List of Leviathan Axe Pommels | God of War PS4 (GoW 4)

This is a list of all Leviathan Axe Pommels available in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn about the effects of each Leviathan Axe Pommel, how to obtain them, upgrade stats, and more!

Leviathan Axe Pommels

Pommel Rarity Base Stats
Wooden Grip Common 1 Strength
Versatile Warrior's Handle Common 2 Strength
2 Defense
2 Luck
Weighted War Handle Common 4 Strength
3 Luck
Curved Runic Handle Common 2 Strength
6 Runic
Weighted Recovery Handle Common 4 Strength
2 Cooldown
Curved Recovery Handle Common 2 Strength
4 Cooldown
Grip of Tanngiost Legendary 6 Strength
6 Runic
6 Luck
Weighted Runic Handle Common 4 Strength
4 Runic
2 Cooldown
Curved War Handle Common 8 Strength
Curved Grip of Fury Common 4 Strength
6 Vitality
Grip of Volunder Rare 6 Strength
6 Defense
Forbidden Grip of the Ages Legendary 8 Strength
6 Runic
6 Defense
6 Vitality
6 Luck
6 Cooldown
Light War Handle Rare 4 Strength
6 Runic
6 Luck
Light Grip of Protection Rare 4 Strength
4 Defense
6 Vitality
Deadly Grip of Vitality Rare 4 Strength
10 Vitality
Weighted Grip of Restoration Rare 6 Strength
8 Vitality
6 Luck
Curved Grip of Restoration Rare 8 Strength
10 Luck
Hraezla Farmadr's Grip Legendary 2 Strength
6 Vitality
13 Luck
Deadly Grip of Fury Rare 10 Strength
Surtr's Grip of Flame Legendary 8 Strength
13 Runic
Blightbringer Epic 12 Strength
8 Runic
15 Defense
Grip of the Maze Legendary 12 Strength
8 Vitality
18 Luck
Mistbourne Epic 12 Strength
6 Defense
15 Vitality

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