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The Tower of Fantasy Team has stopped covering the game as of Update 2.0. Information on certain pages may not be up-to-date. Thank you for continuing support!

Welcome to our Tower of Fantasy Wiki Guide and Walkthrough! Beginner's guides for getting started, weapon lists, gameplay mechanic guides, and other Tower of Fantasy news and info can be found here in this wiki!

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Gacha System & Banners Tier Lists Weapons & Characters
Tips & Tricks Relics Game Modes
Maps Recipes Vehicles
Ruins World Bosses Matrices
Armor Scenic Points Items
Ingredients Updates Side Missions
Message Boards News About Tower of Fantasy

Fresh Content

New Content - 10/24 (Monday)

List of New Articles
Version 2.1 Preview Release Date and Details
Should You Pull for Saki Fuwa?
Thorned Rose Event Release Date and Rewards
Natives of the Desert Side Mission
Game Time Side Mission
How to Find Hidden Smart Servant
Abyssant Weaver Guide
Puppet Singer Guide
Umi Weapon and Global Release
Ruby Gacha Simulator
Rudolph Guide: Location and How to Beat
Magma Guide: Location and How to Beat
Vera World Map & Exploration Guide
Login Supplies Event (October 2022)
Should You Pull for Ruby?
Mirroria Tour
Childlike Innocence
Ultimate Weapon
Version 2.0 Vera Preview Livestream Event
Articles Updated with New Information
All Cooking Recipes and Food Guide
Version 2.0 Release Date
Ruby Weapon and Global Release Date
All Banners (Special Orders)
All Codes and How to Redeem for Free Rewards (October 2022)
Daily Caps: Max Level Cap Schedule
List of Outfits and How to Unlock
List of Currency Types and How to Get
Cobalt-B Best Builds and Team Comps
All Overworld Puzzles
Gold Nucleus Map and Locations

Update 2.0 Vera Expansion

Vera Release Top Banner.png

What's New in Update 2.0
Vera Region Guide Top Image.png Vera Ruby Top Banner.png Ruby
Login Supplies Event Banner Login Supplies

Version 2.0 Patch Notes & Release Date

Articles to Keep on Your Radar

Combat Score Top Banner Raise your combat score in order to take on more content and get better rewards. Check here for the best ways to raise your CS.
▶︎ How to Raise CS
Tower of Fantasy - Daily Limit - List of Content Gates and Level Caps Find out the current level cap schedule, main story time gate, and all other content restrictions.
▶︎ All Level and Content Caps
Tower of Fantasy - All Electronic Lock Passwords A list of door codes for all electronic locks.
▶︎ All Electronic Lock Passwords
How to Level Up You'll need to raise your character level to access the newest content. Find out the best ways to get XP!
▶︎ XP Farming & How to Level Up
Tower of Fantasy - Rerolling Guide First time playing Tower of Fantasy? Or just starting a new account? Either way, find out which character you should reroll for!
▶︎ Rerolling Guide

Tower of Fantasy Wiki Site Map

Main Links
Weapons Partial Banner.pngWeapons and Characters Tower of Fantasy - Events.pngEvents
Tips and Tricks Partial Banner.pngTips and Tricks Tower of Fantasy - Gacha Guides.pngGacha & Banners
Tier Lists Partial Banner.pngTier Lists Relics Partial BannerRelics
Tower of Fantasy - List of Recipes - How to Unlock All Recipes.pngRecipes Tower of Fantasy - Vehicles.pngVehicles
Ruins Partial BannerRuins World Bosses Partial Banner.pngWorld Bosses
Matrices Partial BannerMatrices Tower of Fantasy - ArmorArmor
Tower of Fantasy - Scenic PointsScenic Points Game Modes.pngGame Modes
Items Partial.pngItems Tower of Fantasy - All IngredientsIngredients
Updates Partial Banner.pngUpdates Tower of Fantasy - Region Maps BannerMaps & Exploration Guide
Tower of Fantasy - NewsNews Tower of Fantasy - Message Boards.pngMessage Boards
Home System Partial.png Artificial Island Tower of Fantasy - Side Mission Partial bannerSide Missions

