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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) is Activision's highly anticipated sequel to the successful Modern Warfare reboot of 2019. Follow the story of the newly-formed Task Force 141 in a gripping single-player campaign, or dive into multiplayer matches that cater to both arena & battle royale enjoyers alike. Learn all there is to know about Modern Warfare 2 including the latest news, release date, and more, here!

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Fresh Content

Season 2 is Now Live!

Season 2 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 is now live and available to play across supported platforms! Season 2 launches with a brand new battle pass, a new BR and DMZ map called Ashika Island, as well as a series of content and balance updates for both MW2 Multiplayer and Warzone 2.0.

Season 2 Update Patch Notes

New Content - 02/17 (Friday)

List of New Articles
February 16 Patch Notes and Bug Fixes
How to Play Gun Game
How to Get Sea Treasure Tokens
Articles Updated with New Information
Is Infected Coming in Season 2?
Season 2 Battle Pass and List of Rewards
All Ashika Island DMZ Key Locations
How to Get Ashika Island Weapon Cases and Rewards
Season 2 Release Date and Early Patch Notes
All Call of Duty Store Bundles
List of Blueprints

Articles to Keep on Your Radar

Modern Warfare 2 - Server Down Top Banner Find out if the Modern Warfare 2 servers are down and check the maintenance schedule!
▶︎ Server Status & Maintenance
Modern Warfare 2 - List of All Promotions Banner A list of all current promotions, in-game bonus rewards, and how to redeem codes.
▶︎ List of Current Promotions
MULTIPLAYER PROGRESSION GUIDE MW2 Find out the best ways to increase your level in multiplayer.
▶︎ How to Level Up Fast
Modern Warfare 2 - List of Bugs and Bug Fixes Bugs, bugs everywhere! Find a list of bugs and possible fixes. Your bug not listed? Leave a comment with the details.
▶︎ List of Bugs and Bug Fixes
Modern Warfare 2 - Weapons Check out the all the Weapons in Modern Warfare 2 and know what you'll bring to battle.
▶︎ List of All Weapons

Modern Warfare 2 Site Map

Main Links
Modern Warfare 2 - News Partial BannerLatest News & Events Modern Warfare 2 - Tips and Tricks Partial BannerTips & Tricks
Modern Warfare 2 - MapsMultiplayer Maps Modern Warfare 2 - Campaign Missions Banner.pngCampaign Missions
Modern Warfare 2 - All CharactersCharacters & Operators Modern Warfare 2 - Trophies and Achievements partialTrophies & Achievements
Modern Warfare 2 - All WeaponsWeapons Updates and Patch NotesUpdates and Patch Notes
Modern Warfare 2 - All Multiplayer Game Modes Partial BannerMultiplayer Game Modes Modern Warfare 2 - Bugs and Bug Fixes Bugs and Bug Fixes
Modern Warfare 2 - AttachmentsAttachments Modern Warfare 2 - BlueprintsBlueprints
Modern Warfare 2 - Spec Ops Partial BannerSpec Ops Missions Modern Warfare 2 - EquipmentEquipment
Modern Warfare 2 - Warzone 2.0 BannerWarzone 2.0 Modern Warfare 2 - Shop BundlesShop Bundles
Modern Warfare 2 - RaidsRaids

Updates and Patch Notes

Updates and Patch Notes
Updates and Patch Notes

Seasonal and Major Updates

Season 1 Update Season 1 Reloaded
Season 2 Update

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

1.03 Update 11/1/2022 Update
11/3/2022 Update 1.08 Update
11/9/2022 Update 11/10/2022 Update
11/18/2022 Update 11/22/2022 Update
12/1/2022 Update 12/2/2022 Update
12/16/2022 Update 12/16/2022 Patch Notes
12/19/2022 Update 01/13/2023 Patch Notes
01/20/2023 Update 01/30/2023 Patch Notes
02/16/2023 Patch Notes -

