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Tyr's Temple Region Summary and List of Collectibles

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God of War - Tyr

Track your completion rate and all collectibles in Tyr's Temple with the Tyr's Temple Region Summary for God of War (2018). Find out what items are still undiscovered and their location in the Tyr's Temple region!

Tyr's Temple Region Summary

Tyr's Temple is one of the main areas that the player will have to go through in-game. The temple acts as a "Hub" for the player in their journey, assisting them with a permanent shop inside, a Mystic Gateway, and the Realm Travel Room that helps the player navigate from Realm to Realm.

Majority of the collectibles in this area however can only be obtained once players play through multiple quests in the game, making the collectibles in this area something that players should target later on in the game.

Tyr's Temple Summary
Mystic Gateways 1
Lore Markers 3
Nornir Chests 1
Legendary Chests 2

Realm and Region Summaries and List of Collectibles

Tyr's Temple Mystic Gateway Locations

Mystic Gateway #1

The only Mystic Gateway available in Tyr's Temple can be found within the main area of the temple, which connects to both the Realm Travel Room and the Brok's shop. The only way that players can fully interact with the gateway however, is after progressing through the story enough and by accessing the temple for the first time.

However, players will then further have to progress enough through the story in order to use the Mystic Gateway both ways, as the first time players will be able to use it will be only when it's capable of linking the player to their destination on a one-way venture.

Tyr's Temple Lore Marker Locations

Lore Marker #1

Found on the second level of the underground temple, players will have to either play through The Black Rune questline or return later on for the marker.

Upon entering Tyr's Vault, turn to your left to spot a climbable wall. Ascend the wall until you reach the second level overlooking the ground level of the temple and move past the first door to find the Lore Marker on the wall.

Lore Marker #2

Unlike the first marker, the second marker can be found in the alternate Realm Travel Room hidden beneath the temple. Getting to the area will require players to play through a majority of the story first before being given access to the area.

From where you exit the temple from Brok's Shop, take the left stairs going down. Proceed until you reach the circular area of the temple at its lowest point and search for a set of doors to the temple's side.
In the new hallway, move towards the end and fire at the blue crystal with Atreus' Light Arrows. Ascend the newly formed bridge and turn right – you'll need to search for a door with a rune on its surface. Wait for it to open then proceed through.
You'll come across a room with two Troll statues inside of it. Head in the room and use the mechanism in the middle to lower yourself to the bottom floor – head through the door on the right and past the traps.
In the room you enter, proceed through the left-most corridor and past the traps. The marker will be on a wall to the far right, beside a small room with a Legendary Chest inside.

Lore Marker #3

The last Lore Marker in Tyr's Templs can be found in the same underground area you find Lore Marker #2, in an opposite wing of the complex.

Return to the room with the mechanism at the center, and move through the door on the left this time.
Move past the traps, and then through the corridor on the right – the lore marker will be on a wall in the room you enter.

Tyrs Temple Nornir Chest Locations

Nornir Chest #1

The lone Nornir Chest in Tyr's Temple can be found in the Tyr's Vault, which players can access during The Black Rune quest.

Upon entering the vault, move forwards and enter the chamber directly ahead.
Move left, but do not pass through the traps. Instead, look up to see the first seal you can destroy in the bars that control the trap.
Exit from the room with traps and search the right side of the chamber for the second seal.
For the last rune, enter and move through the traps in the corridor directly opposite of the entrance to the chamber. You'll find the Nornir Chest here – turn around and wait for the trap furthest from you to retract, with the second trap pushed out.

You'll see the seal embedded into the trap furthest from you, which you can throw your axe at to open the chest.

Tyr's Temple Legendary Chest Locations

Legendary Chest #1

Accessible only after obtaining the Black Rune and defeating both Grendel of the Frost and Grendel of the Ashes, the chest can be found in a small chamber left of the door you enter Tyr's Vault from.

Legendary Chest #2

Found in the room just before the room with Lore Marker #3 can be found, the last of the Legendary Chests in Tyr's Temple can be found hidden behind a door that can only be unlocked by gathering two Winds of Hel.

Facing the locked area where the chest is, head right. You'll find a corridor with spinning wheel traps inside – whenever each will rises back up towards the ceiling, grab the Winds of Hel from their joints and bring it back to the door with the chest behind it.

Once both of the traps are relieved of their Winds of Hel and deposited into the door, it will open to reveal the Legendary Chest.

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