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How to Win 5 Battles in Arena Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

This is a guide on how to win 5 battles within the Arena in Fire Emblem Heroes without deaths. If you need help in getting your wins in Arena, read on!

Tips for Winning 5 Battles in Arena

Aim to One-Shot Enemy Units

Aim for an Enemy Phase One-Shot With Counterattacks

Unit With Counterattack Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

The best way to guarantee consecutive wins in the Arena is to make sure your units have enough firepower to defeat an enemy unit in one hit.

Building units that utilize counterattack skills like Distant Counter, Close Counter, and Quick Riposte 3 allows them to deal with any type of enemy unit, especially those that use magic and bows.

If you can defeat an enemy unit with a counterattack during the Enemy Phase, it will be easier to take actions during your turn.

There are many ways to build an Arena Team , but many build their units for the Enemy Phase precisely for this reason.

Build Against the Strongest Units in the Meta

Make sure that one of your units can defeat the strongest units currently in the meta. These units are the most common that you will be fighting, especially in higher tiers.

An example is that if a unit like Brave Edelgard is popular, it would be wise to have a unit with Armorslayer+ equipped or a red mage that can take her out in one hit.

You can check who are the most powerful units in the game currently and could potentially come up in the Arena in our Tier List.

Take Advantage of Assist Skills

Make Sure Your Units Can Protect Themselves

When doing your Arena run, make sure that your own units can protect themselves after battle, as they can be caught out during the Enemy Phase.

Making use of positional assists like Reposition or Draw Back will ensure more survivability for your team.

Do note, however, if you're aiming to get a higher Arena score, positional assist skills like these do not give you a lot of points unless they are premium like To Change Fate!.

If you do want to score higher, you can use more expensive assists that give buffs like Rally Spd/Res+ or other Rally skills to beef up your units during the Enemy Phase.

Use Rehabiliate On Healers

If you are using a healer in your team, consider giving them Rehabilitate+. The lower an ally's HP, the more this skill can restore.

You can bring back any badly wounded unit with this skill, so make sure you take advantage of it!

Check Enemy Unit Skills

Check the B Skill in Particular

Enemy Unit B Skill Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

Make sure to check the B skill of any enemy units!

You can be caught off guard with an enemy unit having Wings of Mercy 3 swooping in to take out your team because of their low HP ally, find you can't deal enough damage due to effects like Lull Atk/Spd 3, or can't kill the last enemy unit because they have Vantage 3.

Be Careful of Enemy Unit Weapon Effects

Enemy Unit Weapon Skill Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

When going into the Arena, make sure that you're equipping your team with refined weapons or weapons that have special effects.

However, this can also go for the enemy team, so check to see what kind of weapons they have because they might have something that is effective against a unit on your team or weapons that accelerate their Special.

Be wary of weapons that either buff the enemy unit, debuff your unit during combat, or even nullify your unit's own buffs!


In order to win 5 consecutive battles in Arena, you will need to build your team to be able to take out the most popular units in the current meta as well as take them out in one hit.

Don't forget to check everyone's skills and good luck in the Coliseum!

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