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List of Talon Bow Runic Summons

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This is a list of all Talon Bow Runic Summons available in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn about the effects of each Runic Summons, how to obtain them, upgrade effects, and more!

Talon Bow Runic Summons

Name Type Max Stats
Wrath of the Wolf Area DAMAGE: 4/5
RUNIC: 1/5
STUN: 4/5
Falcons' Dive Area DAMAGE: 1/5
RUNIC: 4/5
STUN: 4/5
Murder of Crows Area DAMAGE: 5/5
RUNIC: 1/5
STUN: 1/5
Storm of the Elks Area DAMAGE: 1/5
RUNIC: 5/5
STUN: 1/5
Bitter Squirrel - DAMAGE: 0/5
RUNIC: 5/5
STUN: 0/5
Boar Stampede Area DAMAGE: 2/5
RUNIC: 1/5
STUN: 5/5

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