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How to Beat Soul Devourer | Boss Fight Guide

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God of War PS4 - How to Beat Soul Devourer
This is a guide on how to beat Soul Devourer in God of War PS4 (GoW 4). This page will explain its attack patterns, behavior, and tips and strategies on how to deal the most damage you can against it and take minimal damage at the same time.

Soul Devourer Boss Information

Bestiary Entry

Soul Devourer
Soul Devourer Bestiary Entry
Category Primordial
Entry Text
An Ancient whose soul has been removed by dark Dwarven magic. It's stronger than a regular Soul Eater, and even THOSE still terrify me.

Basic Information

God of War PS4 - Soul Devourer

Name Soul Devourer
Recommended Level Level 4-5
Weapons Ice Projectiles

Soul Devourer Location

The Soul Devourer can be found on a beach in an area called the Ruins of the Ancient. It guards the area where you'll be able to find a chest that you can open.

World View Guide
From the bridgeway, take your boat to the northern regions, past the Forgotten Caverns. You will find a small beach from where you can see the Soul Devourer walking around.

Best Build


Armor Set True Warrior Set

Leviathan Axe

Axe Level Level 4-5

Blades of Chaos

Blades Level Level 2

Soul Devourer Boss Fight Guide

Opening Attack

God of War PS4 - Soul Devourer Opening Attack
Even when running alongside it, the Soul Devourer will not attack you straight away. Attacking it will cause the fight to begin, where it will make use of a number of attacks against you.

Soul Devourer Attack Patterns

Attack 1

God of War PS4 - Soul Devourer Attack 1

One of two of its primary methods of attack, the Soul Devourer will lean backwards on its hands, sending out random streams of projectiles that land around a small perimeter around it. When attacking like this, its chest is significantly exposed, allowing you to exploit this fact with throws of your axe.

Attack 2

God of War PS4 - Soul Devourer Attack 2

Causing it enough damage will cause the Primordial to shoot out a beam of concentrated ice that it sweeps from side to side. It is difficult to avoid these due to its range, so it is recommended that you hide behind the stone pillar near the edge of where you find Soul Devourer in.

Attack 3

God of War PS4 - Soul Devourer Attack 3

The second of its primary methods of attack, it will stand on its two feet with its chest wide open, shooting projectiles at you. Dodging these blows are much more difficult, due to its ability to aim them at you directly. You can get around this by rolling away whenever it shoots and countering with a quick axe throw to its chest.

Attack 4

God of War PS4 - Soul Devourer Attack 4

Coming in too close to the Primordial will cause it to go down flat on the ground before sending out a large pulse of energy. It is easy to avoid taking damage from these attacks by simply rolling or running further away.

Tips and Strategy

Soul Devourer can easily be taken on, even on lower levels. The stone pillar near the edge of the area you fight it in can be used as a safe haven for you – hide behind it when it tries to shoot at you, and peek out from time to time to throw your axe into its open chest.

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