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How to Get the Jack Handle: Item and Location Guide

This guide gives specific information on the Jack Handle item in Resident Evil Village. To learn more about this item's location, buying and selling prices, and item description, read on.

Jack Handle Overview

Resident Evil 8 - Jack Handle
Jack Handle
Description A handle needed to operate a jack lift.
Type Key Item
Location Found in the shack North of the workshop in the village in a locked cabinet. Enter the code seen from the window to open it.

Jack Handle Location

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The Jack Handle is a required key item, but it is a difficult one to reach. After clearing Dimitrescu's Castle, the Duke will prompt you to search for a house with a red chimney. You will find that the path to the house with the red chimney has been blocked by a tractor.

From the tractor's position, face East towards the Workshop. There is a ''Do Not Enter'' sign on the gate that you need to cut open. Enter the shed to the left and there will be a locked cabinet. Look out the window to find the combination 070408, enter it in, and you will receive the Jack Handle as well as the M1911 handgun.

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Jack Handle Use

Once you obtain the Jack Handle, go back to the tractor that was blocking the way to East Old Town. Use the Jack Handle to lift the tractor and pass through under the tractor. Once used, the Jack Handle will be discarded from your inventory.

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