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List of Enchantments and Unique Enchantments

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This is a page for Enchantments in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn about the Unique Enchantments and other Enchantments, their stat bonuses, effects, and more below!

List of Unique Enchantments

Enchantment Effect
Leviathan's Eye AXE THROW MASTERY: Increases damage of all axe throws by 6% (stacks up to 18% max).
Tyr's Shard None
Eye of the Outer Realm None
Andvari's Soul DESTROYER'S HEALTH BURST: Very high Perk activation chance to grant a Health Burst on any successful Runic Attack kill.
Muspelheim's Eye of Power FIRE ATTACK RESISTANCE: Increase resistance to BURN damage by 50% (stacks up to 85% max).
Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind AURA OF WEAKNESS: Nearby enemies, within 15 meters, are WEAKENED.
Eye of Niflheim **PROTECTION OF NIFLHEIM*: Greatly increases resistance to the Cursed Mist of Niflheim. (Stacks with any other resistances to the Cursed Mist.)
Njord's Temporal Stone REALM SHIFT: Very low Perk activation chance to temporarily slow nearby enemies when damage is taken.
Asgard's Shard of Existence Holding L1 for several seconds grants Fortification, causing an explosive knockback after the next successful block.

List of All Enchantments

Common Enchantments

Symbol of Perseverance Symbol of Cunning Symbol of Defiance
Symbol of Courage

Rare Enchantments

Inlaid Crest of Defiance Seidr Sigil of Toughness Polished Crest of Cunning
Inlaid Crest of Cunning Fragmented Heart of Alfheim Polished Crest of Perseverance
Sturdy Sign of Defiance Brilliant Mark of the Dragon Fire Sigil of Protection
Inscribed Sign of Menace Inlaid Crest of Courage Inscribed Sign of Courage
Etched Crest of Menace Frost Sigil of Runic Etched Crest of Perseverance
Sharp Sigil of Shadows Inscribed Crest of Cunning Inscribed Sigil of Cunning
Etched Crest of Cunning Sturdy Sigil of Courage Inscribed Crest of Courage
Etched Relic of Defiance Jagged Sign of Shadows Sturdy Sigil of Defiance
Fire Sigil of Focus Sturdy Sign of Shadows Seidr Sigil of Protection
Etched Crest of Courage Frost Sigil of Focus Etched Relic of Shadows
Sigil of the Axe Frost Sigil of Defense Seidr Sigil of Runic Power
Brilliant Scale of the Chained Etched Crest of Shadows Symbol of Resilience
Stone of Frost Mastery Symbol of Bounty

Legendary Enchantments

Hrodr's Frozen Shard Buri's Frozen Shard Hymir's Frozen Shard
Bestla's Frozen Shard Borr's Frozen Shard Hyrrokkin's Fiery Shard
Dagr's Fiery Shard Jarnsaxa's Fiery Shard Aurvandil's Fiery Shard
Logi's Fiery Shard Symbol of Menace Symbol of Truth
Sturdy Relic of Defiance Symbol of Shadows Sharp Sigil of Fortitude
Heart of Midgard Heart of Svartalfheim Sturdy Relic of Triumph
Shard of the Elements Sturdy Relic of Providence Inscribed Crest of Resilience
Sharp Sigil of Tenacity Inscribed Sigil of Defiance Inscribed Crest of Frenzy
Eye of Runic Supremacy Stone of Frost Supremacy Sharp Sigil of Courage
Inlaid Crest of Concentration Sigil of the Weapon Etched Crest of Survival
Inscribed Sigil of Concentration Sturdy Sigil of Consideration Sharp Sigil of Menace
Mark of the Ranger Eye of Fury Sharp Sigil of Cunning
Inscribed Sign of Survival Etched Crest of Fervor Symbol of Triumph
Perfect Artifact of the Blight Symbol of Survival Symbol of Tenacity
Symbol of Fervor Symbol of Fortitude Stone of Fire Supremacy
Symbol of Determination Sturdy Relic of Determination Feathers of the Fallen Servant
Symbol of Heart Symbol of Consideration Hamingja Essence
Njord's Temporal Stone Asgard's Shard of Existence Perfect Brand of the Realm
Inscribed Crest of Favour Jagged Sign of Concentration

Epic Enchantments

Perfect Eye of the Realm Heart of the Valkyrie Eye of Runic Mastery
Heart of Vanaheim Valkyrie's Bane Eye of Rage
Sharp Relic of Fortitude Sturdy Relic of Fervour Sharp Sigil of Survival
Jagged Sign of Determination Sharp Sigil of Triumph Leviathan's Eye
Etched Relic of Triumph Mark of the Element Scale of the Mighty
Etched Crest of Bounty Inscribed Crest of Concentration Tyr's Shard
Symbol of Frenzy Sharp Relic of Triumph Eye of Niflheim
Inscribed Sign of Truth Eye of the Outer Realm Andvari's Soul
Muspelheim's Eye of Power Glowing Gem of the Nine Perfect Aspect of the Realm
Perfect Shard of the Realm Perfect Sigil of the Realm Flawless Crest of the Realm
Flawless Relic of the Realm Etched Crest of Providence Etched Crest of Focus
Inscribed Sigil of Berserk Inscribed Sigil of Bounty Sturdy Sigil of Heart
Inscribed Sign of Concentration Sturdy Sigil of Resilience Etched Crest of Resilience
Sturdy Sign of Survival Sturdy Relic of Resilience Inscribed Crest of Runic Power
Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind

Perfect Enchantments

Hrodr's Frozen Shard + Buri's Frozen Shard + Hymir's Frozen Shard +
Bestla's Frozen Shard + Perfect Mark of Kvasir + Jarnsaxa's Fiery Shard +
Dagr's Fiery Shard + Hyrrokkin's Fiery Shard + Borr's Frozen Shard +
Aurvandil's Fiery Shard + Pefect Mark of Protection + Perfect Mark of the Ancients +
Perfect Mark of the Traveler + Perfect Mark of Tyr + Brilliant Mark of the Dragon +

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