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This is a preview sample for the White Battle Attire, a visual equipment item in Scarlet Nexus for the Playstation, XBOX, and Steam. Read on to see a preview sample of all White Battle Attire visuals and how to get them!

White Battle Attire Costume Preview

Main Characters

Battle Attire: Dawn White
White Battle Attire Dawn
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- -
Battle Attire: Noble White
White Battle Attire Noble
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- -

Team Yuito Party Members

Battle Attire: Honest White
White Battle Attire Honest
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- -
Battle Attire: Charity White
White Battle Attire Charity
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- -
Battle Attire: Righteous White
White Battle Attire Righteous
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- -
Battle Attire: Innocent White
White Battle Attire Innocent
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- -

Team Kasane Party Members

Battle Attire: Solemn White
White Battle Attire Solemn
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- -
Battle Attire: Questing White
White Battle Attire Questing
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- -
Battle Attire: Rebirth White
White Battle Attire Rebirth
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- -
Battle Attire: Simple White
White Battle Attire Simple
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- -

How to Get White Battle Attire

Increase Team Bond Levels

The White Battle Attire costumes can be acquired by reaching Team Bond Level 4 on either routes, and Team Bond Level 5 on the opposite character's team.

Bond Guide: How to Raise Bond Levels

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