God of War PS4 (GoW 4)

List of Artifacts and Locations

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List of Artifacts and Locations

This is a page for all the Artifacts found in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Here you can find information about the Artifact Sets in the game, as well as the locations of each Artifact!

List of Artifact Sets

Lost and Found

GoW Lost and Found Artifacts.png

Lost and Found Artifacts Locations

Spoils of War

GoW Spoils of War Top.png

Spoils of War Artifacts Locations

Family Heirlooms

GoW Escape from Helheim - Escape Helheim.png

Family Heirlooms Artifacts Locations

The Faces of Magic

GoW Faces of Magic Top.png

The Faces of Magic Artifacts Locations

The Horns of Veithurgard

GoW Horns of Veithurgard Top.png

The Horns of Veithurgard Artifacts Locations

Abandon Ship

GoW Abandon Ship Top.png

Abandon Ship Artifacts Locations

Bottoms Up

GoW Bottoms Up Top.png

Bottoms Up Artifacts Locations

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