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Sindri Character Information

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God of War PS4 - Sindri Character
Sindri is one of the major characters that appear in God of War 2018, and serves as one of the primary sources of equipment and gear. Read on to learn more about Sindri's story, his abilities, and his relationship with the gods!

Sindri Character Information

God of War PS4 - Sindri Character Information
Category Friends
Voice Actor Adam J. Harrington

Sindri Bestiary Entry

Shop Owner

Similar to his brother Brok, Sindri is one of the primary sources of new gear and upgrades that you can find throughout the realms. He provides many other supporting equipment for you to use, such as Enchantments and Talismans.

Sindri Story Role

A Dwarf afraid of dirt and germs, Sindri is one of two dwarven brothers Kratos and Atreus meets throughout their journey. Much like his brother Brok, he tinkers around with the weapons of the father and son duo, giving them boosts to their power.

He provides Favors to them, exchanging the success of each Favor with a reward.

Estranged Brother

Sindri is one of two Dwarves that Kratos and Atreus encounter throughout their journey, providing the duo with aid. He has had an estranged relationship with his brother Brok, leading to the separation of a "brand" that the two use to mark and enchant their works – towards the end of Kratos' and Atreus' journey, the two brothers rekindle their relationship, providing Kratos and his son with more powerful equipment to work with.

A Relationship With the Gods

Alongside his brother prior to the start of the game, Brok and Sindri were famed blacksmiths that created many of the weapons that the gods make use of – most famous of these is Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

The Leviathan Axe's Maker

Prior to meeting Kratos, both Sindri and his brother Brok would make the Leviathan Axe for Kratos' future wife, Faye.

Gives Shock Arrows

After being rescued by Kratos and Atreus from Hraezlyr, Sindri provides an enchantment to Atreus' bow, allowing him to cast Shock Arrows. Prior to this, he also provides the boy with arrows made from mistletoes, which ultimately lead to the dissolution of Baldur's invulnerability at the climax of Kratos' and Atreus' journey.

Sindri Abilities

Unrestricted Travel

Similar to his brother Brok, Sindri can also travel to wherever he wishes and appears frequently in places where both Kratos and Atreus go to. This enables him to provide the pair with his services regardless of wherever they may be.

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