Tower of Fantasy Events

Tower of Fantasy - Events
List of Events

Upcoming Events

Event Name Event Duration
Childlike Innocence Start: 11/17/2022
End: 11/23/2022

Current Events

Event Name Event Duration
Ultimate Weapon Start: 11/01/2022
End: 11/14/2022
Login Supplies Round 1
Start: 10/20/2022 End: 11/01/2022
Round 2
Start: 11/01/2022 End: 11/05/2022
Pre-registration Milestone Start: 2022/08/11 00:00 GMT
End: 2023/02/06 21:00 GMT
Starpath Navigation Permanent, lasts for 21 days after character creation.

Expired Events

Outposts Challenge Start: 2022/08/11
End: 2022/08/13 23:59 PDT
Side by Side Round 1
Start: 2022/08/11 00:00 GMT
End: 2022/08/17 21:00 GMT
Round 2
Start: 2022/08/17 21:00 GMT
End: 2022/08/24 21:00 GMT
Summer Seabreeze Start: 2022/08/22 23:00 UTC -4
End: 2022/08/29 23:00 UTC -4
Executor Training Start: 2022/08/22 23:00 UTC -4
End: 2022/08/29 23:00 UTC -4
Pioneer's Gift Start: 2022/08/11 00:00 GMT
End: 2022/08/31 21:00 GMT
Road of Strife Start: 09/01/2022
End: 09/15/2022
Aida Cafe Start: 09/15/2022 at 01:00 (EDT/UTC-4)
End: 09/28/2022 at 23:00 (EDT/UTC-4)
Login Supplies | Supply Run Event Start: 09/15/2022
End: 09/29/2022
Vera Orienteering Event Start: 09/26/2022
End: 10/11/2022
Wheel of Fantasy Event Start: 09/26/2022
End: 10/03/2022
Version 2.0 Vera Preview Livestream Event Start: 10/13/2022, 4:00 PM (EDT)
Executor Trial Start: 10/13/2022 03:00 GMT
End: 10/20/2022 03:00 GMT
Thorned Rose Start: 10/27/2022 3:00 UTC+0
End: 11/03/2022 3:00 UTC+0
Mirroria Tour Start: 10/27/2022
End: 11/09/2022

Tower of Fantasy Gacha System and Banners

Tower of Fantasy - Gacha Guides
All Special Order (Gacha) Banners For Characters, Weapons, and Matrices

Current Banners

Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Release Banner.png Dynamic Mindfulness 11/10/2022 ~ 12/01/2022
▶︎Try the Simulator!
Choice Weapons Banner Image.pngChoice Weapons Permanent Weapons Banner
▶︎Try the Simulator!
Choice Matrices Banner Image.pngChoice Matrices Permanent Matrices Banner
▶︎Try the Simulator!

All Gacha Simulators

All Gacha Guides

List of Gacha Guides
Gacha System Explanation What is the Pity System?
All Banner Pull Rates

Tower of Fantasy Tier Lists

Tier Lists Partial Banner.png
All Tier Lists

All Tier Lists

All Tier Lists
Character & Weapon Tier List Reroll Tier List
PvP Tier List Relics Tier List
Best Team Comps Best Matrices Tier List

Tower of Fantasy Weapons and Characters

Weapons Partial Banner.png

All Weapons & Characters

SSR Weapons and Characters

HumaHuma KingKing ZeroZero Cobalt-BCobalt-B
Ruby.pngRuby MerylMeryl CocoritterCocoritter TsubasaTsubasa
Frigg.pngFrigg CrowCrow SamirSamir NemesisNemesis
ClaudiaClaudia ShiroShiro

SR Weapons and Characters

Bai LingBai Ling HildaHilda EneEne PepperPepper

Upcoming Weapons and Characters

Lin.pngLin Annabella.pngAnnabella Lyra.pngLyra Marc.pngMarc
Alice.pngAlice Saki Fuwa.pngSaki Fuwa Baiyuekui.pngBaiyuekui Tian Lang.pngTian Lang

