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How to Farm XP | XP Farming Guide

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This is a guide to farming XP in God of War (2018) for PS4. Read on to find out other ways to efficiently farm XP!

How to Farm XP

Naturally, you will gain XP as you progress through the game, as well as by defeating enemies. To gain more XP in other ways, here are our tips:

Accomplish Combat Challenges in Muspelheim

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Muspelheim combat challenges take place in five different arenas which you will be able to unlock as you progress through the challenge. Hack and slash away and bag those XP!

You will gain access to Muspelheim after you've finished the game, and by then you've probably already earned a ton of XP, but there's nothing holding you back now to set out across the realms and earn more!

Complete Labors


Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Labors are a variety of tasks that include Kill Labors, Skill Labors, Crafting Labors, and World Labors. The reward for accomplishing these is a decent amount of XP!

Tips and Strategies

As you get close to finishing a Kill Labor, save 1 kill target, move on to another nearby area, finish the labor, earn your XP, and then restart from checkpoint.

You will still retain the XP you gained from the Labor and also be abe to re-do it with a lot less to do! You'll start raking in that XP reward easily.

Complete Favors


Rating ★ ★ ★ ★

Favors are side jobs offered to you by NPCs in God of War. Some of the Favors you may take on will require you to accomplish simple tasks, while others may seem like a side-quest of its own.

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Collect Artifacts

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There are numerous artifacts scatterd all around the world of God of War just waiting to be found. Completing a collection will earn you an XP reward!

Look for Shrines


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Shrines can be found in different areas throughout Midgard. Keep on the lookout for them as you'll be rewarded XP for every shrine you find!

Increase Luck

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Increasing Kratos' Luck will, in turn, increase the Hacksilver you gain.

To increase Luck, you can equip things such as, armor, weapon upgrades, talismans, resources, and enchantments to Kratos. Additionally, be on the lookout for Yggdrasil's Dew of Luck as it permanently increases Luck.

Where to Use XP

Upgrading Skills

Most skills are available only after upgrading your weapons and can be unlocked by using XP.

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Upgrading Runic Attacks

Runic Attacks and Summons are found inside Legendary Chests and can be used in combat after equipping them to your weapons. You can make these even stronger by using XP.

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