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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023) is the third installment of the Modern Warfare reboot series. Check out Game8's MW3 wiki on all maps, operators, weapon loadouts, builds, as well as the campaign missions and Zombies mode!

Game8's MW3 Wiki Contents
Campaign Zombies Maps
Camos Guns and Weapons Attachments
Tips and Tricks News and Updates Achievements
Operators Calling Cards Blueprints
Equipment Multiplayer Modes Perks
Battle Pass Store Bundles Seasons
Emblems Charms Characters
Loading Screens Stickers Bugs and Errors
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Modern Warfare 3 2023 Campaign

Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

Campaign Missions List

All MW3 Mission Walkthroughs

# Mission Rewards
1 Operation 627 ・ Breather Calling Card
2 Precious Cargo ・ 30 Minutes XP Token
・ 30 Minutes Weapon XP Token
3 Reactor ・ Corso Operator
4 Payload ・ Ghillie Guy Calling Card
5 Deep Cover ・ 30 Minutes XP Token
・ 30 Minutes Weapon XP Token
6 Passenger No Rewards
7 Crash Site ・ Pathfinder Operator
8 Flashpoint ・ Toxic Drip Calling Card
9 Oligarch ・ 1 Hour XP Token
・ 1 Hour Weapon XP Token
10 Highrise ・ Doc Operator
11 Frozen Tundra ・ Skull Raphsody Calling Card
12 Gora Dam ・ 1 Hour XP Token
・ 1 Hour Weapon XP Token
13 Danger Close ・ Jabber Operator
14 Trojan Horse ・ Brogue Weapon Blueprint
・ Soapy Emblem

Other Campaign Guides

Other Campaign Guides
Campaign Rewards and Length Best Guns for Campaign
Campaign Difficulty Campaign Co-Op
Post Credit Scene and Ending Explained Who Holds Power in This Gulag?

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Zombies Guide

Modern Warfare 3 - Zombies Game Mode

Zombies Mode Walkthrough and Guide

All Zombies Guides

Zombies Guides and Lists
Zombies Missions Zombies Season 2
Zombies Season 1 Zombies Map
Zombies Weapons Crafting Schematics
Aetherium Challenges and Enemies
Zombies Perks Zombies Ammo Mods
Zombies Field Upgrades Zombies Gear
Contracts Zombies Power-Ups

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Maps

Modern Warfare 3 - Maps

List of All Maps

All Map Guides

Map Guides
Best Maps Tier List

All Maps in MW3

All Core Maps
Afghan Derail
Estate Favela
Highrise Invasion
Karachi Quarry
Rundown Rust
Scrapyard Skidrow
Sub Base Terminal
Underpass Wasteland
All Season 1 Maps
Meat Greece
Rio Training Facility
All Season 2 Maps
Das Haus Departures
Stash House Vista
Operation Tin Man -
All Battle Maps
Popov Power Orlov Military Base
All Zombies Maps
Urzikstan Dark Aether

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Camos

Modern Warfare 3 - List of All Camo Challenges

List of All Camo Challenges

All Camo Guides

Camo Lists
Mastery Camos Zombies Camo Challenges
Camo Tracker -
MW3 Multiplayer Mastery Camos
Gilded Camo Forged Camo
Priceless Camo Interstellar Camo
MW3 Zombies Camos MW2 Zombies Camos
Golden Enigma Camo Golden Ivory Camo
Zircon Scale Camo Spinel Husk Camo
Serpentinite Camo Arachnida Camo
Borealis Camo Bioluminescent Camo
Base Camos
Glitch Milspec Camo Poison Frogs Camo
Graphical Camo Topographic Camo
Glittery Flats Camo Retro Camo
Neapolitan Camo Under the Microscope Camo
High Contrast Camo Wavelength Camo
Two Tone Brushstrokes Camo Perfect Symmetry Camo
Psychedelics Camo Blur Camo
Bold Camo Butterfly Camo
Puzzle Camo Skeletal Camo
Royalty Tiger Camo -
Weapon Prestige Camos
One Trick Camo -

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Guns and Weapons

Modern Warfare 3 - Guns and Weapons

List of All Guns and Weapons

All Guns and Weapon Guides

Guns and Weapon Guides
Best Guns Tier List All New MW3 Guns
All Returning Guns in MW3 Recommended Weapons for Challenges

All Guns and Weapons by Type

Guns and Weapons by Type
Assault Rifles Battle Rifles
Submachine Guns Shotguns
Light Machine Guns Marksman Rifles
Sniper Rifles Handguns
Melee Weapons Launchers

