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Rampage of the Furies Location and Effects | Is Rampage of the Furies Worth It?

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This is a page for Rampage of the Furies Light Runic Attack in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn about the effects of Rampage of the Furies, how to obtain Rampage of the Furies, and its upgrades!

Rampage of the Furies Basic Information

Rampage of the Furies
Weapon Blades of Chaos
Slot Light Runic Attack
Type Melee
Description A robust flurry attack that ends in a powerful slam.

Rampage of the Furies Upgrades and Effects

Upgrades and Effects

Level 1
Stats DAMAGE: 3/5
BURN: 0/5
STUN: 0/5
Level 2
Stats DAMAGE: 4/5
BURN: 2/5
STUN: 0/5
Effect Inflicts a small amount of BURN damage on every hit.
Upgrade Cost 1500 XP
Level 3
Stats DAMAGE: 5/5
BURN: 3/5
STUN: 1/5
Effect Greatly increases the radius and impact of the final slam attack.
Upgrade Cost 6000 XP

How to Obtain Rampage of the Furies

Rampage of the Furies Location

Rampage of the Furies Location
Inside of a chest in the Witch's Cave found when you lower the pillar with the sand bowl on it.

Should You Upgrade Rampage of the Furies?

Rampage of the Furies Rank

Runic Ranking S Rank Icon

Excellent skill for stun locking enemies in place. Very useful in tough fights against Valkyries and Trolls.

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