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How to Beat Gullveig | Boss Fight Guide

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God of War PS4 - How to Beat Gullveig
This is a guide on how to beat Gullveig in God of War PS4 (GoW 4). This page will explain its attack patterns, behavior, and tips and strategies on how to deal the most damage you can against it and take minimal damage at the same time.

Gullveig Boss Information

Bestiary Entry

Gullveig Bestiary Entry
Category Seidr
Entry Text
A spirit convinced me that Gullveig, a powerful witch that was killed a long time ago, could "reunite" us with Mother. Father didn't believe him. I shouldn't have either... but for a chance to see Mom again, it seemed like we should give it a try, right? Once we collected all her bones, Gullveig was resurrected, and said she'd reunite us, "In death!" And then attacked us. We killed her, obviously. I was really upset with myself. How could I fall for such an obvious lie? But Father said to "take it as a lesson," so that's what I'm gonna do. No more trusting spirits.

Basic Information

God of War PS4 - Gullveig

Name Gullveig
Recommended Level Level 4-5
Weapons Wooden Staff
Poison Projectiles

Gullveig Location

Gullveig is a Revenant that can be reanimated on the first beach you can dock with in the Mason's Channel as part of the Favor Anatomy of Hope. You will need to collect pieces of her remains to begin the fight.

World View Guide
After collecting pieces of her corpse, bring them all back to the spirit in the Mason's Channel. This will immediately reanimate Gullveig and begin the fight.

Best Build


Armor Set Traveler's Set

Leviathan Axe

Axe Level Level 4-5

Blades of Chaos

Blades Level Level 2

Gullveig Boss Fight Guide

Opening Attack

God of War PS4 - Gullveig Opening

Immediately after talking to the spirit on the beach in Mason's Channel, Gullveig will be reanimated. It is best to move away as events unfold, as the Revenant will appear where the spirit you talk to resides, bring along with it Nightmares.

Gullveig Attack Patterns

Attack 1

God of War PS4 - Gullveig Poison Projectiles

From a distance, Gullveig will be able to spew poisonous projectiles at you. These can be dodged easily, and you must do so due to the amount of continuous damage it can cause you once you are afflicted with Poison. Knocking arrows into the Revenant after its attacks can help stun it long enough for you to approach for a hit or two.

Attack 2

God of War PS4 - Gullveig Attack 2

Gullveig also has the capability of rushing you with full intentions of striking at you with its staff. Although blockable, it is recommended that you move away while having Atreus fire Shock Arrows into her that can allow you to strike her while she is momentarily stunned.

Attack 3

God of War PS4 - Gullveig Nightmares

Several Nightmares will appear alongside Gullveig when the fight begins. Although weak, they can hit you with poisonous strikes that have the potential of taking away large portions of your health at a time.

Tips and Strategy

Fighting against Gullveig is not a complicated endeavor. It is difficult however, if you allow the Nightmares that summon alongside her to remain, as they can, along with Gullveig's own attacks, shoot poison projectiles at you.

The key to winning the fight is to take care of the Nightmares as soon as possible while keeping an eye out for Gullveig's moves, as she can easily weave in an out of your defences.

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