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Ivaldi's Curse Favor Walkthrough

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GoW - Ivaldi
This is a walkthrough for Ivaldi's Curse in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this side quest, quest rewards, as well as tips for completion!

Ivaldi's Curse Basic Information

How to Unlock Ivaldi's Curse

The favor automatically starts after completing Ivaldi's Protection.

Ivaldi's Curse Quest Rewards

4500 XP - -

Ivaldi's Curse Quest Walkthrough

Seal the Realm Tears

GoW - Ivaldi

Return to Sindri after obtaining Ivaldi's Rusted Armor to start the favor.
Gather a total of 45000 Mist Echoes and 3 Anchor Fogs to seal all three Realm Tears.

Press the Options button and select the Resources tab to check the number of Mist Echoes and Anchor Fogs you have on hand.
Open up the leftmost Realm Tear and defeat the three Ogres that appear.

Defeating them rewards you with the Gift of Apollo Heavy Runic Attack and Dust of Realms.
Open up the middlemost Realm Tear and defeat the three Revenants and NIghtmares that appear.

Defeating them rewards you with the Talisman of Cursed Power and Dust of Realms.
Open up the rightmost Realm Tear and defeat the Wulvers and the Soul Devourer that appear.

Defeating them rewards you with the Mistbourne Epic Axe Pommel and Dust Realms.
Talk to Sindri to complete the favor.

Tips and Strategies

Plan Your Run

Niflheim Map
Map Diagram Map as seen in-game

The enemies and obstacles are randomly generated but the layout of the workshop remains the same.

The Treasure Room refers to the central chamber of the workshop. Inside are the three Realm Tears and the legendary chests that can be opened in exchange for Mist Echoes.

The Starting Area and Areas 1, 2, and 3 contains enemies that you must defeat before looting the chests. Areas 4 and 6 contain powerful enemies and rare loot.

The unnamed square areas refer to the safe zones in between the named areas and the hallways that contain spike blocks and giant blades.

We recommend running through the Area 6, when farming for Anchors of Fog, as Area 4 leads to you Valkryie Hildr.

Equip a Resurrection Stone

GoW - Buying a Superior Resurrection Stone
Buy the Superior Resurrection Stone from Brok or Sindri's shop when running through the workshop. The consumable item revives you with a large amount of health, allowing you a second chance to run back to the Treasure Room or at Sindir's Shop.

Increase Your Luck

GoW - Ivaldi
Equip enchantments that raise your luck to increase your chance of obtaining rare loot such as the Niflheim Alloy and Haze Weave.

Stats Explanation

Change the Difficulty

GoW - Ivaldi
Changing the difficulty to Give Me a Story reduces the time spent defeating enemies in the workshop and also decreases damage taken from them.

Note that you cannot change the difficulty setting while in the workshop. Head back to the Treasure Room first before changing the difficulty.

How to Change Difficulty

Niflheim Chest Rewards

The following table contains all the rewards obtainable in exchange for Mist Echoes.

Mist Echoes Required Reward
1000 Perfect Artifact of the Blight
2500 Eye of Niflheim
5000 Chilling Mists of Niflheim
7500 Blightguard
7500 Blightbringer

Boss Strategy: Soul Devourer

Use Ranged Attacks

GoW - Ivaldi

Throw the Leviathan Axe while its chest is exposed to deal damage. Avoid facing it head-on as the boss is resistant to melee attacks.

Pick up the chunks that it drops by pressing the Circle button and throw into its chest when it's exposed to deal massive damage.

Ignore the Wulvers that appear alongside the Soul Devourer as they spawn constantly. Focus on defeating the boss and avoid the Wulver's attacks.

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