How to Get the Crank: Item and Location Guide | Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

This guide gives specific information on the Crank item in Resident Evil Village. To learn more about this item's location, buying and selling prices, and item description, read on.

Crank Overview

Resident Evil 8 - Crank

Description A large crank used to turn windmills.
Type Key Item
Location Found on the windmill in the Resevoir during the Moreau escape segment. This item is required to progress, so it's unmissable.

Crank Location

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The Crank is found on the Windmill during the segment where you are trying to avoid Moreau in the water. In trying to turn the Windmill, Ethan will break it off and you will recieve it as a key item.

Crank Use

The Crank is not solely limited to turning windmills. It can be used to unlock gates and even lower drawbridges to get to more remote places in the Village. Aside from the two windmills, the Crank can be used in the following locations.

Mechanical Door to Moreau's Lab

After defeating Moreau and heading back up the elevator in the Mines, there will be a Mechanical Door to the side of the windmill. Use the Crank to open the way to Moreau's Lab.

Mechanical Door to the Pigeon Blood Ruby

In East Old Town, on your way back to the village after defeating Moreau, use the Crank on the Mechanical Door near one of the houses to get some Poultry and the Pigeon Blood Ruby on the roof of a shack.

Drawbridge on the Lone Road

Once you have the Crank, go back to the drawbridge on the Lone Road. On the other side is a boat that you can use to sail down to get the Finest Fish or back up to Castle Dimitrescu for the Golden Lady Statue and another drawbridge nearby.

Drawbridge After Sailing to Castle Dimitrescu

After sailing back up to Castle Dimitrescu, there is a second drawbridge nearby. Use the Crank to lower it, and cross over to find the same cabin you saw after escaping Castle Dimitrescu. Use the Well Wheel to bring up a ladder. Go down the well and solve a platform puzzle to get the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby.

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