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Stone Falls Region Summary and List of Collectibles

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God of War Stone Falls region summary

Track your completion rate and all collectibles in Stone Falls with the Stone Falls Region Summary for God of War (2018). Find out what items are still undiscovered and their location in the Stone Falls region!

Stone Falls Region Summary

Stone Falls is found east of Alfheim Tower. The gates to Veithurgard can only be opened using a mechanism found in this region.

Stone Falls Summary
Favors 1
Artifacts 1
Odin's Ravens 1
Legendary Chests 2

Realm and Region Summaries and List of Collectibles

Stone Falls Favor Locations

Hammer Fall

Right next to the mechanism that you can use to open the gates to Veithurgard is a vengeful spirit who will ask you to destroy the smaller Thor statue in the region beyond. Talking to the spirit will automatically start the Hammer Fall Favor.

Hammer Fall Favor Walkthrough

Stone Falls Artifact Locations

Artifact #1

Near the area where you fought a Revenant and a Cursed Tatzelwurm is a smaller area where you can find two corpses and a red coffin. One of the corpses holds this artifact, the other holds a bag of Hacksilver.

List of Artifacts and Locations

Stone Falls Odin's Raven Locations

Odin's Raven #1

Look above the waterfall in front of the vengeful spirit and the mechanism to find a raven hopping on the rocks.

How to Find All Odin's Ravens

Stone Falls Legendary Chest Locations

Legendary Chest #1

Found in a small locked area right next to where the region's artifact is located. You'll have to open the gate using the chain before you pass the first gate to reach it.

Look behind you and aim for the lock holding the bridge up.
Interact with the chain near the first gate and use it to raise the legendary chest's gate. Jump over to the bridge you just lowered and head to the legendary chest.

Legendary Chest #2

You will find the chest covered in sap after the second water drop. You'll have to get the water wheel moving first and time your Shock Arrow to pop a shatter crystal near the chest.

Climb your way to the top and cross the bridge in front of the wayward spirit from the Hammer Fall Favor. In front of the mystic gateway, facing the gates to Veithurgard, you'll find a ledge that will get you to the lower area.
Shoot the shatter crystal on the water wheel using a Shock Arrow to get it moving then return to the legendary chest at the base.
Wait for a shatter crystal attached to the wheel to get near the chest then shoot it with another Shock Arrow so that it explodes right next to the sap.

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