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How to Revive Dead Players

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Revive players by getting close and interacting with them in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). Read on to learn how to revive other players and more.

How to Revive a Downed Player

Interact With a Downed Player

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Reviving downed players is achieved by getting close and interacting with them. Hold the interact button to gradually fill up their health bar; a player won't be revived until the bar is completely filled. While reviving doesn't require any special items, there is a time limit. If a downed player is not revived within this limit, they will bleed out and die, transitioning to spectator mode.

Keep in mind that you won't be able to fire your gun while reviving other players. Ensure the area is clear or that you have enough time before attempting to rescue your teammate.

How to Revive a Dead Player

Interact With the Dead Body

You can revive a dead player just by going to the place they died or gave up and interacting with their body. This is the only way to bring a person back from the dead/spectator mode, so as much as possible, stick close to your teammates.

Use a Self-Revive Kit

Modern Warfare 3 - Self Revive
In the game, you can find an item known as the Self-Revive Kit. This enables you to revive yourself independently, even if there are no teammates present in the area.

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