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PS5 Update | Is There a PS5 Version Upgrade?

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God of War on the PS5 features several new features that players can use to experience the game once more in a stable 60 FPS, 4K Resolution. Read on to learn how to download and enable these features for a new God of War experience!

Is There a PS5 Version Upgrade?

No Actual PS5 Version

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Unlike other Playstation 4 games and similar to other Sony exclusives that have released on the PS5, there is no standalone "version" of God of War that exists specifically for the next-gen console. The game can retroactively work on either PS4 or PS5 – there is, however, a free "upgrade" for the PS5 that further enhances the performance of the game on the console called the Enhanced Performance Experience.

God of War PS5 Patch Features

PS5 Enhanced Performance Experience

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The "Enhanced Performance Experience", or simply Patch 1.35, is a free and small update for the game that players on the PS5 console can download to enhance their God of War experience, allowing the game to run at 60 FPS and 4K Resolution. The update was released on February 2, 2021, free for download by any PS5 and God of War owners.

To update, simply select the God of War thumbnail on the PS5 and run a check for updates – the patch will soon download, allowing players to use the game soon after it finishes downloading.

PS5 Patch Features

New Graphics Features
  • 60 FPS
  • 4K Checkerboard Resolution (Requires 4K Display)
  • 2160p (Requires appropriate display)
  • The patch for the PS5 adds new graphics options into the settings menu of the game, allowing players to experience the game in its original graphic settings as well as the new graphics options, which include 60 FPS, native 4k Checkerboard Resolution, and 2160p for players with the appropriate displays to run them.

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