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How to Beat Grendel of the Ashes and Grendel of the Frost | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide on how to beat Grendel of the Ashes and Grendel of the Frost in God of War PS4 (GoW 4). This page will explain its attack patterns, behavior, and tips and strategies on how to deal the most damage you can against it and take minimal damage at the same time.

Grendel of the Ashes and Grendel of the Frost Boss Information

Bestiary Entry

Grendel of the Ashes

Grendel of the Ashes
Grendel of the Ashes Bestiary Entry
Category Trolls
Entry Text
This must have been the other Grendel's brother? Or maybe "The Ashes" is a different kind of title that the Fire Trolls use to honor their kind. There's so much we don't know about trolls...but I guess the most important thing to know is that they are all trying to kill us, so we have to kill them first. That's what Father would say, anyways.

Grendel of the Frost

Grendel of the Frost
Grendel of the Frost Bestiary Entry
Category Trolls
Entry Text
Grendel of the Frost was the stuff of legend. Even Mother thought he was just a myth. It was said that Grendel was the strongest and most feared among the Stone Troll Tribe. They hold the name "The Frost" in the highest regard, and only give it to someone who is to be honored and revered. And now he's dead. Serves him right for trying to kill us!

Basic Information

GoW Grendels.png

Name Grendel of the Ashes
Grendel of the Frost
Recommended Level Level 4
Weapons Stone Pillar

Grendel of the Ashes and Grendel of the Frost Location

You'll be able to find the two trolls during the quest The Black Rune.

World View Guide
Shortly after getting the rune and attempting to exit Tyr's Temple, the two trolls will appear to challenge you.

Best Build


Armor Set Traveler's Set
True Warrior's Set

Leviathan Axe

Axe Level Level 3-4

Blades of Chaos

Blades Level Level 2-3

Grendel of the Ashes and Grendel of the Frost Boss Fight Guide

Opening Attack

GoW Grendel - Opening.png

Once both Grendels have spawned, its best to move away for a moment to assess who is who. Your two weapons work best against the element its opposite of, and thus you'll need to open the fight by picking out the nearest Grendel to hurt with either weapon.

Grendel of the Ashes and Grendel of the Frost Attack Patterns

Attack 1

GoW Grendel - Attack 1.png

A very basic move where either of the two rushes you with their Stone Pillar, slamming it down on the ground. Avoid these and hit back as best as you can.

Attack 2

GoW Grendel - Attack 2.png

A faster move, but basic still, is when either of the two Grendels will slam their hands on you for a weak, but fast, strike. Evade these.

Attack 3

GoW Grendel - Attack 3.png

One or both of them will lodge their stone pillars into the ground, causing rocks to surface. If you hit these rocks, you'll be staggered along with receiving damage. Avoid these.

Attack 4

GoW Grendel - Attack 4.png

Either of them will spin their Stone Pillars around. Make sure to stay away from them during this attack, using Atreus to pepper them with arrows so long as he has any left.

Tips and Strategy

The fight against the two Grendels is difficult due in part to either of the two trolls not letting up in their attacks against you. Neither also seem to be easily distracted or drawn towards Atreus, choosing instead to target you. This, and given their natural resistance to one of your weapons, makes focusing on one troll over the other difficult.

However, focusing on just one of the two Grendels is precisely what you need to do. If you deal one of the trolls enough damage, it will begin to drain the life of the other, shortening the fight.

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