Tips & Tricks

Modern Warfare 2 - Tips and Tricks Partial Banner

Tips & Tricks

All Tips & Tricks

Multiplayer Tips
How to Unlock All Camos Multiplayer Main Menu Bug Fix
How to Unlock All Calling Cards How to Access Oni Operator & Vault Edition Items
How to Fix Audio Continuity Issues Party Lobby Crashing Fix
How to Level Up Fast How to Unlock Gold Camo
Is there Hardcore Mode in MW2? How to Check Your KD Ratio
Killstreak Guide: Best Killstreaks How to Unlock Slimline Pro
Best Loadouts How to Unlock All Operators
How to Unlock All Emblems How to Unlock All Weapons
How to Unlock Mastery Camos How to Play Split Screen
How to Unlock All Charms How to Get Season 1 Combat Pack
How to Unlock All Stickers Best Optics
Gameplay Features
Firing Basics: All New Shooting Mechanics Movement Guide: Basics & Combat Techniques
Vehicle Guide: How to Use & Customize Vehicles All Call of Duty In-Game Terms & Callouts
Controls and Best Settings How to Slide Cancel
How to Customize Your Loadout How to Play in Third Person
List of Campaign Rewards How to Do Finishing Moves
How Long is Modern Warfare 2's Campaign? Killstreak & Scorestreak Guide
How to Dolphin Dive How to Mount Your Gun
How to Skip Cutscenes Gunsmith 2.0 Guide
Perks Guide Field Upgrades Guide
How to Save Custom Mods Hardcore Mode
Ranked Play Guide -
How Do You Link Your Activision Account? Is In-Game Voice Chat Available?
How Does Aim Assist Work? Can You Customize Operators?
What is the Story So Far? Is Modern Warfare 2 a Remake?
What is the Max Level Cap? Can You Change Crosshairs?
Can You Prestige? How to Change Your Name
What is Battle Rage? What is the Weapon Vault?
Mountain Dew In-Game Rewards Twitch Drops Release Date and List of Rewards
Little Caesar's In-Game Rewards What is Weapon Tuning?
How to Inspect Your Weapon List of All Death Quotes
How to Turn on FidelityFX Cas? Should You Buy the Battle Pass?
Jack Link's In-Game Rewards List of Rank Progression Rewards
Offensive Chat and Account Name Warnings How to Unlock All Loading Screen Backgrounds
What Are Point-Blank Kills? How to Get Neymar, Messi, and Pogba Operators
What is CODBall? What is Support Your Team Pick'em?
Is Double XP Weekend Coming to MW2? List of War Tracks and How to Equip
Is Rebirth Island In Warzone 2.0? Natural Treasure Black Mous Mission
When is Free-to-Play Weekend? What Are Longshot Kills?
How to Create Groups (Clans) Is MW2 Coming to Nintendo Switch?
What Are Operator Kills? How to Get Prime Gaming Rewards and Link Account
How to Appear Offline How Many Guns Are in Modern Warfare 2?
How to Get CDL Major 2 Viewership Rewards How to Get Objective Defense Kills
Path of the Ronin Season 2 Event Season 2 Battle Pass and Rewards

Warzone 2.0

Released November 16 with the Season 1 Update

Warzone 2.0
Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is a completely free-to-play, standalone Battle Royale game, where a large number of players fight it out in a free-for-all to be the last man standing.

Warzone 2.0 is a separate experience from the first Warzone game and Modern Warfare 2, which means that players are able to play Warzone 2.0 without installing either game.

Warzone 2.0 Release Date, Platforms, and Trailers


Modern Warfare 2 - Weapons

List of All Weapons

Weapons by Type

Weapons by Type
Melee Weapons Handguns
Assault Rifles Battle Rifles
Submachine Guns Shotguns
Light Machine Guns Marksman Rifles
Sniper Rifles Launchers

Tier Lists & Best Weapons

Best Weapons
Modern Warfare 2 - Best Guns Tier List BannerBest Guns for Multiplayer Modern Warfare 2 - Best Guns for Campaign BannerBest Guns for Campaign
MW2 best sniper rifleBest Sniper Rifle Modern Warfare 2 - Best Assault RifleBest Assault Rifle
MW2 - Best Quickscope ClassBest Quickscope Class MW2 - Best Submachine GunBest Submachine Gun
MW2 - Best Marksman RifleBest Marksman Rifle MW2 - Best Assault ClassBest Assault Class
MW2 - Best ShotgunBest Shotgun -


Modern Warfare 2 - Attachments

All Weapon Attachments

Attachments by Category

Ammunition Barrels Lasers
Magazines Muzzles Optics
Rear Grips Stocks Underbarrels
Best Weapon Attachments

Campaign Walkthrough

Modern Warfare 2 - Campaign Missions Banner.png

Campaign Story Walkthrough

All Campaign Missions

List of Campaign Missions
1 Strike
2 Kill or Capture
3 Wetwork
4 Tradecraft
5 Borderline
6 Cartel Protection
7 Close Air
8 Hardpoint
9 Recon by Fire
10 Violence and Timing
11 El Sin Nombre
12 Dark Water
13 Alone
14 Prison Break
15 Hindsight
16 Ghost Team
17 Countdown

Spec Ops Walkthrough

Modern Warfare 2 - Spec Ops Partial Banner.png
Spec Ops Walkthrough

All Spec Ops Missions

List of Spec Ops Missions
1 Low Profile
2 Denied Area
3 Defender: Mt. Zaya
4 Gun Game: Mt. Zaya
5 High Ground