All Characters and Weapons By Type

All Characters and Weapons by Rarity
SSR RaritySSR SR RaritySR R RarityR
All Characters and Weapons by Element
FlameFlame Ice ShellIce Shell VoltVolt GrievousGrievous
All Characters and Weapons by Resonance
DPSDPS SupportSupport DefenseDefense
All Weapon Types
Swords Spears EM Blasters Greatswords
Omnium Weapons Chakrams Scythes Bows
Staves Dual Blades Dual Pistols Long Spears
Mauls Rifles Shields

Tower of Fantasy Tips and Tricks

Tower of Fantasy - Tips and Tricks Partial Banner

Beginner's Guide: All Tips and Tricks

Beginner Guides

Character Creation and Customization Rerolling Guide
Missable and Unchangeable Features Leveling Guide
Things to Do Every Day List of Content Gates and Level Caps
Cooking and Satiety Guide List of Shops and What to Buy
List of Servers Recommended Settings
Language Options List of Controls
How to Power Up Suppressors Black Gold and Flame Gold
List of Currency Types and How to Get Equipment Enhancement and Upgrade Guide

Farming Guides

Dark Crystal Farming Guide Gold Nucleus Farming Guide
Black Nucleus Farming Guide Red Nucleus Farming Guide
Support Points Farming Guide Potent Omnium Crystal Farming Guide
AFK Farming Guide: How to AFK Farm with Zero

Game Mechanics

How to Perform Jetpack Dash Trick How to Perform Infinite Climb Trick
Gameplay and
Battle System
List of All Overworld Puzzles
Weapon Resonance Guide and Best Setup Simulacrum Awakening and Trait Guide
Advancement Guide: How to Level Up Weapons How to Fast Travel
How to Unlock the Map All Smart Telescope Puzzle Locations and How to Solve
How to Trigger Phantasia Sound Tracing System Puzzle Location and How to Solve
How to Increase CS Gifts Guide: Best Gifts for Each Character
How to Increase Crit Rate Claw Machine Guide and Rewards
How to Get Gold Armor | Fortress Armor Guide What is Shatter?

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Redeem Codes Can You Change Gender?
Is the Battle Pass Worth It? SSR Selector Box: Which Character to Unlock?
How to Change Channels How to Join a Crew and Rewards
Best Banner to Pull Multiplayer Guide: How to Play Online Co-op
Daily Reset Time What to Do When Lava Pits Aren't Working?
What to Use Vitality On? Should You Buy the Clotho Supply Pod?
Are Simulacra Just Skins? How to Change Your Name
Perfect or Forced Decipher? Which SR Relic Should You Choose?
How to Add Friends Should You Do Interstellar Exploration Every Day?
Best SR Weapons Hyenas' Base Locations and Rewards
Should You Use or Save Chips? How to Get Caught Investigating Furniture
Which Character Should You Save For? Will Nemesis Be in the Standard Banner?

Miscellaneous Guides

Best Weapon Types List of All In-App Purchases and Microtransactions
List of Scenic Points All Electronic Lock Passwords
Mighty Mushroom Locations and How to Use What is Claire's Dream Machine?
Birthday Rewards and How to Set Apex League Guide and List of Rewards
List of All Vehicle Upgrade Materials and Locations List of Avatars, Frames, Chat Bubbles and How to Unlock
List of Outfits and How to Unlock How to Do Poses and Gestures with Your Character
Vehicle Maintenance Guide Is Voice Chat Available? Best Chat Apps
Fireworks Prep and Felton Password

Tower of Fantasy Relics

Relics Partial Banner.png

List of All Relics

SSR Relics

List of SR Relics
Alternate Destiny IconAlternate Destiny Colossus Arm IconColossus Arm Confinement IconConfinement Drone IconDrone
Hologram Projector IconHologram Projector Omnium Shield IconOmnium Shield Spacetime Rift IconSpacetime Rift Type V Armor IconType V Armor

SR Relics

List of SR Relics
Couant IconCouant Cybernetic Arm IconCybernetic Arm Hovering Cannon IconHovering Cannon Jetboard IconJetboard
Jetpack IconJetpack Lava Bomb IconLava Bomb Magnetic Pulse IconMagnetic Pulse Magnetic Storm IconMagnetic Storm
Missile Barrage IconMissile Barrage Omnium Handcannon IconOmnium Handcannon Quantum Cloak IconQuantum Cloak Strange Cube IconStrange Cube

