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List of All Vehicles (Mounts) and How to Unlock

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Tower of Fantasy - List of Vehicles
There are different types of vehicles that make travelling around Tower of Fantasy easier. Here's a list of vehicles and how to unlock them, as well as how to find all vehicle parts.

List of Vehicles and How to Unlock them

We're still looking into some of the Vehicle Parts. Let us know in the comments for anything that we've missed!

Vehicles Available
Falcon 2613 Dust Wheeler Monocross
Voyager Omnium Beast VII Chaser Mechbird

How to Get Falcon

Tower of Fantasy - Falcon
The Falcon is the first vehicle you acquire by going through the story. After getting this you will be able to acces the Vehicle menu.
How to Unlock Falcon Mount

How to Get 2613

Tower of Fantasy - 2613
2613 was originally a Chinese version exclusive. With 4 million pre-registers and counting, Hotta has included it as a reward for players who have pre-registered. Players will receive the 2613 on the day of release.
How to Unlock 2613 Mount

How to Get Dust Wheeler

Tower of Fantasy - Dust Wheeler
The Dust Wheeler can only be obtained by players who reach Grand Marshal rank in PvP, the Apex League. Should players reach the rank, they will receive it at the end of the season.
How to Unlock Dust Wheeler

How to Get Monocross

Tower of Fantasy - Monocross
To assemble the Monocross you will need the Unicorn Core Engine, Bionic Body, Mech Limbs, and Head.

How to Get Monocross Parts

Monocross Parts Where to Get
Unicorn Power Core Complete the Hidden Quest from Stoker
Unicorn Bionic Frame Enter the facility at the coordinates (660, -1235). Enter the password 7092 and locate it at the very end.
Unicorn Cyberlimbs Found in a treasure chest near the coordinates (925, -410).
Unicorn Independent Head Low-probability drop from Devotee Noah and Devotee Eber.

How to Unlock Monocross

How to Get Voyager

Tower of Fantasy - Voyager
To assemble the Voyager players will need the Voyager Screw, Cockpit, Engine, and Body.

How to Get Voyager Parts

Voyager Parts Where to Get
Voyager Thruster Dropped by enemy Four Powers: Okka, Hethlu, Smoli, and Sendyrs.
Voyager Control Station Located inside a warehouse near (510, 765). Use the password 3594 to get inside.
Voyager Engine Found in a Supply Pod in the Hyena Oil Rig
Voyager Hull Found in a Supply Pod on Navia Bay Ecological Park.

How to Unlock Voyager

How to Get Omnium Beast VII

Tower of Fantasy - Ommnium Beast VII
The Omnium Beast VII only has three parts to assemble, the Phantom Cockpit, and its right and left arms.

How to Get Omnium Beast VII Parts

Omnium Beast VII Parts Where to Get
Omnium Beast's Right Arm Low-probability drop by Behemoths: Surtur, Bergelmir, Farbauti, Mimir, Utgarda.
Omnium Beast's Left Arm Found inside a warehouse near (90, 965). Release the barrier using the password 1647
Omnium Beast Cockpit Located at the Hyena Oil Rig

How to Unlock Omnium Beast VII

How to Get Chaser

Tower of Fantasy - Chaser
Assemble the Chaser by obtaining the Magnetic Rod and Maglev Chasis.

How to Get Chaser Parts

Chaser Parts Where to Get
Magnetic Rod Located at the top of the Rust Corridor near (-830, 472)
Maglev Stalker Low-probability drop by the Vermin Brothers

Chaser Mount and Parts

How to Get Mechbird

Tower of Fantasy - Mechbird
The Mechbird has to be assembled from four parts: the Head, Torso, Legs, and Core.

Mechbird Parts Where to Get
Mechbird: Head Buy from Road Strife Store Phase 1 using 1000 Star Grit.
Mechbird: Torso Buy from Road Strife Store Phase 1 using 1000 Star Grit.
Mechbird: Legs Buy from Road Strife Store Phase 2 using 1000 Star Grit.
Mechbird: Core Buy from Road Strife Store Phase 2 using 1000 Star Grit.

How to Join Road Strife Launch Event

How to Equip Vehicles

Go to the Menu

Step How to Equip
1 Tower of Fantasy - Vehicle Menu
Select the Vehicle Menu
2 Tower of Fantasy - Activate Vehicle
Press Activate on your chosen Vehicle
3 Tower of Fantasy - Equip Vehicle
Press the Steering Wheel Icon when roaming the open-world

Players can use vehicles at anytime as long as they're on the ground and the vehicle has enough space to deploy. You cannot use vehicles while in mid-air.

Getting damaged will also force you to go on foot. You will not be able to use your vehicle unless all enemies have been defeated.

What are Vehicles?

Vehicles used to Travel

Tower of Fantasy - Travel using Vehicle
In many other MMORPGs, mounts are used to travel quickly around the map. Instead of the usual horses, Tower of Fantasy has futuristic vehicles like motorcycles, unicorn robots, levitating cars, and more.

All Vehicles have the Same Speed

All vehicles has the same speed, even if they have SSR rarity or difficulty to get them. Collect and cchoose the ones you like the most and use it to travel in the game.

Unlock Vehicles Skins through Maintenance

Tower of Fantasy - Vehicle Maintenance
You can level up your vehicles by maintaining them using vehicle parts, which you can get by slaying enemies in the overworld or specific dungeons. It also doesn't requires any Gold, so feel free to upgrade them however you want!
Vehicle Maintenance Guide

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talk with hyeena guarding the Supply Pod

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i got it at the Oil Rig West of Raincaller Island Spacerift


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