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Play Time: How Long to Beat

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This is a page on the game length of God of War (PS4). Read on to find out how many hours it will take to complete the game's main questline, the different Favors you can complete, optional bosses, and all that the game has to offer!

Play Time: How Long to Beat

It Takes ~20 Hours to Beat the Main Story

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When focusing mainly on the Main Quests from beginning to the end, it may take at least ~20 Hours of gameplay to finish God of War.This includes the need to do smaller side activities that are required, such as finding new equipment or upgrading existing ones to better Level Up to match against some of the tougher foes that can be found later on in-game.

Sidequests and the Main Story Require ~30-35 Hours

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Sidequests, or Favors, are smaller quests that can be found by interacting with characters in-game. These side activities will see you travelling to new areas, sometimes forcing you into a fight against one of the Optional Bosses available.

Completing all Favors will add a conservative ~10+ Hours to your playthrough, with more hours added if you wish to explore the new areas you venture into for better loot.

100% Playthrough Requires ~50+ Hours of Gameplay

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Collecting everything there is in the game as well as completing every activity possible, including the challenge realms of Muspelheim and Niflheim will take ~50-55 Hours of playtime.

This includes being able to play through the game once more on the New Game+ mode that you can unlock after beating the game once, with the playtime increasing in length depending on how long you take to beat the game on the first try.

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