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The Magic Chisel Quest Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for The Magic Chisel in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this quest, quest rewards, tips for completion, as well as boss fight strategies!

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A New Destination The Magic Chisel Behind the Lock

The Magic Chisel Basic Information

How to Unlock The Magic Chisel

After taking Mimir to Jormungandr, the World Serpent agrees to aid you in your quest. Mimir tells you then that you need a special chisel that can help you in getting to Jotunheim.

The Magic Chisel Quest Rewards

4500 XP - -

The Magic Chisel Quest Walkthrough

Follow Mimir's Instructions to the Chisel

GoW The Magic Chisel - Follow Mimir.png

Head back to your boat.
Head past the two statues of boatmen.
Follow the river and dock with a beach at the end.
Use the wheel on the pedestal to lower the gate.
Take your boat and follow the newly opened river path.
Dock your boat with the frozen shore.

Investigate the Dead Giant

GoW The Magic Chisel - Investigate the Dead Giant.png

Head up the frozen beach.
Battle the enemies in your way.
Move the ring to the left.
Use Atreus' arrows to activate the ring and destroy the icicles in your way.
Head inside the cave.
NOTE: There is a chest at the end of the second landing containing Runic Wyrmskin Pauldrons.
Climb up the chain on the second landing.

Retrieve a Piece of the Chisel

GoW The Magic Chisel - Retrieve a Piece of the Chisel.png

Head up the clearing.
NOTE: There is a chest at the center containing Plated Runeweaver Bracers.
Approach the giant's face.
NOTE: There is another chest hidden behind a gate unlocked by runes containing a Mark of the Ranger.
If you trigger the Ice Ancient in the area, you must defeat it.
Defeat the enemies in the area.
Talk to Sindri.

Find a Way to the Chisel

GoW The Magic Chisel - Find a Way to the Chisel.png

Destroy the Shatter Crystal on the giant's beard braids.
Follow the path.
Head through the door.
Fight the enemies that come after you.
Pull the rock in the room.
Follow the path.
Push the hanging Shatter Crystal towards the glacier.
Shoot the crystal afterwards with Atreus' bow.

Make Your Way Up the Hammer

GoW The Magic Chisel - Make Your Way up the Hammer.png

Climb up the strap where the Shatter Crystal is hanging from.
Destroy the Shatter Crystal near the top of the hammer.
Release the strap at the top.
Head through the door.
NOTE: There is a chest just past the door with a Runeweaver War Belt.
Have Atreus pass through the tunnel hidden behind debris.
Change the runes on the walls into the following order: Leaf, Sun, Flower, Ice.
Use the Leviathan Axe to hit the circles beneath the runes.
Head onto the platform.
Enemies will attack you as you make your way up. Do not let the timer for the platform to deplete – dispatch your enemies quickly.
Quickly shoot the Shatter Crystals at the top and climb up before the floor breaks.

Push the Hammer

GoW The Magic Chisel - Push the Hammer.png

Head up to the hammer and push it.
Make your way out from beneath the hammer.
Follow the path.
Dislodge the chandelier.
Shoot the Shatter Crystal with Atreus' bow. Repeat the process two more times.
Collect the Shatter Crystal and throw it to the center of the ice wall.
Defeat the Stonebeard King.
Use another Shatter Crystal on the left side of the ice wall.
Climb up and follow the path to Sindri.
Head outside and follow the path.

Take a Piece of the Chisel

GoW The Magic Chisel - Take a Piece of the Chisel.png

Defeat Magni and Modi.
Take a piece of the chisel.

Boss Strategy: Ice Ancient

GoW The Magic Chisel - Ice Ancient.png

Defeating the Ice Ancient is a rather easy task. Simply hit its chest when it opens up to attack you to reduce its health.

How to Beat Ice Ancient | Boss Fight Guide

Boss Strategy: Stonebeard King

GoW The Magic Chisel - Stonebeard King.png

The Stonebeard King behaves like a regular Troll, except that it can send waves of ice at you when it stomps its feet. Avoid these, and quickly defeat the wolves it summons to fight with him.

How to Beat Stonebeard King | Boss Fight Guide

Boss Strategy: Magni and Modi

GoW The Magic Chisel - M and M.png

Thor's sons will fight you and Atreus both at the same time. It is important that you keep moving while dishing out strikes.

How to Beat Magni and Modi | Boss Fight Guide

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