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This post contains information about the most effective methods for Hero building in the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). A lot of useful information pertaining to Hero building can be found here, so please read on.

1) Level Raising

Level Raising is something that absolutely cannot be avoided when building your Heroes. There are two ways to level up a character.

Gaining Experience Points in Battle

In FEH, you gain EXP when an actions occurs in combat. The actions that allow you to gain EXP are as follows:

Actions that Allow or Do not Allow You to Gain EXP

Action Amount of EXP Gained
Defeating a higher level unit Large
Attacking a higher level unit Small
Defeating a lower level unit Medium
Attacking a lower level unit Very Small
Healing an Ally with an Assist Very Small
Using a Rally Assist None
Using a Movement Assist None
Using a Refresher Assist None

Use the Training Tower for Leveling Up

When character building, we recommend that you use the Training Tower for leveling up. It is possible to gain much more EXP from the Training Tower than it is from Story Mode, Arena Duels, or any other battles.

Increasing EXP for 1 to 4 Star Heroes

EXP will increase for 1 to 4 star Heroes when character building. Battling worry-free is a shortcut to character growth, even for Heroes with low rarity.

  • Recommended 4-Star Units can be found here

Leveling up with Shards and Crystals

It is possible to level up a Hero by using shards and crystals. Shards and Crystals can be obtained as a reward for clearing a level of the Training Tower for the first time, as well as in Quests & Missions. First time clear rewards reset each day, so don't forget to challenge them daily.

Use Shards and Crystals to Level Up with Ease!

Using shards and crystals to level up means that you do not have to repeat battles, making them extremely convenient.
They are an indispensable item when it comes to leveling up units quicky.

What to Watch out for when Using Shards and Crystals

While this method of leveling up is very quick and easy, raising a unit up to level 40 by this method will grant them very few Skill Points

Since you will gain SP each time you defeat an enemy and level up in a repeated battle, this method of repeating battles is also an option. Use Shard and Crystals systematically.

  • How to Level Up Efficiently can be found here

2) Inherit Skill

Another essential component to character building is Skill Inheritance. Inherit Skill is a method of sacrificing one hero to pass on their compatible skills to another Hero.

  • Summary of Inherit Skill Requirements / How to Inherit Skills!

Recommended Skill Inheritance

Since there is quite a lot of freedom when it comes to Skill Inheritance, the skills you should learn depend on the characters you are using and the team that you wish to create. Check out the article below to learn what are the most powerful skills that can be inherited.

  • Recommended Inherit Skill Ranking can be found here

How to Gain SP Efficiently

A lot of SP (Skill Points) is needed to inherit skills. It is possible to gain SP through battling as well as using Merge Allies, but the most efficient method is to clear stages in the Training Tower. For more details about how to efficiently gain SP, see the article below.

  • How to Gain SP Efficiently can be found here

3) Unlock Potential

When building a Hero, it is possible to increase their ★ rating by using Unlock Potential.

  • When Should You Use Unlock Potential?

Explanation of Unlock Potential

Requirements for Unlock Potential

  • The Hero you will use Unlock Potential on must be Lv. 20
  • You must have the required materials (Hero Feathers and different colored Badges)

The Effects of Unlock Potential

  • The Hero's ★ rating will increase
  • The Hero's level will reset

How to Gain Hero Feathers

You will need a large amount of Hero Feathers for Unlock Potential. Hero Feathers are a valuable item, and you mainly attain them through the campaign, as well as through Quests & Missions.

  • A detailed explanation on how to get Hero Feathers efficiently can be found here

How to Obtain Hero Feathers and Amount Gained

When Amount
Send Home Heroes Medium
Reward from Quests Medium to Large
Reward from Arena Duels Large
Gaining Hero Merit Medium
Greetings at the Home Screen Very Small
Events and Campaign Medium to Large

How to Obtain Badges and Great Badges

Badges and Great Badges used for Unlock Potential are obtained as a reward for clearing stages in the Training Tower. Since they can be gained while leveling up your Heroes in the Training Tower, there is no need to go out of your way to collect them.

4) Merge Allies

Here we will introduce the final stage of Hero building, which is called Merge Allies.

Requirements and Effects of Merging Allies

Merge Allies Requirements

Merge Allies can be used when you have two or more of the same Hero.

Merge Allies Effects

  • When merging a duplicate Hero with the same ★ rating, the Hero will gain a +1 merge as well as SP.
  • When merging a duplicate Hero with a lower ★ rating, the Hero will gain SP but stats will not change.
  • For each +1 merge, a random stat will increase by +1
  • At +10 merges, all of the Hero's stats will be increased by +4.
  • The source Ally's skills will be passed on.
  • The Heroes' levels do not make any difference.

When Should You Merge Allies?

We recommend that you use Merge Allies after you have brought the Hero that you wish to merge to level 40 and have used up all of their SP.
By using a Hero who meets those conditions as a source ally to enhance a Hero from level 1, it is possible to gain a huge amount of SP.

Merging a 4★ Hero

By maxing out a 4★ Hero with Merge Allies, the Hero will have even higher stats than an unmerged 5★ Hero. If you are unsure of whether you should use Unlock Potential, or instead use Merge Allies to bring a Hero to +10 merges, please see the following article.

  • 4★+10 or 5★... Which is Stronger?

5) Summoner Support

Another part of Hero building found within FEH is the Summoner Support System.

Powering up Your Favorite Hero

Summoner Support is a way that one of your Heroes can increase their stats by forming a bond with you, the Summoner. Since you can only form a bond with just one Hero, this method is only for increasing the stats of your favortite Hero.

Stronger Bond, Stronger Hero

There are four Support Ranks (C < B < A < S), and a higher Support Rank results in higher stats. Upon reaching Rank S, the Hero's ordinary HP will increase by +5, and all other stats increase by +2, giving your Hero a considerable benefit.

For more information on Summoner Support and how to increase your Support Rank, see the following article.

  • Summoner Support and How to Efficiently Raise Your Support Rank

The Similarly Functioning Ally Support System

In addition to Summoner Support, a similar stat raising system from the Fire Emblem Series known as Ally Support is also present in FEH. By creating a bond between two Heroes, both Heroes will gain a stat boost when they are within two spaces of each other. Please see the following article if you would like to know more about Ally Support and recommended partnerships.

  • Effects of Ally Support and Recommended Partnerships

Summary of Hero Building

The 5 Main Areas in Hero Building

  • Use the Training Tower to level up your Heroes
  • Use the Training Tower for earning SP as well
  • Hero Feathers are a valuable item for Unlocking Potential
  • Use duplicate Heroes with the same ★ rating to Merge Allies
  • Power Up your Heroes even further with Summoner Support

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