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How to Beat Valkyrie Eir | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide on how to beat Valkyrie Eir in God of War PS4 (GoW 4). This page will explain her attack patterns, behavior, and tips and strategies on how to deal the most damage you can against her and take minimal damage at the same time.

Valkyrie Eir Information

Bestiary Entry

 Bestiary Entry
Category Valkyries
Entry Text
Mimir said of Eir: "The Healer. Strange, for a Valkyrie. Very quiet. Very calm. Where her sisters were violent rapids, Eir was a gentle stream. She healed the wounds of both mortals and gods... and even a certain all-knowing sage who once drank too much and fell off a mountain."

Basic Information

GoW Eir.png

Name Eir
Recommended Level Level 5 (Challenging)
Level 6 (Easy)
Weapons Wings


Reward Type Rarity
Valkyrie's Might Pommel Epic
x2 Asgardian Steel Crafting Component Legendary
Perfect Asgardian Steel Crafting Component Epic
Eye of the Winged Chosen Enchantment Epic

Valkyrie Eir Location

Eir's Hidden Chamber is deep inside of The Mountain, where you take a cart up the mineshaft headed towards the top. The room is just to the side of the mines, just before the lift you take up the mountain during your second visit to the location.

World View Guide
Return to the mine within The Mountain.
You'll find the Hidden Chamber's door off to the side of a broken down cart near the center of the mine.

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Best Build


Armor Breastplate of the Traveler
Full Upgrade
Enchantment I Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind
Enchantment II Heart of Vanaheim
Enchantment III Sigil of the Weapon

Wrist Armor

Gauntlets Gauntlets of the Traveler
Upgrade Lvl 5
Enchantment I Eye of the Outer Realm
Enchantment II Etched Relic of Tenacity

Waist Armor

War Belt War Belt of the Traveler
Upgrade Lvl 6
Enchantment I Stone of Fire Supremacy
Enchantment II Feathers of the Fallen Servant
Enchantment III Stone of Frost Mastery

Leviathan Axe

Axe Level Lvl 6
Light Runic Attack Hel's Touch
Full Upgrade
Heavy Runic Attack Frost Giant's Frenzy
Full Upgrade
Pommel Forbidden Grip of the Ages
Upgrade Level 4

Blades of Chaos

Blades Level Lvl 5
Light Runic Attack Rampage of the Furies
Full Upgrade
Heavy Runic Attack Hyperion Slam
Full Upgrade
Grips Grips of the Forgotten Flame
Upgrade Level 6


Best for this Build Talisman of the Realms
Alternative I Amulet of Kvasir
Alternative II Talisman of Concentrated Vitality

Valkyrie Eir Fight Guide

Opening Attack

GoW Eir - Opening.png

As usual, open with a Light and Heavy Runic attack as the Valkyrie opens its wings. Add Atreus' Runic Summon into mix. If you time each attack right, two to two and half bars of her health should be taken out.

Valkyrie Eir Attack Patterns

Attack 1

GoW Eir - Shield.png

Although not really an attack, Eir will use her wings to guard herself. Take care not to strike these wings twice, as she can deliver a devastating counter attack against you. You can break this shield of hers with a runic attack or with your shield.

Attack 2

GoW Eir - Wings.png

As usual for most Valkyries, Eir will also possess the standard Valkyrie attack of swinging their wings at you at an angle. Another variant of this attack, the wing stab, is also present in this fight, even if she rarely uses it.

Attack 3

GoW Eir - Flight.png

When she swings her scythe while flying in the air, have Atreus quickly shoot her down to prevent her from being able to send an unblockable attack that you also cannot avoid.

Attack 4

GoW Eir - Dash.png

Eir will dash at you to deliver an unblockable attack. Dodge this, and block or dodge the secondary attack she unleashes with her mace.

Tips and Strategy

Eir is not a difficult Valkyrie to defeat. Her weakness lies in her slowness and defensive nature, which you can fully take advantage of with proper spacing in the arena you fight in and timely dodging as her attacks are powerful despite being slow. When she uses her wings to shield herself, this is when she is actually most vulnerable as a quick runic attack or shield bash will render her unable to defend herself for a while.

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Boss Difficulty
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Geirdriful ★★★★☆
Gondul ★★★★☆
Gunnr ★★★☆☆
Hildr ★★★★☆
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1 Anonymousabout 2 years

No wrong to defeat her when she flies in the air u throw ur axe at her stuns her and causes her big damage and then throw ur axe at her when she's stunned way quicker and way easier


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