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This is a profile summary about Haruka Frazer, a character in Scarlet Nexus for the PS4, PS5, Steam, and Xbox. Read on to learn Haruka Frazer's Character Profile.

Haruka Frazer Character Profile

Scarlet Nexus - Haruka Profile

Name Haruka Frazer
Gender Female
Birthday December 16
Height 168cm
Power Mental Response
OSF Division 557th Class
ID NFH557243
OSF Service Record -
JP Voice Actor -

Haruka Frazer Biography

The OSF Platoon Operator designated to Kasane's Platoon, she is a cheerful and lighthearted person, and the younger identical twin of Wataru Frazer. Her personality and behavior makes people mistake her for a boy, which is something that bothers her.

Despite her cheerful appearance, she has a delicate personality and loves to spend her time outside as much as possible. She is also a nerdy person who has a keen eye on the tools she uses on the field.

Story Role

WARNING: This section contains major spoilers!

OSF Platoon Operator

Scarlet Nexus - Haruka Frazer Operator 1

Haruka Frazer is the OSF Platoon Operator for the Kyoka Platoon, and later the Kasane Platoon. She provides crucial battle information throughout the game, along with useful hints during each phase. This includes SAS skills that you can use, possible items and Data Points, and locations that you can access. Her telepathic links ensure that the platoon remains in constant communication with each other.

Phase 11

Scarlet Nexus - Haruka and Wataru

During Phase 11, Haruka reunites with her brother Wataru, and help Kasane and Yuito to stop Karen Travers' plan of using Red Strings to change the past.

Phase 12 (Kasane Route Ending)

In Kasane's ending, Haruka expresses her willingness to join Kasane on her trip to the moon, ensuring her that she can provide on-field support beyond her standard communication abilities.

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