Raids Walkthrough

Modern Warfare 2 - Raids Partial.png

Raids Guide: How to Unlock and Play Raids

All Raids Missions

No. Mission Name
1 Atomgrad EP. 01

Other Raids Guides

Raids Guides
How to Get Raids Assignments and Keys Does Raids Have Matchmaking?
List of Mystery Case Rewards -


Modern Warfare 2 - Trophies and Achievements

All Trophies and Achievements

Campaign Trophies and Achievements

Crocodile Must be Wind No Time to Lose
A Crappy Way to Die Don't Touch the Deck! Practice Makes Perfect
Gentleman Thief Test Drive Nessie
Gunless - -

All Multiplayer Maps

List of All MW2 Maps

List of All Maps
Al Bagra FortressAl Bagra Fortress Breenbergh HotelBreenbergh Hotel Crown RacewayCrown Raceway
Dome El AsiloEl Asilo EmbassyEmbassy
Farm 18Farm 18 Guijarro (Ground War)Guijarro (Ground War) Guijarro (Invasion)Guijarro (Invasion)
Mercado Las AlmasMercado Las Almas SaSa'id (Ground War) SaSa'id (Invasion)
Santa SeñaSanta Seña
Santa Sena Border CrossingSanta Sena Border Crossing Sariff Bay (Ground War)Sariff Bay (Ground War)
Sariff Bay (Invasion)Sariff Bay (Invasion)
ShipmentShipment Shoot HouseShoot House
TaraqTaraq Taraq (Ground War)Taraq (Ground War) Taraq (Invasion)Taraq (Invasion)
Valderas MuseumValderas Museum
Zarqwa HydroelectricZarqwa Hydroelectric

Note: More maps will be added soon!

All Multiplayer Maps

Game Modes

Modern Warfare 2 - All Multiplayer Game Modes Partial Banner

All Multiplayer Game Modes

List of All Multiplayer Game Modes

Multiplayer Game Modes
Team Deathmatch Prisoner Rescue
Domination Knock Out
Invasion Hardpoint
Ground War Search and Destroy
CDL Moshpit Control
Cyber Attack Bounty
Infected Gun Game


Modern Warfare 2 - All Characters

All Characters and Operators

List of All Characters and Operators

All Characters
Captain John PriceCaptain John Price John Soap MacTavishSgt. John “Soap” MacTavish Sgt Kyle Gaz GarricSgt. Kyle “Gaz” Garrick
Lt Simon Ghost RileyLt. Simon “Ghost” Riley Colonel Alejandro VargasColonel Alejandro Vargas Kate LaswellKate Laswell
Farah KarimFarah Karim General ShepherdGeneral Shepherd Hassan ZyaniHassan Zyani
Phillip GravesPhillip Graves Diego SalgadoDiego Salgado NikolaiNikolai
NunezNuñez Rodolfo ParraRodolfo Parra Valeria GarzaValeria Garza

Bugs and Bug Fixes

Modern Warfare 2 - Bugs and Bug Fixes

List of Bugs and Bug Fixes

All Bugs and Bug Fixes

Multiplayer Bugs
Weapon Tuning Not Appearing Spawn Without a Gun
Ping Function Disabled Party Lobby Crashing
Audio Continuity Issues How to Access Oni Operator & Vault Edition Items
Multiplayer Main Menu Bug Post-Match XP & Weapon Rank Progression Missing Bug
Game Lobby Freezing Bug Gold Camo Challenge Not Unlocking Bug
Can't Invite Friends Bug Xbox Party of More Than 3 Bug
Private Lobby Bugs (Dev Error 292, 11642, and 401) How to Fix Voice Service Unavailable Error
Dev Error 11063 and How to Fix Join Failed Different Version Error
General Errors
Update 1.03 Bug: Stuck on Installing Steam Download Connection Timeout Error
Display Name Error No Supported DXGI Adapter Found Fix
Social Menu Bug Puget Lakes Error and How to Fix
Fetching Account Data from Platform Error Error Code: Diver
How to Fix Dev Error 11557 Names Freezing on HUD Bug
Puget Altus Error and How to Fix Travis Rilea Error and How to Fix
How to Fix Dev Error 11152 How to Fix HUENEME Concord Error


blueprints partial
List of All Blueprints

Weapon Blueprints by Type

Weapons by Type
Assault Rifle Blueprints Handgun Blueprints
Melee Blueprints Battle Rifle Blueprints
Submachine Gun Blueprints Shotgun Blueprints
Light Machine Gun Blueprints Marksman Rifle Blueprints
Sniper Rifle Blueprints Launcher Blueprints


