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How to Beat Daudi Hamarr | Boss Fight Guide

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God of War PS4 - How to Beat Daudi Hamarr
This is a guide on how to beat Daudi Hamarr in God of War PS4 (GoW 4). This page will explain its attack patterns, behavior, and tips and strategies on how to deal the most damage you can against it and take minimal damage at the same time.

Daudi Hamarr Boss Information

Bestiary Entry

Daudi Hamarr
Category Trolls
Entry Text
We found Daudi Hamarr trapped in a cage in Veithurgard. The Dwarf King had managed to capture him somehow. Why was he in this cage? We could have just let him rot down there, but... even for a troll, that felt too cruel.

Basic Information

God of War PS4 - Daudi Hamarr

Name Daudi Hamarr
Recommended Level Level 3-5
Weapons Fire
Stone Pillar

Daudi Hamarr Location

Daudi Hamarr can be found in the castle you'll have to make your way through as part of the Favor Otr's Imprisonment in Veithurgard.

World View Guide
Upon gaining access to the room Daudi Hamarr is in, check the door leading outside of the room opposite of where you enter. Use the panel in front of it to raise Daudi to begin the fight.

Best Build


Armor Set Traveler's Set

Leviathan Axe

Axe Level Level 4-5

Daudi Hamarr Boss Fight Guide

Opening Attack

God of War PS4 - Daudi Hamarr Opening

As Daudi Hamarr rises up from his prison below, it will take some of its time to roar at you if it doesn't attack straight away. Make use of this time to either attack it or maneuver and wait for it to attack before dishing out damage of your own.

Daudi Hamarr Attack Patterns

Attack 1

God of War PS4 - Daudi Hamarr Attack 1

Like most Trolls, Hamarr has a habit of throwing down its weapon flat on the ground. Getting caught in these types of attacks is enough to cause you to stagger or fall to your back. This is also an opportune moment for you to attack the beast himself by dodging away and countering until Hamarr moves into another attack.

Attack 2

God of War PS4 - Daudi Hamarr Attack 2

The Troll will stomp its foot on the ground, causing a wave of lava to burst up from the ground. These are easily avoidable, provided you have ample space around you. Another form of this attack will see the Troll jump up, landing on top of you with his feet.

Attack 3

Daudi Hammar - Attack 4

Causing Hamarr enough damage will send it into a crazy frenzy, as it will swing its weapon around wildly. It is best to avoid these strikes rather than potentially be caught in a stun-locked state.

Tips and Strategy

As fire is its primary element, your Blades of Chaos is useless in this fight. Make heavy use of your Leviathan Axe and any Runic Attacks for it you may have to deal great damage on the Troll.

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1 POCHIover 1 year

hmmm it says here that lvl 3-5 leviathan axe is recommended it, i was surprised cuz i managed to beat it with a lvl 2 one, just needs ton of dashing XD


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