How to Get Yellow Quartz: Item and Location Guide | Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

This guide gives specific information on the Yellow Quartz item in Resident Evil Village. To learn more about this item's location, buying and selling prices, and item description, read on.

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Yellow Quartz Overview

Resident Evil 8 - Yellow Quartz

Yellow Quartz
Description Yellow mineral found in this region. Looks pricey. (Very Valuable)
Type Treasure
Buying Price -
Selling Price 10000 Lei
Location Found on an instrument hanging from the ceiling in the Maestro's house. Another can be found after the boss of the Stronghold in the crystal covered hallway. A third can be found in Heisenberg's Factory in a refrigerator that requires a lockpick.

Yellow Quartz Locations

In the Maestro's House on a Hanging Instrument

After getting Luthier's Key, you will now have access to the Maestro's house. Check the instruments haning from the ceiling to find some Yellow Quartz.

In the Crystal Room after Beating Urias in the Stronghold

After defeating Urias, you will be greeted by a room full of crystals. In this room you will find: Crystal Fragments x4, Large Crystal x1, Vivianite x1, Yellow Quartz x1

Heisenberg's Factory in an Old Refrigerator

There is an old locked refrigerator to the left of the Foundry in Heisenberg's Factory on floor MB4. Use a lockpick to find Yellow Quartz inside.

Floor MB4 of Heisenberg's Factory Near the Sleeping Soldat

On floor MB4 of Heisenberg's Factory, there is a room with a sleeping Soldat behind a caged fence. Go to the stairway directly next to the sleeping Soldat room, climb the stairs and look back to the opposite wall to find Yellow Quartz high on the wall.

B3 of Heisenberg's Factory Above a Door

After activating the generator to restore the power, go back to the door that you could not reach before. Hit the switch to raise a platform and above the door you will find Yellow Quartz.

Behind a Breakable Wall After the Drill Room in Heisenberg's Factory

After crawling through the vent of the room with the giant drill in Heisenberg's Factory, go down the ladder and there will be a breakable wall. Use a pipe bomb on it to find: Yellow Quartz x1, Large Crystals x2, and Vivianite x1.

Heisenberg's Factory Ventilation Duct

After you shoot the fan in the Ventilation Duct. turn around to find Yellow Quartz where the fan blade hit the walkway.

Heisenberg's Factory B1 Zipline

Once you reach B1 of Heisenberg's Factory, just past a Heisenberg's Key doorway near the Duke's room is an area you can drop down to and continue right. There is a zipline leading to a platform with Yellow Quartz on the wall.

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