Modern Warfare 2 - List of Equipment

List of Equipment

Equipment By Type

Equipment by Type
Tactical Lethal
Field Upgrades

Shop Bundles

Modern Warfare 2 - Shop Bundles

All Shop Bundles

All Shop Bundles

Executive WarfighterExecutive Warfighter Raid Bundle: Season 1Raid Bundle: Season 1 CDL Launch PackCDL Launch Pack
MWII Pro Pack: Desert RogueMWII Pro Pack: Desert Rogue Vault EditionVault Edition YellowjacketYellowjacket
Neymar Jr. OperatorNeymar Jr. Operator Pogba OperatorPogba Operator Messi OperatorMessi Operator
CryogenCryogen Infinite Warfighters: ETH.3NInfinite Warfighters: ETH.3N VII: GreedVII: Greed
OvergrownOvergrown Greased and CamoGreased and Camo'd Fuerzas EspecialesFuerzas Especiales
Holiday Gift PackHoliday Gift Pack Grimm: Crimson PackGrimm: Crimson Pack Atlanta Faze Team PackAtlanta Faze Team Pack
Boston Breach Team PackBoston Breach Team Pack Florida Mutineers Team PackFlorida Mutineers Team Pack London Royal Ravens Team PackLondon Royal Ravens Team Pack
Los Angeles Guerrillas Team PackLos Angeles Guerrillas Team Pack Los Angeles Thieves Team PackLos Angeles Thieves Team Pack Minnesota Rokkr Team PackMinnesota Rokkr Team Pack
New York Subliners Team PackNew York Subliners Team Pack Optic Texas Team PackOptic Texas Team Pack Seattle Surge Team PackSeattle Surge Team Pack
Toronto Ultra Team PackToronto Ultra Team Pack Vegas Legion Team PackVegas Legion Team Pack Dark SkiesDark Skies
Frontline FighterFrontline Fighter After BurnerAfter Burner VII: SlothVII: Sloth
RecruitedRecruited Engraved DragonEngraved Dragon Fringe TacticalFringe Tactical
Raw TigerRaw Tiger KnightKnight's Command SynthwaveSynthwave
ShowdownShowdown KineticKinetic Etched FleshEtched Flesh
Torment’s ReturnTorment’s Return Jacked_InJacked_In Death WrapDeath Wrap
The BoneyardThe Boneyard Acid WashedAcid Washed Warning SkinWarning Skin
Red LordRed Lord ExoticExotic Night PatrolNight Patrol
Tactical Human 1.0Tactical Human 1.0 La CatrinaLa Catrina Damascus ForgeDamascus Forge
Violent EmbraceViolent Embrace Atomic SunriseAtomic Sunrise Tracer Pack Klaus OperatorTracer Pack Klaus Operator
Merry MayhemMerry Mayhem Hot RodHot Rod Apex RushApex Rush
Dune StalkerDune Stalker Overgrown 2Overgrown 2 Fringe Tactical 2Fringe Tactical 2
Tracer Pack: New YearTracer Pack: New Year's Tokyo StreetsTokyo Streets Thick CutsThick Cuts
Notice Me 1.0Notice Me 1.0 Pixel PerfectPixel Perfect Tactical Human 2.0Tactical Human 2.0
Dark RoseDark Rose Bronze AgeBronze Age Nasty NeonNasty Neon
Flow StateFlow State Frontier FighterFrontier Fighter CODE Perseverance PackPerseverance Pack
Damascus Forge 2Damascus Forge 2 Game is LifeGame Is Life Year of the RabbitYear of the Rabbit
Plum Joy Bundle CoverPlum Joy Sticker BombSticker Bomb ClandestineClandestine
Spartan TowerSpartan Tower ScavengerScavenger

Latest News & Events

Ranked Play Coming in 2023

Ranked Play - Competitive
Ranked matchmaking via a skill-based ELO system, Leaderboards, competitive rewards, and more - all confirmed to be coming sometime in 2023!

Ranked Play Update

All News & Game Info

About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Product Information

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 Product
Price Standard/Cross-Gen Edition ($69.99)
Vault Edition ($99.99)
Platforms PS4, PS5, PC (Steam &, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
Genre FPS, Multiplayer
Publisher Activision
Official Site Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Fight as a Member of the Task Force 141

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Campaign

In a throwback to the original Modern Warfare series as well as a continuation of Modern Warfare (2019), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (MW2) has you following the story and missions of a newly formed Task Force 141.

Play the campaign and experience a variety of globe-trotting, high octane missions, mixed with the superb story-telling and tactical FPS gameplay of the Modern Warfare (2019) reboot.

Take the Fight to Multiplayer

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Multiplayer

Once you have the campaign done and dusted, take the fight online and drop into Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer. Offering multiple ways of progression on top of a brand new Gunsmith, customize your loadout and prepare to dominate the lobby as a solo warrior or with your friends.

Squad-Up for Tactical Special Ops

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Spec Ops

For those who enjoy a more tactical FPS style of gameplay, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (MW2) also offers a story-driven Specs Ops game mode. Players can bring in their squad of friends and play tactical co-op missions that will test your mastery of both strategy and gunplay.

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