Tower of Fantasy Game Modes

Tower of Fantasy - Game Modes
List of All Game Modes

All Game Modes

Game Modes
Joint Operation Interstellar Exploration
Bygone Phantasm Omnium Beacon
Spacetime Domain Dimensional Trials
Apex League Void Rifts
Frontier Clash Wormhole

Tower of Fantasy Maps

Tower of Fanatsy - Region Maps Banner


Astra Icon.pngAstra Banges Icon.pngBanges Navia Icon.pngNavia Crown Icon.pngCrown Warren Icon.pngWarren

Aesperia World Map and Exploration Guide

Artificial Island

Artificial Island Region Guide Top Image

Artificial Island Exploration Guide


Sandstorm Grounds IconSandstorm Grounds Rock Pillar Gobby IconRock Pillar Gobby Quicksand Belt IconQuicksand Belt

Vera World Map and Exploration Guide


District A IconDistrict A

Vera Release Top Banner.png

Vera and Version 2.0 Release Date

Artificial Island (Home System)

Home System Guide.png

Artificial Island (Home System) Guide

Tower of Fantasy Recipes

Tower of Fantasy - List of Recipes - How to Unlock All Recipes.png
List of Recipes: How to Unlock All Recipes

Recipe Guides

Recipe Guides
Best Recipes to Make Crispy Chicken Burger
Eel and Mushroom Soup Spicy Eel
Fruit Cake Firedragon Fruit Tea

Best Early Game Recipes

Best Early Game Recipes
Steamed Conch Steamed Crab
Boiled Scallops Tomato and Fried Egg Pasta
Spicy Burger Honeyed Fruit Juice

Best Mid Game Recipes

Best Mid Game Recipes
Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin Balloon Fruit Salad
Black Moss Soup Firedragon Fruit Tea
Tomato and Fried Egg Pasta Seafood Soup
Snail Baked Rice Spicy Eel
Cocoa Milk Sea Crab Soup
Firecap Mushroom Soup Sweet Pomegranate Juice

Best End Game Recipes

Best Mid Game Recipes
Nut Tea Caterpillar Fungus Noodles
Purple Yam Pie Truffle Fried Rice
Salmon Sashimi Steak with Mushroom Sauce
Snail Baked Rice Juicy Meat Sandwich
Snow Lotus Soup Sweet Pomegranate Juice

Tower Of Fantasy Vehicles

Tower of Fantasy - Vehicles.png
List of All Vehicles

All Vehicles

Tower of Fantasy - Falcon New IconFalcon Tower of Fantasy - Chaser New IconChaser Tower of Fantasy - 2613 New Icon2613 Tower of Fantasy - Voyager New IconVoyager
Tower of Fantasy - Omnium Beast New IconOmnium Beast VII Tower of Fantasy - Monocross New IconMonocross Tower of Fantasy - Mechbird New IconMechbird Tower of Fantasy - Dust Wheeler New IconDust Wheeler
Tower of Fantasy - Aidan Knight New IconAidan Knight Tower of Fantasy - Jerboa New IconJerboa

Tower of Fantasy Ruins

Ruins Partial Banner

List of Ruins and Walkthroughs

All Ruins Guides

List of All Ruins
Ruin A-01 Icon.pngRuin A-01 Ruin A-02 Icon.pngRuin A-02 Ruin A-03 Icon.pngRuin A-03
Ruin B-01 Icon.pngRuin B-01 Ruin B-02 Icon.pngRuin B-02 Ruin B-03 IconRuin B-03
Ruin C-01Ruin C-01 Ruin C-02Ruin C-02 Ruin C-03Ruin C-03
Ruin D-01Ruin D-01 Ruin D-02Ruin D-02 Ruin D-03Ruin D-03
Ruin E-01Ruin E-01 Ruin E-02Ruin E-02 Ruin E-03Ruin E-03