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Attachments

Modern Warfare 3 - Attachments

List of All Attachments

Attachment Types in MW3

Attachments By Type
Barrel Stock Ammunition Muzzle
Rear Grip Optic Underbarrel Magazine
Receiver Laser Comb Trigger Action
Guard Bolt Arm Rail
Carry Handle Lever Loader Wire
Conversion Kit

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Tips and Tricks

Modern Warfare 3 - Tips and Tricks Partial

Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

All Tips and Tricks

Weekly Challenges Armory Unlock Challenges
How to See Challenges How to Get Operator Kills
Kills with 1 Magazine How to Get Point Blank Kills
How to Get Longshot Kills Silenced Weapon Kills
How to Get Double Kills How to Get Kingslayer Kills
How to Get One Shot One Kills How to Get Multi Kills
How to Get Prone Kills How to Get Operator Assists
How to Get Collateral Kills How to Get Penetration Kills
How to Get Fully Loaded Kills How to Get Kills Affected by Tactical
How to Get Akimbo Kills How to Get Kills While ADS and Strafing
How to Get Clean Kills How to Get Assault Kills
How to Get Revenge Kills How to Get Kills While ADS and Fully Loaded
How to Get Kills While Focused Down Sights How to Get Kills with Snowballs
How to Get Extreme Magnification Kills How to Destroy Enemy Equipment
How to Get Kills on Injured Enemies How to Get Kills with an Underbarrel Attachment
How to Get Burst Kills How to Destroy Vehicles
How to Get Fury Kills All Prestige Challenges
Levelling Guides
How to Level Up Fast Double XP Dates and Schedule
What is the Max Level? XP Glitches and Exploits
Settings Guides
Best PC Settings Best Settings Console
Best FOV Settings List of Controls
FidelityFX CAS Explained How to Link Activision Account
How to Change Reticle -
FAQs and Other Guides
Prestige System Explained How to Enter Tac Stance
How to Play Split Screen KD and Combat Record
ADS Explained Battle Rage Guide
List of All Death Quotes How to Open Stuck Doors
Overkill Perk: Equip Two Primary Weapons How to Kill Juggernauts
How to Get More Daily Challenges How to Cook Grenades
How to Inspect Weapon How TTK Works in MW3
Exceeds Skill Restrictions Error Explained -

Modern Warfare 3 2023 News

Modern Warfare 3 News Banner

Latest News and Game Info

All Active Redeem Codes

Active Redeem Codes
Burger King
(Various Countries)
Dates Vary Based on Region
Hungry Jack's
November 07, 2023 - December 04, 2023
Little Caesars November 01, 2023 - December 31, 2023
Monster Energy September 01, 2023 - December 31, 2023

Modern Warfare 3 - Latest News and Updates

Latest News and Updates

Latest News

All News Categories

MW3 News
Redeem Codes Updates and Patch Notes

All Other MW3 News

Other News and FAQs
How to Link Battlenet to Steam Game Sharing
Daily Login Bonuses New and Returning Features
Trailers and Gameplay Videos COD Next Livestream: Everything We Learned
True Legends Event Rewards and Start Time Makarov's Return Event Rewards and Start Time
CODMAS Christmas Event Rewards and Start Time Dune Trial of Power Event Rewards and Start Time
MW3 Free Weekend Guide Ranked Play Delay and Release Time
All COD Next News
Ranked Play Release Date All Loadout New Features
Weekly Challenges Aftermarket Parts
Pre-Release News
Beta Rewards Pre-Order Bonuses
Release Time and Countdown Preload Date and Time
Early Access Campaign Early Access Release Time
Beta Release Times Open Beta Release Times
Rank Play Delayed Vortex New Year Event
MW3 Free Weekend Dune Trial of Power Event

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Trophies and Achievements

Modern Warfare 3 - Trophy and Achievements

Trophy Guide and List of Achievements

All Trophies and Achievements

All Trophy and Achievement Guides
Gearhead Trophy Guide Back in the Field Guide
No Such Thing as Too Many Bulletproof Trophy Guide

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Operators

Modern Warfare 3 - All Operators

List of All Operators

All Operator Articles

Related Operator Articles
How to Get The Boys Operators All Ghillie Suits
Nemesis Operator Pack How to Get the Gaia Skin
How to Get Bone Collector Zombies Skin -

