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Useful Information Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

This is a compilation of all useful information for Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If there is anything you would like to know about FEH, check here first!

Popular Guides

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Popular Links

Popular Links
How to Check IVs List of Source Heroes
4 Star Hero Tier List Heroes Tier List

Beginner Guides

Beginner Guides FEH 2021

Beginner Information

Beginner Guides
Five Things to Know Before Starting Beginner's Guide
Team Building Guide How to Build the Best Team for Beginners
Hero Building List of All Skills
Reroll Tier List How to Get Free Orbs
When Should You Unlock Potential? Best Free Units to Spend Heroic Grails On

Maps and Modes

Modes of Play
Training Tower Guide | How to Use the Training Tower Efficiently Rival Domains Guide
Røkkr Sieges Strategy and Best Units My Summoner Guide: How to Make a Custom Character
How Does The Arena Work? | Arena Guide Aether Raids Guide
Hall of Forms Guide and Rewards Pawns of Loki Guide and Rewards List
Best Units for Infernal and Abyssal Maps Lost Lore
Frontline Phalanx

Raising Your Heroes

Building Your Heroes Units FEH 2021

Basic Info for Raising Your Heroes

Building Your Heroes
Level Grinding | How to Level Up Fast SP Grinding | How to Get SP
How to Use Inherit Skill Merge Allies Guide
Heroes You Should Unlock Potential For Which Heroes Should You Send Home?
When to Unlock Potential How to Grind Summoner Support
How to Increase Ally Support How to Farm Hero Merit
Trait Fruits: How to Change IVs How to Use Dragonflowers | Best Units to Give Dragonflowers To

Information on Different Roles

Hero Roles
Heroes with Refresher Skills List of Staff Users
Physical Wall Heroes (Tanks) Magic Wall Heroes (Res Tanks)

Combat System

Combat System FEHeroes 2021

Combat System Basics

Combat Basics
The Weapon Triangle How to Get a Follow-Up Attack
Heroes with Effective Skills Types of Terrain and Effects
How to Use Defensive Terrain How to Use Autoplay
Changing Your Heroes Positions How to Deal With Reinforcements
Defensive Battles How is Damage Calculated?
Enemy AI Action Priority How to Win Multi-Map Battles


Skills Fire Emblem Heroes FEH 2021

Inherit Skill

Inherit Skill Info
How to Use Inherit Skill Skill Tier List
List of Source Heroes The Top Source Heroes
Skills With Inheritance Restrictions -

Weapon Refinery: Other Useful Links

Weapon Refinery and Weapon Skills

Other useful information on the Weapon Refinery
How to Use the Weapon Refinery Weapon Refinery Tier List
How to Farm Weapon Refinery Materials

IVs and Stats

IVs and Stats FEH 2021

Stats at Level 40

Level 40 Stats
Stats for all 5★ Heroes
(With Skills)
Stats for all 5★ Heroes
(Without Skills)
Stats for all 4★ Heroes
(Without Skills)
Stats for all 3★ Heroes
(Without Skills)

Stats at Level 1

Level 1 Stats
5★ Initial Stats 4★ Initial Stats
3★ Initial Stats -

Best IVs

Best IVs for Heroes
Best IVs for All Heroes Best IVs for Free Units

Arena Battles

Arena Battles FEH

How Does The Arena Work? Arena Guide

Other Arena Useful Links

Arena Guides
Best Arena Teams How to Win 5 Battles in Arena With No Deaths
Arena and Aether Raids Seasons How to Raise your Arena Score

Aether Raids

Aether Raids Guide Top Banner 2021 FEH

How Does Aether Raids Work? Aether Raids Guide

Other Aether Raids Useful Links

Aether Raids Guides
Arena and Aether Raids Seasons Best Aether Raid Defense Party
Legendary, Mythic Effects and Confer Blessing

Guides to Resource Items

Resources FEH Banner 2021

Resource Farming and Management
Unlock Potential Materials Hero Feather Farming
How to Get Crystals How to Get Hero Badges
Combat Manuals and How to Use Them How to Get Divine Codes
How to Farm Sacred Coins Weapon Refinery Materials Guide
How to Farm Heroic Grails Send Allies Home
Celestial Stones Guide: How to Get Celestial Stones


Tools FEH 2021

Damage Calculator IV Checker and Calculator

System Information

System Information Fire Emblem Heroes FEH 2021

Miscellaneous Sytem Info
How to Add Friends How to Link a MyNintendo Account
Feh Pass Benefits, Special Features and How to Cancel


Summoning Fire Emblem Heroes 2021

The Best Summons to Pull From and Release Dates

Fire Emblem Heroes - Related Guides

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