Tower of Fantasy World Bosses

World Bosses Partial Banner.png

World Boss Locations and Guide

List of Bosses
Tower of Fantasy - Robarg.pngRobarg Tower of Fantasy - Apophis.pngApophis Frost Bot IconFrost Bot
Tower of Fantasy - Sobek.pngSobek Lucia icon.pngLucia Tower of Fantasy - Barbarossa IconBarbarossa
Frost Dragon IconFrostfire Dragon Devourer IconDevourer Magma IconMagma
Rudolph IconRudolph Grayspace Fissure IconPuppet Singer Grayspace Fissure IconAbyssant Weaver

Tower of Fantasy Matrices

Matrices Partial Banner

List of All Matrices

All Matrices by Rarity

Matrices by Rarity
N Rarity matrixN R Rarity matrixR SR Rarity matrixSR SSR Rarity matrixSSR

Tower of Fantasy Armor

Tower of Fantasy - All Equipment and Armor
List of All Armor

All Armor Set

Armor by Set
Explorer ArmorExplorer Vanguard ArmorVanguard Falcon ArmorFalcon
Elite ArmorElite Fortress ArmorFortress

Tower of Fantasy Scenic Points

Tower of Fantasy - Scenic Points Partial Banner.png
List of Scenic Points

All Scenic Points Guides

List of all Scenic Points
Astra Scenic Points Banges Scenic Points Navia Scenic Points
Crown Mines Scenic Points Warren Scenic Points Artificial Island Scenic Points
Sandstorm Grounds Rock Pillar Gobby Quicksand Belt

Tower of Fantasy Items

Items Partial.png

List of Items

List of Items
Upgrade Materials Partial.png Upgrade Materials Gift Packs Partial.pngGift Packs
Chest Password Keys Partial.pngChest Password Keys Limited Event Cosmetics Partial.pngLimited Event Cosmetics

Tower of Fantasy Ingredients

Tower of Fantasy - All Ingredients
List of All Ingredients and How to Get

All Common Ingredients

Tower of Fantasy - MilkMilk Tower of Fantasy - Salad DressingSalad Dressing Tower of Fantasy - Poultry MeatPoultry Meat
Tower of Fantasy - Carbonated WaterCarbonated Water Tower of Fantasy - RiceRice Tower of Fantasy - Dandelion SeedDandelion Seed
LettuceLettuce Tower of Fantasy - Dried MeatDried Meat Tower of Fantasy - Ball CactusBall Cactus
Tower of Fantasy - Sand OnionSand Onion Tower of Fantasy - Poultry EggPoultry Egg Tower of Fantasy - Game MeatGame Meat
Homi GrainHomi Grain Tower of Fantasy - Silver BassSilver Bass Tower of Fantasy - MushroomMushroom
Tower of Fantasy - Fleshy TailFleshy Tail Tower of Fantasy - BeetrootBeetroot

All Uncommon Ingredients

FirecapFirecap Tower of Fantasy - Black MossBlack Moss Tower of Fantasy - Brown RiceBrown Rice
Tower of Fantasy - PotatoPotato Tower of Fantasy - Fallen FruitFallen Fruit Tower of Fantasy - BrocolliBroccoli
Tower of Fantasy - ConchConch Tower of Fantasy - Ghost MushroomGhost Mushroom Tower of Fantasy - HoneyHoney
Tower of Fantasy - OnionOnion Tower of Fantasy - ThornmatoThornmato Tower of Fantasy - LaverLaver
Tower of Fantasy - Dabrys SturgeonDabry's Sturgeon

All Rare Ingredients

Tower of Fantasy - Balloon FruitBalloon Fruit Snow Azalea TeaSnow Azalea Tower of Fantasy - Firedragon FruitFiredragon Fruit
Tower of Fantasy - BarnacleBarnacle Tower of Fantasy - PineconePinecone Tower of Fantasy - FiddleheadFiddlehead
Tower of Fantasy - Cocoa BeansCocoa Beans Tower of Fantasy - PhospogranatePhosphogranate Tower of Fantasy - CaviarCaviar
Tower of Fantasy - Small Blueberry JarSmall Blueberry Jar Electric EelElectric Eel Tower of Fantasy - Sea UrchinSea Urchin
Tower of Fantasy - Hermit CrabHermit Crab Tower of Fantasy - Rear HockRear Hock Tower of Fantasy - ScallopScallop
Tower of Fantasy - PortunidPortunid Tower of Fantasy - StrawberryStrawberry Oyster IconOyster
Fish Mint IconFish Mint

