brain-boosting ampoules that Naomi's captors dropped in Phase 3. Karen knocks the snooping Kasane out, before heading for Kunad Highway.

Karen Boss Fight Phase 3

Slowly, it is revealed in Phase 3 that Karen has been planning an OSF coup, denouncing his ties with New Himuka and allying himself and half the OSF with Seiran. He attacks Seto Platoon alongside Gemma before players are forced to fight him in a boss battle.

Karen Travers (Phase 3) Boss Guide

Phase 4

Karen Travers Phase 4

With the creation of the Kunad Gate, Earth is now on a timer. It is not apparent now, but Karen Travers knows more about the gate than he lets on. In the future, a time-travelling Kasane is greeted by the late-Major General, bearing the body of a deceased Fubuki Spring.

After leaving the body with an understandably surprised Arashi, Karen uses Brain Eater on Kasane to copy the Red Strings power. He leaves the confused group after muttering about how he can finally save a mysterious her.

Phase 5

Back in the present, Karen appears in a city-wide broadcast in Suoh. He denoucnces the New Himuka regime, calling out their debased experiments on metamorphosis and vowing to fight against it in his self-lead revolution.

The OSF is plunged into chaos as their strongest member asks for help to topple what appears to be an inhumane regime. Kasane's group runs into Karen as they are leaving. He asks them to defect as he and Seiran are doing all they can to save Naomi.

Phase 6

Having created the new OSF in Seiran, Karen shelters the defecting Kyoka Platoon in exchange for services rendered. In an uncharacteristic shift of demeanor, Karen demands their unwavering cooperation with only assurances as to Naomi's condition.

After catching Kasane infiltrating the Seiran Research Facility, Karen begins to exhibit a disturbing amount of knowledge about the Red Strings and the future. He orders Kasane not to come back to the facility in order to keep Naomi safe.

Phase 7

Karen appears to both Yuito and Kasane during this Phase. First, he tries to enlist Yuito to the Seiran cause after the latter is branded a traitor in Suoh. However, he fails to do so.

Returning to Seiran, Karen then discovers that Kasane disobeyed his orders about returning to the Research Facility. He tells the group that Seiran's research, however horrific, was necessary for curing metamorphosis.

Phase 9

With the death of the humans-turned-Other in Mizuhagawa, Karen grows ever more fervent with his secret mission. After re-acquiring the Red Strings power Kasane, Karen begins to target Yuito.

Before he can complete his copying, Arahabaki intervenes, interfacing with the weakened Yuito to activate the Red Strings. Karen Travers disappears to parts unknown, while the Sumeragi heir begins to succumb to the brain strain put on him by Arahabaki.

Phase 11

Karen resurfaces in the story within the Chronos Terminal as a memory. The last entanglement that Yuito and Kasane discover shows the Major General assassinating Yakumo Sumeragi - the founding father of New Himuka.

Visibly shocked, our protagonists come to the conclusion that it might be Karen who took up the mask of Yakumo Sumeragi and that the time-traveler may be in cryo sleep, deep within Sumeragi Tomb.

Phase 12

Karen and Alice Phase 12

Through the latent Brain Field created within the tomb, we finally find out that Karen's main goal was to save the metamorphosed Alice Ichijo via snippets of his memories.

His copying of the Red Strings power will have him find a world where Alice lives, one way or another.

Karen Travers Phase 12

At the end of the Millenium Hall, Yakumo awakens but it is Karen Travers in his place. Declaring that this world did not hold the key to Alice's survival, he vows to end it and start anew.

Karen fights Yuito and Kasane's group as the game's Final Boss. Even with almost 2000 years of experience and knowledge in him, the Major General is beaten by the two.

Karen Travers Final Boss Guide

Karen Travers Phase 12 New World

When the dust of battle settles, Fubuki convinces Karen to give this world a future by undoing the entanglement since it was what Alice would have wanted.

Karen Travers does one better and instead sacrifices himself to make a world where Alice lives but he doesn't exist.

Scarlet Nexus Ending Guide

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