All Operators in Modern Warfare 3

MW3 Operators
MW3 - Rick Grimes IconRick Grimes MW3 - LaswellLaswell MW3 - John DoeJohn Doe Modern Warfare 3 - Nolan IconNolan
Modern Warfare 3 - Dokkaebi IconDokkaebi Icon Template - Abolisher IconAbolisher LockpickLockpick AlpineAlpine
BantamBantam BBQBBQ BlazeBlaze BylineByline
CorsoCorso DocDoc EnigmaEnigma GhostGhost
JabberJabber JetJet MakarovMakarov PathfinderPathfinder
PricePrice RaptorRaptor RipperRipper RiptideRiptide
RocketRocket ScorchScorch SoapSoap SwaggerSwagger
ThirstThirst WardenWarden - -

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Calling Cards

Modern Warfare 3 - List of All Calling Card
List of All Calling Cards

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Blueprints

Modern Warfare 3 - List of All Blueprint

List of All Blueprints

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Equipment

Modern Warfare 3 - List of Equipment

List of Equipment

Equipment By Type

Equipment by Type
Tactical Lethal Field Upgrades

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Multiplayer Game Modes

Modern Warfare 3 - Multiplayer

Multiplayer Guide - All Game Modes

All Multiplayer Modes

List of All Multiplayer Modes
Cutthroat Hardpoint
Ground War Domination
Team Deathmatch Hordepoint
Team Gun Game Snipers Only
Kill Confirmed Search and Destroy
Invasion War
Other Multiplayer Guides
Squad Finder Board Experimental Playlist Explained

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Perks

MW3 - Perks.png
List of Perks

All Perk Types

List of All Perk Types
Vest Gloves
Boots Gear

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Battle Pass

Modern Warfare 3 - Battle Pass

Current Battle Pass End Dates and Rewards

Battle Pass Guides

All Battle Pass Guides
How to Level Up Battle Pass Fast Can You Gift the Battle Pass?
Previous Seasonal Battle Pass
Season 1 -

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Store Bundles

Modern Warfare 3 Store Bundles

Today's Store Bundles

Other Store Guides
List of All Store Bundles CDL Launch Pack 2024
Painted Alebrije Yokai's Wrath
Ares Zombies: Aetherium Ultra
Echo Endo: Ecstatic Entropy Mastercraft Bundle Dune Part Two: Paul Atreides
Paindeer Hip Hop Hutch
Scareware Bundle Full Kit Dragon: Lunar New Year Bundle
Resonance Ultra Skin Bundle Aberration Ultra Skin Bundle
Black History Month Gift Pack -

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Seasons

Modern Warfare 3 - Seasons

List of All Seasons

All Seasons Guides

MW3 Seasons
Season 2 Season 2 Reloaded Season 2 Roadmap
Season 1 Season 1 Reloaded Season 1 Roadmap
Season 3

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Emblems

Modern Warfare 3 - List of All Emblems.png
List of All Emblems

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Charms

Modern Warfare 3 - List of All Charms
List of All Charms

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Characters

Modern Warfare 3 - Characters and Voice Actors
List of Characters and Voice Actors

List of All Characters

All Characters in MW3
John "Soap" MacTavish John Price
Kyle "Gaz" Garrick Simon "Ghost" Riley
Kate Laswell Farah Karim
Herschel Shepherd Phillip Graves
Vladimir Makarov -

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Loading Screens

Modern Warfare 3 - List of All Loading Screens

List of All Loading Screens

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Stickers and Large Decals

Modern Warfare 3 - List of All Stickers

List of Stickers and Large Decals

Modern Warfare 3 2023 Bugs and Errors

Modern Warfare 3 - Bugs and Errors

How to Fix Crashes, Glitches, and Bugs

All Bugs and Errors

Fixes for All Bugs and Errors
Daily Challenges Not Working Packet Burst Error
Kicked for Inactivity Error Level and Rank Reset Error
Instance Inventory is Idle Error Not Installing Error
Disc Required Error Travis Rilea Error
Server Queue Error Niamey - Logan Error
Rift Pedestal Bug Your Profile Was Signed Out Error
Event Tab Missing Error Dev Error 5433

About Modern Warfare 3 2023

Product Information

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023)
Modern Warfare 3 2023 Key Art
Price $69.99 (Standard Edition)
$99.99 (Vault Edition)
Platforms PlayStation 5 and 4
Xbox Series X|S and One
PC (via and Steam)
Genre First-Person Shooter
Publisher Activision
Official Site

Third Installment of Modern Warfare Reboot

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is the third installment of Call of Duty's Modern Warfare reboot series, following Modern Warfare in 2019 and Modern Warfare II in 2022. It is not a remaster nor a remake of Call of Duty's Modern Warfare 3 from 2011.

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