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Welcome to Game8's God of War Ragnarok (GoW Ragnarok) Wiki Guide and Walkthrough! Follow Kratos and Atreus on their journey as they face Ragnarok! Everything from boss guides to quest walkthroughs, weapons, armor, and more can be found here!

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God of War Ragnarok Site Map

God of War Ragnarok Categories
Ragnarok - Story WalkthroughStory Walkthrough GoW Ragnarok - Bosses
Ragnarok - Favors Favors GoW Ragnarok - Tips and TricksTips & Tricks
Ragnarok - WeaponsWeapons Ragnarok - ArmorArmor
Ragnarok - Equipment Equipment God of War Ragnarok - Realms and RegionsRealms and Regions
Ragnarok - All Items Items Ragnarok - EnemiesEnemies
Ragnarok - CharactersCharacters God of War Ragnarok - SkillsSkills
Ragnarok - Patch NotesPatch Notes Ragnarok - News and Game InfoNews and Game Info

God of War Ragnarok Story Walkthrough

Ragnarok - Story Walkthrough

Main Quests Walkthrough

List of All Chapters
Ragnarok - Surviving FimbulwinterSurviving Fimbulwinter Ragnarok - The Quest for TyrThe Quest for Tyr
Ragnarok - Old FriendsOld Friends Ragnarok - GroaGroa's Secret
Ragnarok - The Lost SanctuaryThe Lost Sanctuary Ragnarok - The ReckoningThe Reckoning
Ragnarok - The RunawayThe Runaway Ragnarok - Into the FireInto the Fire
Ragnarok - The Word of FateThe Word of Fate Ragnarok - Forging DestinyForging Destiny
Ragnarok - Unleashing HelUnleashing Hel Ragnarok - ReunionReunion
Ragnarok - Creatures of ProphecyCreatures of Prophecy Ragnarok - Unlocking the MaskUnlocking the Mask
Ragnarok - Hunting for SolaceHunting for Solace Ragnarok - The SummoningThe Summoning
Ragnarok - The Realms at WarThe Realms at War -

God of War Ragnarok Favors (Side Quests)

God of War Ragnarok - Favors

List of All Favors (Side Quests)

All Svartalfheim Favors
In Service To Asgard The Weight of Chains The Spirit of Rebellion
The Lost Treasure A Viking Funeral
All Niflheim Favors
The Eyes of Odin The Broken Prison
All Alfheim Favors
Secret of the Sands Song of the Sands The Desert Door
Freyr's Gift The Elven Sanctum
All Midgard Favors
Sigrun's Curse Guiding Light Animal Instincts
All Vanaheim Favors
Path of Destruction A Stag for All Seasons Freya's Missing Peace
Conscience for the Dead Garden for the Dead Cure for the Dead
The Mysterious Orb Trail of the Dead In Plain Sight
The Burning Skies Quaking Hollow In the Dead of Night
Return of the River What Lies Below Scent of Survival
Nocturnal Predator Casualty of War: The Toy Casualty of War: The Hourglass
Casualty of War: The Stein Casualties of War: The Scroll Casualties of War: The Brooch
For Vanaheim!
All Muspelheim Favors
The Crucible The Final Challenges Defend Your Valor
All Nine Realm Favors
Across the Realms All Lindwyrm Locations Last Remnants of Asgard
Hel to Pay Nine Realms in Bloom Fit for a King
Last Remnants of Asgard Born From Fire

This section is currently under construction. Check back later for updates!

God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks

God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks Banner.png
Tips and Tricks

All God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks Guides

Core Mechanics
Beginner's Guide Combat System Explained
How to Heal and Increase Max Health What Does Killing Bugs Do?
Stats Explained: All Stats and How They Work How to Use Quick Turn
How to Upgrade Equipment How to Raise Your Level
How to Parry How to Fast Travel
Leveling and Grinding
How to Farm Hacksilver How to Farm XP
Graphics & Settings
Difficulty Settings Explained Best Settings for Graphics and Performance
Does God of War Ragnarok Have New Game Plus? How to Skip Cutscenes
Equipment & Skills
How to Transmog Gear
Tier Lists
Best Skills Best Armor Sets
Best Attachments Best Runic Attacks
Best Relics Best Enchantments
Exploration & Collectibles
How to Get Idunn Apples All Horns of Blood Mead Locations
How to Break Cracked Ground and Floors How to Recover Lost Items
Invasive Species: All Crater Hunts Guide How to Fully Repair Amulet of Yggdrasil
Full Gulfa Trophy Guide: All Hafgufas Locations
Story & Progression
How to Get the Secret Ending How to Unlock the Compass
Bugs and Fixes
How to get Unstuck: Old Friends Bug Fix Tavern Glitch: How to Fix the Dwarf Bug

