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How to Beat Magni and Modi | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide on how to beat Magni and Modi in God of War PS4 (GoW 4). This page will explain its attack patterns, behavior, and tips and strategies on how to deal the most damage you can against it and take minimal damage at the same time.

Magni and Modi Boss Information

Bestiary Entry


Magni Bestiary Entry
Category Aesir
Entry Text
The older son of Thor. He had a huge sword, could use the power of lightning, and was really mean. Father killed him.


Modi Bestiary Entry
Category Aesir
Entry Text
The younger son of Thor, and a relentless creep. He also can shoot lightning, and uses a mace and shield. He ran off after Father killed his brother, Magni, but I bet we haven't seen the last of him. I'll kill him next time I see him.

Basic Information

GoW Magni and Modi.png

Name Magni and Modi
Recommended Level 3-4
Weapons Greatsword
Sword and Shield

Magni and Modi Location

The brothers will accost you once you get to the chisel during the tail end of the quest The Magic Chisel.

World View Guide
Approach the chisel and be prepared for a fight.

Best Build


Armor Set True Warrior Set
Second Upgrade

Leviathan Axe

Axe Level 2-3

Magni and Modi Boss Fight Guide

Opening Attack

GoW The Magic Chisel - M and M.png

The two will either immediately attack you, or move away slightly. Either way, your best option will be to create some distance between the three of you until one of them is drawn to Atreus, leaving you the other to focus on entirely.

Magni Attack Patterns

Attack 1

GoW Magni - Attack 2.png
Due to Magni's larger stature, he's the slower of the two. Thus, his attacks usually have a long charge up time before he strikes, even his blockable ones. This particular attack is him simply swiping at you with his sword, which is blockable.

Attack 2

GoW Magni - Attack 1.png

A verion of his first attack, but with a longer charge up time and is unblockable. Evade this.

Attack 3

GoW Magni - Attack 3.png

Similar to Modi, a new attack will be introduced after your first back to back with Atreus where Magni will use his sword to send a wave at you. Block these.

Attack 4

GoW Magni - Attack 4.png

After your second back to back with Atreus, Magni will have an attack where he lodges his sword into the ground to cast a circular area of effect lightning attack. You can block this and move in for a strike against him.

Modi Attack Patterns

Attack 1

GoW Modi - Attack 1.png

In the early stages of the fight, a common tactic you will see from Modi will be him charging at you for an electrically charged strike with his shield, followed by a hit from his hammer. Parry these to stagger him and strike back.

Attack 2

GoW Modi - Attack 2.png

A weak attack in single swipes, but quite damaging in the combo he uses it in, Modi will use his hammer three times for three strikes. Block or parry these.

Attack 3

GoW Modi - Attack 3.png

After your first back to back with Atreus, Modi will introduce a new attack where he throws a slow arching ball of lightning your way, which explodes upon contact with the ground. Move away from these to avoid the area of effect damage.

Attack 4

GoW Modi - Attack 4.png

A 'teamwork' style attack between the brothers, where Magni will throw Modi up into the air where he performs an area of effect attack that cannot be blocked. Move out of the way of these.

Attack 5

GoW Modi - Attack 5.png

Modi will send a beam of lightning at you, which you can block.

Back to Back with Atreus

GoW The Magic Chisel - Hit Markers.png

The battle will eventually go into a phase where you and Atreus will be surrounded by a thick mist after Magni and Modi collide their weapons. You will be back to back with Atreus, with the only indicator you have of where an attack will come from being a red arrow that flashes around you both. Face where the arrow is pointing and shield yourself to counter their attacks.

Tips and Strategy

A difficult fight if you try and split your focus between the two of them at any given time. Have Atreus annoy one or the other to attract their attention, and fully punish the one left alone to you. However, be wary of when Atreus is grabbed by Modi. You'll have to intervene then, and have Atreus intervene if you are grabbed by Magni.

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