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A New Destination Quest Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for A New Destination in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, quest rewards, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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Inside the Mountain A New Destination The Magic Chisel

A New Destination Basic Information

How to Unlock A New Destination

Soon after reaching the summit of the mountain, you'll meet Mimir. He tells you that the highest peak in the realms isn't on Midgar, but rather on Jotunheim. Thus, you embark on a quest to get to that realm – but first, you must reanimate Mimir's head with the aid of the Witch of the Woods.

A New Destination Quest Rewards

4500 XP - -

A New Destination Quest Walkthrough

Take Mimir's Head to the Witch

GoW A New Destination - Take Mimir to the Witch.png

Take the path to the right of the arch.
NOTE: You will pass a chest containing a Muspelheim Cipher on your way down.
Go through the Mystic Gateway.
Travel through the gateway back to Brok's Shop.
Return to the Witch's Cave.
Exit Brok's Shop and use the boat at the side of the bridge to get back to the Witch's Cave.
Use the elevator.
You'll encounter a dock with an elevator hidden behind some roots you can destroy with Atreus' bow. Clear the roots and take the lift up.
Clear the roots.
When you exit the lift, you'll spot some roots you can now destroy to the right with Atreus' arrows.
Climb the well
NOTE: There is a chest to the right containing the last Muspelheim Cipher.
Enter the Witch's home.

Get to the Serpent's Horn

GoW A New Destination - Get to the Serpent

Return to the boat.
Dock at the bridge.
Head to the center of the bridge.
Interact with the pedestal at the center.
Interact with the horn at the top.

Tips and Strategies

Due to the shortness of the quest and the way it leaves a lot of the decisions of where to go up to you, you should consider moving around Midgard to find hidden chests/items, as well as do some of the Favors you've collected up to this point.

Nornir Chest Locations

Talk to the Witch in Her House

Map Location
Seal Locations
GoW - Idunn Apple IconIdunn Apple

Head down to the area until you find a large box. Turn left and hit the two crystals with light arrows to form a path leading towards the Nornir Chest.

GoW - A New Destination Chest 2 R Rune World Tree Sap.png
Turn around and head straight to the light path and take a Shattering Crystal. Throw it towards the World Tree Sap and have Atreus shoot a Shock Arrow at it. Climb up the ledge and find the R rune near the sealed door.

Return to where you hit the two crystals and turn left to find the N rune behind a waterfall.

GoW - A New Destination Chest C Rune World Tree Sap.png
Head back to the elevator and destroy the World Tree Sap nearby. Defeat the Draugrs and the Revenant that appear. Head inside and find the C Rune on the wall of the well.

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