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Fafnir's Hoard Favor Walkthrough

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GoW - Fafnir
This is a walkthrough for Fafnir's Soul in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this side quest, quest rewards, as well as boss fight strategies!

Fafnir's Hoard Basic Information

How to Unlock Fafnir's Hoard

After opening the blue sealed door during The Light of Alfheim quest, head west from the door and find Sindri's shop. Talk to Sindri to start the favor.

Fafnir's Hoard Quest Rewards

3290 XP Rare Talisman -

Fafnir's Hoard Favor Walkthrough

Head to Fafnir's Storeroom

GoW - Heading to Fafnir


Talk to Sindri after opening the blue sealed door on Alfheim.

When you return to the Lake of Nine, head west beneath the World's Serpent's head to find Fafnir's Ravine. Dock at the beach.

Head up towards the ledge and destroy the wooden barricade on the left to loot some Hacksilver. Head inside the small cavern.

Have Atreus shoot a light arrow at the crystal to form a bridge.

Pass by Sindri's shop and head inside a small cavern to proceed to the next area.

Climb up the ledge and defeat the Nightmares and the Fire Draugrs on the surrounding area. You can also find a Nornir Chest on the right side of this area.

Head towards the waterfall and climb the ledges. Put the entry stone in the pedestal to raise the bridge.

Search for the Whetstone

GoW - Search for the Whetstone


Head to the first room and defeat the two Heavy Draugrs. Pick up the entry stone and head back to the pedestal.

Defeat the two Draugrs that appear. Put the entry stone in the pedestal to raise a bridge.

Head to the second room and defeat the three Reavers inside.

Pick up the entry stone and return to the main room. Put the stone in the pedestal.

Head to the third room and defeat the two Revenants inside.

Pick up the entry stone and return to the main room. Defeat the two Draugrs that appear. Put the stone in the pedestal.

Head to the fourth room and defeat the four Wolves inside.

Pick up the entry stone and return to the main room. Put the stone in the pedestal and head into the final room.

Head to your right to find a Legendary Chest containing the Wrath of the Frost Ancient Runic Attack.

Talk to the Reaver Spirit at the end of the room.

Be ready as two Ogres will drop down and attack.

Return to Sindri

GoW - Return to Sindri


On your way back, a Forest Ancient appears in the area. You can choose to fight it or avoid it.

Head back to Sindri to receive a Talisman of Betrayal and to complete the Favor.

Boss Strategy: Forest Ancient

Use Ranged Attacks

GoW - Forest Ancient Boss
Throw the Leviathan Axe while its chest is exposed to deal damage. Avoid facing it head-on as the boss is resistant to melee attacks.

Pick up the chunks that it drops by pressing the Circle button and throw into its chest when it's exposed to deal massive damage.

Fire Draugrs also appear in this boss fight. Have Atreus distract the boss when taking these enemies out.

Nornir Chest Location

Map Location
Seal Locations
GoW - Horn of Blood Mead IconHorn of Blood Mead

Once you head back to the Lake of Nine, go to Fafnir's Storeroom west of the lake to find the Nornir Chest. Defeat the fire Draugrs and Nightmares and look for the chest on the right of the area.

You can find the R and C runes right above the chest. Head right and find the N rune above the waterfall.

Hit the bells in this order: N rune, R rune, and C rune to unlock the chest.

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