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This is a sidequest walkthrough for Brain Field Data in Scarlet Nexus for the Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. Here you'll find a guide on how to find the quest, conditions for completion, and rewards gained.

Brain Field Data Location

Kasane Route

Yuito Route

Brain Field Data Location

Brain Field Data Quest Information

Routes Kasane, Yuito
Phase Standby Phase 6
Description Kasane Route: We don't have enough brain field data. Could you please suppress some Others with that?
Yuito Route: I'm researching ways to make the brain field easier to use. I'd like you to help collect data too.
Requester Kasane Route: Seiran Technical Researcher
Yuito Route: OSF Technical Researcher
Receiving Location Kasane Route: Seiran City
Yuito Route: OSF Hospital
Completion Requirements Kasane Route: In the Brain Field, defeat 2 Brawn Yawn.
Yuito Route: In the Brain Field, defeat 3 Wither Sabbat.
Reward/s Confusion Ward: Generic x1

How to Complete Brain Field Data

Kasane Route: Defeat Brawn Yawns with Brain Field Active

Brawn Yawn Brain Field

Brawn Yawn Others can be found in the Kunad Highway. Activate your Brain Field during Brain Drive and dispatch of 2 Brawn Yawns to complete the quest.

Brawn Yawn Locations

Yuito Route: Defeat Wither Sabbats with Brain Field Active

Brain Field Data

Wither Sabbat enemies can be found in Mizuhagawa's Construction Site or in the Mid-Level Shopping District.

Activate your Brain Field during Brain Drive and dispatch of 3 Wither Sabbat enemies to complete the quest. Defeat surrounding enemies to fill up your Brain Drive gauge.

Wither Sabbat Locations

Using the Brain Field

Brain Drive

Fill up your Brain Drive gauge by defeating Others. When the Brain Drive gauge is full, it will activate, allowing you to deploy a Brain Field.

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