God of War Ragnarok Bosses

GoW Ragnarok - Bosses Partial
List of All Bosses

Main Bosses

All Story Bosses
Ragnarok - BjornBjorn Ragnarok - ThorThor
Ragnarok - The HuntressThe Huntress Ragnarok - DrekiDreki
Ragnarok - AlvaAlva Ragnarok - GrylaGryla
Ragnarok - Vanadis (Freya)Vanadis (Freya) Ragnarok - Forest AncientForest Ancient
Ragnarok - FiskeFiske Ragnarok - NidhoggNidhogg
Ragnarok - Frost PhantomFrost Phantom Ragnarok - GarmGarm
Ragnarok - GulltopprGulltoppr Ragnarok - HeimdallHeimdall
Ragnarok - Frost AncientFrost Ancient Ragnarok - Flame PhantomFlame Phantom
Ragnarok - Soul EaterSoul Eater Ragnarok - Hrist and MistHrist and Mist
Ragnarok - OdinOdin

Optional Bosses

All Optional Bosses
Ragnarok - The HatefulThe Hateful GoW - Slag Horn.pngSlag Horn
GoW - Crag JawCrag Jaw GoW - The Ash TyrantAsh Tyrant
GoW - Corpse EaterThe Corpse Eater

God of War Ragnarok Items

God of War Ragnarok - All Items

List of All Items

All Item Types

Collectibles Resources Lore Items

God of War Ragnarok Weapons

Ragnarok - Weapons Partial.png

List of All Weapons

All Weapons

All Weapons
Leviathan AxeLeviathan Axe Blades of ChaosBlades of Chaos Draupnir SpearDraupnir Spear
Talon BowAll Bows Guardian ShieldAll Shields ThrungvaAll Swords

God of War Ragnarok Armor

Ragnarok - Armor Partial.png

All Armor Pieces All Armor Sets

Armor By Wearer

Kratos ArmorsKratos Armor Atreus ArmorsAtreus Armor Freya Armors.pngFreya Armor

God of War Ragnarok Equipment

Ragnarok - Equipment Partial Banner.png

List of All Equipment

All Equipment Types

All Equipment Types
Leviathan Axe Attachments Blades of Chaos Attachments Shield Attachments
Draupnir Spear Attachments Relics Enchantments

God of War Ragnarok Skills

God of War Ragnarok - Skills Partial Banner

List of All Skills

All Skills

All Skill Types
Leviathan Axe Blades of Chaos Draupnir Spear
Atreus Skills Freya Skills

God of War Ragnarok Runic Attacks

Ragnarok - Runic Attacks Partial.png
List of All Runic Attacks

List of All Runic Attacks & Summons

All Runic Attacks and Summons
Leviathan Axe Runic Attacks Blades of Chaos Runic Attacks Draupnir Spear Runic Attacks
Sword Runic Summons Bow Runic Summons and Abilities

God of War Ragnarok Realms

God of War Ragnarok - Realms and Regions

All Realms and Regions

All Realms and Regions

God of War Ragnarok Realms
Ragnarok-MidgardMidgard Ragnarok-SvartalheimSvartalfheim Ragnarok-AlfheimAlfheim
Ragnarok-JotunheimJotunheim Ragnarok-VanaheimVanaheim Ragnarok-HelheimHelheim
Ragnarok-MusphelheimMuspelheim Ragnarok-NiflheimNiflheim Ragnarok-AsgardAsgard

God of War Ragnarok Characters

Ragnarok - Characters

List of All Characters

All Characters

All Characters
Kratos Icon.pngKratos Atreus Icon.pngAtreus
Brok Icon.pngBrok Sindri Icon.pngSindri
Mimir Icon.pngMimir Angrboda Icon.pngAngrboda
Tyr Icon.pngTyr Durlin Icon.pngDurlin
Thor Icon.pngThor Freya Icon.pngFreya
Odin Icon.pngOdin -

God of War Ragnarok Patch Notes

God of War Ragnarok - Patch Notes

List of All Patch Notes

Patch Notes

All Patch Notes
Day 1 Patch Notes:
Version 2.00
Update 2.01 Patch Notes
Update 2.02 Patch Notes Update 2.03 Patch Notes
Update 2.04 Patch Notes

God of War Ragnarok News and Game Info

Ragnarok is Now Live!

Ragnarok - Release Date

Countdown to God of War Ragnarok Release (PST)
Game is Out Now!

God of War Ragnarok is now available as of 12:00 AM on October 9, 2022 (EST) on PS4 and PS5!

Release Countdown:
Ragnarok Release Date and Time

Other News and Game Info

News and Game Info

God of War Ragnarok Enemies

Ragnarok - Bestiary

Beastiary Guide: List of All Enemies

About God of War Ragnarok

Software Information
God of War Ragnarok Box Art
Current Price:
Release Date: Nov. 09, 2022 Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Players: 1 Player Developer: Santa Monico Studio
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 Game File Size: TBA
Official Site: God of War Ragnarok
ESRB Rating: Mature
Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

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