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Atreus Character Information

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God of War PS4 - Atreus Character

Atreus is one of the major characters in God of War 2018, acting as the son of Kratos and Faye. Read on to learn about his story, abilities, and his relationships with other major characters in-game!

Atreus Character Information

God of War PS4 - Atreus Character Information
Category Main Character
Voice Actor Sunny Suljic

A New Hero

The son of Kratos and his wife, Atreus is a talented and excitable boy who longs for adventure, striving to gleam knowledge from many of the relics he can learn from in the various realms he explores. He exhibits some understanding of magic, able to use runes to open locked away places. He is an avid listener to Mimir's many tales, which often provide answers to many of his questions about the many Aesir gods.

Atreus Story Role

As the one and only son of Kratos, Atreus lacks any sort of knowledge of his father's past life. Although the man cares from a distance for him, Atreus cannot help but to wish for his mother to come back. Now, he must navigate past his youth and learn to work with his father as they journey through the realms, intent on spreading his mother's ashes atop the highest peak.

Grieving Son

Despite knowing that he is the son of Kratos, the relationship between the two has always been a distant one, tempered only by the presence of Atreus' mother. The two are forced to interact and grow closer after her death, pairing Atreus' adventurous and easy-going nature with that of his father's stern and disciplined one as they journey through the realms to fulfill his mother's request to spread her ashes atop the highest peak in the known realms.

Son of a God

For much of his life, the knowledge of Kratos' godhood is kept from Atreus. He lives his life not knowing of his true being, and as they journey towards the highest summit, he falls ill due to this secret, prompting his father to journey on his own for a cure.

Learning of his godhood after recovering makes Atreus arrogant, believing that his newfound status endows him all the rights, privileges, and tributes of a god – a fact that is quickly corrected as they battle against Baldur, leading to the father and son pair's entrapment in Helheim.

Fights Against Baldur

Still believing that he is as strong as any other god, perhaps even stronger, Atreus foolishly tries to attack Baldur when the god tries to interrupt their journey towards Jotunheim. Acting with brashness and arrogance that is unlike his usual self, his actions lead to the father and son pair getting trapped in Hel.

Defeating Freya

When finally they have all the pieces needed to unlock the realm of Jotunheim, Atreus and his father are once more accosted by Baldur. Throughout the battle, it is now revealed that his mother is the Witch of the Woods herself; Freya. Together, Atreus and Kratos fight against Baldur and Freya's interruptions, ultimately leading to Baldur's death after he attempts to murder his mother.

Loki Revealed

The pair ultimately makes it to Jotunheim, with Atreus' mother being revealed to be a Giant. They spread his mother's ashes atop the highest peak, where Atreus asks why the Giants called him a different name than the one he knew.

Kratos reveals that the name his mother had wanted for him was a name familiar to the Giants – Loki.

Atreus Skills and Abilities

Talon Bow Skills

TeamworkTeamwork AcrobaticsAcrobatics FerocityFerocity
Atreus Power IAtreus Power I Dexterous Shot IDexterous Shot I Atreus Power IIAtreus Power II
Dexterous Shot IIDexterous Shot II Atreus Power IIIAtreus Power III Dexterous Shot IIIDexterous Shot III
Weaken PotencyWeaken Potency Light Potency ILight Potency I Explosive PowerExplosive Power
Light Potency IILight Potency II Shock Potency IShock Potency I Lasting ShockLasting Shock
Shock Potency IIShock Potency II Shock ConduitShock Conduit Light Potency IIILight Potency III
Shock Potency IIIShock Potency III

List of All Skills

Runic Summons

Name Type Max Stats
Wrath of the Wolf Area DAMAGE: 4/5
RUNIC: 1/5
STUN: 4/5
Falcons' Dive Area DAMAGE: 1/5
RUNIC: 4/5
STUN: 4/5
Murder of Crows Area DAMAGE: 5/5
RUNIC: 1/5
STUN: 1/5
Storm of the Elks Area DAMAGE: 1/5
RUNIC: 5/5
STUN: 1/5
Bitter Squirrel - DAMAGE: 0/5
RUNIC: 5/5
STUN: 0/5
Boar Stampede Area DAMAGE: 2/5
RUNIC: 1/5
STUN: 5/5

All Runic Summons

Atreus Weapons

Talon Bow

Talon Bow.png
Talon Bow

How to Get the Talon Bow

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