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Should You Release Pixie: Keeping Pixie

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This is a guide to releasing Pixie in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Switch, PS4, and Steam! Read on to learn if you should release Pixie or if you should keep Pixie.

Who is Pixie?

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Base Level 2 Race Fairy
Strong Elec

Meeting Pixie

Meeting Pixie

Pixie is the first demon you meet and recruit in the game. She is first found in the walkway leading to the Shinjuku Medical Center Annex.

Offering to Help the Player

Pixie will offer her services to obtain the Annex Gate Pass and, in exchange, she asks to be taken to Yoyogi Park.

She will start a dialogue option to leave the player's party when you first reach Yoyogi Park.

Pixie Skills, Stats, and Locations Encountered

Should You Release Pixie?

Pixie in Yoyogi Park

It is recommended that you do not release Pixie at this time.

At this point in the game, players will have very few demons in their roster. Since the Press Turn Battle System favors numbers during combat, it is advisable not to release Pixie when she gets to Yoyogi Park.

Should players really want to get rid of her, there will be Fusion options in nearby Shibuya to consider, instead.

Should Be Kept For a Long Time

Ah, a friendly face at last. You'll want to hold on to this one.

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Source:Atlus Facebook Page

Pixie (or whoever you fused her with) is required to open one of the Kalpa Doors on the Fifth Kalpa. Sacrificing her will allow you to summon a stronger pixie with superb stats and skills so make sure to not make her leave your party!

Pixie's Fused Form is always the first demon

To know which demon is Pixie's fused form, just check your current roster after putting everyone in stock. The first demon on the list will be Pixie's fused form.

Pixie in the Fifth Kalpa

Meeting Pixie in the Fifth Kalpa

Players will encounter Pixie again in the Fifth Kalpa Dungeon of the Labyrinth of Amala. This will hinge on whether players kept Pixie, an evolution of her, or a Fused demon in which she was used as Fusion material.

Offer Her to the Door

Door Offering Fifth Kalpa

A door in the B4 level of the Fifth Kalpa will ask for the demon that has been with you the longest. Simply offer your iteration of Pixie to it.

Unlike the other doors in the B4 level of the dungeon, the first option presented by the door is always the correct answer for what to offer.

How to Open All Kalpa Doors

Uber Pixie

Your offered demon will transform into a level 80 version of Pixie, complete with very high stats and an amazingly strong arsenal of spells.

What Happens When You Release Pixie

Pixie Gives Ankh Magatama

If players release Pixie, she will give them the Ankh Magatama before she leaves. Should players want to recruit her again, they will have to negotiate with the Pixie demons that can be encountered in the park.

You Obtain the Ankh Magatama

Ankh Magatama

The Ankh Magatama isn't particularly useful at this stage of the game since the Demi-Fiend is still trying to level up Marogareh and Wadatsumi (Forneus Boss Reward).

Despite giving healing spells, Pixie and an allied Kodama will usually have better healing spells like Dia or Media in their arsenal.

Ankh Magatama Can Be Bought Later

It can be bought for only 2000 Macca (6000 Macca on Hard) later on, when the player reaches the Great Underpass of Ginza.

How to Get Ankh Magatama

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