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Road of Strife Event

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Road of Strive Event Banner
Road of Strife is an event in Tower of Fantasy that will run from 09/01/2022 to 09/15/2022. Read on to find out about in-game rewards and more!

Road of Strife Event Release Date and Details

Road of Strife Event

Event Period Start: 09/01/2022
End: 09/15/2022

Participate in Events to Receive Star Grit

Join each event phase to obtain Star Grit! You can obtain a maximum of 1,200 Star Grit daily.

Star Grit can be exchanged in the Event Store, known as the Aidan Black Market, as it unlocks phase by phase for rewards such as Mechbird parts, Red Nucleus, and more.

How to Get Mechbird

Road of Strife Event Phases


Orienteering page

Schedule 12:00 to 23:00 (server time)
Note: Sign-up is only available the first 10 minutes of every hour.
How to Play Race other players and pass through all the checkpoints as fast as possible to win Star Grit!

Stellarway Divergence

Tower of Fantasy - Stargate

Schedule Available at all times.
How to Play Players are given different objectives to complete within a time limit, such as defeating bosses, defusing bombs, and plugging batteries into a tower.
Nopte: The Stellarway Divergence cannot be done alone as there are too many enemies to defeat within the time limit.

Doubles Mega Arena

Schedule Available at 03:00, September 8 (UTC +0)
How to Play ・Balanced battling system.
・Balances Wanderers' base stats, weapon stats, relic stats, and related upgrade and enhancement stats.
・Team up with a friend or match freely!
・Resonances, Simulacrum traits, and Matrix effects are disabled.
・All healing effetcs are decreased by 50%.
・Jetboard is not allowed.
・Single-round competition. Win by beating both opponents!
・Battle Arena shrinks every 75 seconds.
・Winning team will receive x400 Star Grit each, losing team will receive x200 Star Grit each.

Road of Strife Event Rewards

Aidan Black Market Event Store List of Rewards

Aidan Black Market

Item Star Grit Price
Red Nucleus 500
Mechbird: Head 1000
Mechbird: Torso 1000
Gold 10
Joint Supply Chip I 150
Weapon Augmentation Box I 10
Weapon Battery III 50
Matrix Data Pack III 50
Elemental Ore Shard Box 5
Crystal Chunk 50
Available During Phase 2 - 05:00 (server time),
September 8
Mechbird: Legs 1000
Mechbird: Core 1000
SR Relic Shard Box 30
Weapon Augmentation Box II 30
Surprise Gift Box III 50
Crystal 25

How to Access Aidan Black Market Event Store

Aidan Black Market Location

The Aidan Black Market can be accessed from the Road of Strife tab in the Rewards page.

Tower of Fantasy Related Guides

Tower of Fantasy - Events
List of Events

Upcoming Events

Event Name Event Duration
Childlike Innocence Start: 11/17/2022
End: 11/23/2022

Current Events

Event Name Event Duration
Ultimate Weapon Start: 11/01/2022
End: 11/14/2022
Login Supplies Round 1
Start: 10/20/2022 End: 11/01/2022
Round 2
Start: 11/01/2022 End: 11/05/2022
Pre-registration Milestone Start: 2022/08/11 00:00 GMT
End: 2023/02/06 21:00 GMT
Starpath Navigation Permanent, lasts for 21 days after character creation.

Expired Events

Outposts Challenge Start: 2022/08/11
End: 2022/08/13 23:59 PDT
Side by Side Round 1
Start: 2022/08/11 00:00 GMT
End: 2022/08/17 21:00 GMT
Round 2
Start: 2022/08/17 21:00 GMT
End: 2022/08/24 21:00 GMT
Summer Seabreeze Start: 2022/08/22 23:00 UTC -4
End: 2022/08/29 23:00 UTC -4
Executor Training Start: 2022/08/22 23:00 UTC -4
End: 2022/08/29 23:00 UTC -4
Pioneer's Gift Start: 2022/08/11 00:00 GMT
End: 2022/08/31 21:00 GMT
Road of Strife Start: 09/01/2022
End: 09/15/2022
Aida Cafe Start: 09/15/2022 at 01:00 (EDT/UTC-4)
End: 09/28/2022 at 23:00 (EDT/UTC-4)
Login Supplies | Supply Run Event Start: 09/15/2022
End: 09/29/2022
Vera Orienteering Event Start: 09/26/2022
End: 10/11/2022
Wheel of Fantasy Event Start: 09/26/2022
End: 10/03/2022
Version 2.0 Vera Preview Livestream Event Start: 10/13/2022, 4:00 PM (EDT)
Executor Trial Start: 10/13/2022 03:00 GMT
End: 10/20/2022 03:00 GMT
Thorned Rose Start: 10/27/2022 3:00 UTC+0
End: 11/03/2022 3:00 UTC+0
Mirroria Tour Start: 10/27/2022
End: 11/09/2022


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