All Super Rare Ingredients

Tower of Fantasy - Carrion SnailCarrion Snail Tower of Fantasy - Lake BassLake Bass Tower of Fantasy - Prime CutPrime Cut
Tower of Fantasy - Fatty CutFatty Cut Tower of Fantasy - Purple YamPurple Yam Tower of Fantasy - Black TruffleBlack Truffle
Lard Gourd IconLard Gourd

Tower of Fantasy Updates

Updates Partial Banner

Update History

Major Updates

Version 1.5 Update Version 2.0 Update

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

Update 1.0.5 Update 1.0.6
August 26 Patch Notes and Compensation September 6 Patch Notes and Compensation
September 27 Patch Notes and Compensation October 13 Patch Notes and Compensation

Tower of Fantasy Side Missions

Tower of Fantasy - Side Mission Partial banner

All Side Missions and Rewards

All Side Missions

Side Missions
Scouting Report Fix Ommnium Guard Agent Jason Praying for Relief
Wandering Servant Hide-n-Seek with Smart Servant Game Time Natives of the Desert
Doctor's Coffee Hidden Memory Ark Melo's Upgrade Plan
Snowfield Expedition Impromptu Interview Guardian of Oasis I Guardian of Oasis II
Vera Ecological Research Kun Ji Take Out Visitor from Aesperia Job Hunt
Bounty Time Lost Paddy Mirroria City's Past The Mysterious Organization's Operation
Youk's Comrades Online Ringer Return of the Online Ringer Online Friendship
Future Treasure Hunter Mirroria Stroll Make Another Game Runaway Now

Tower of Fantasy Message Boards

Tower of Fantasy - Message Boards
Message Boards

Other Message Boards

All Message Boards
Friend Request Board.pngFriend Requests (4) Questions Board.pngQuestions Board (3)
Discussion Board.pngDiscussion Board (5) Multiplayer Board.pngGuild Recruitment Board (40)
Character Creation ID Sharing Board Icon.pngCharacter ID Sharing Board (24)

Tower of Fantasy News

Tower of Fantasy - News
Latest News

Other News

Release Date Countdown

Release Date Countdown
Available now!

Available on August 10, 2022!

Tower of Fantasy is now available worldwide on mobile and PC as of August 10, 2022 at 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT!

Platform Date
Android, iOS, PC August 10, 2022 at 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT

Release Date

About Tower of Fantasy

Explore a Vast Open World RPG

Open World RPG
Planet Aida is a new world devastated by the Omnium Cataclysm many years ago. People now struggle to restore hope, freedom, and order. As a Wanderer, you must defend the planet.

Party Up with Friends Online

Players can team up in a group of 4 and work together to take on bosses. As an MMO, you can also join other players looking to take on bosses through the chat!

Customize Your Character

Character Customization .png
In Tower of Fantasy, you can customize how you look from head to toe! Change your hairstyle and color, body and face features, not to mention the myriad outfit colors and styles!

Play as a Host of Different Characters

Learn Character Backstories
As a Wanderer, you will be able to recruit various playable characters, with each being able to equip up to 3 different weapons. Customize your experience, not only by choosing the look of your character, but through the playstyle you adopt!

Join a Crew and Earn Rewards

Join a Crew
Join a crew to gain access to extra missions, events, and of course more rewards! In an open world MMO like Tower of Fantasy, it's the more the merrier!

Tower of Fantasy Game Information

Tower of Fantasy Game Information.png
Release Date August 10, 2022
Price Free to play;
contains in-app purchases
Genre Open World MMORPG + Gacha
Available Platforms iOS, Android, PC
Developer Hotta Studio
Publisher Perfect World, Level Infinite
Official Site Tower of Fantasy Official Site
Download Page iOS
PC (via Windows button on official site)

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