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The Flight of Fafnir Favor Walkthrough

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GoW - The Flight of Fafnir Favor Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for The Flight of Fafnir in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this side quest and quest rewards.

The Flight of Fafnir Basic Information

How to Unlock The Flight of Fafnir

After completing A New Destination, you have the option to explore the surrounding area.

Head to the shore near The Mason's Channel and climb the ledges. Open the wooden door on the cliff to find Fafnir.

The Flight of Fafnir Quest Rewards

615 XP Rare Enchantment Dragon Tear

The Flight of Fafnir Quest Walkthrough

Head to The Mason's Channel

GoW - Heading to The Mason

Head to the entrance of The Mason's Channel and dock your boat on the shore next to the rightmost boatman statue.
Destroy the crystals and climb the ledges.
Climb to the top and open the door.

Destroy the Shrines

GoW - The Flight of Fafnir Destroy the Shrines

Loot the chest to obtain some Hacksilver and head down the steps on the left.
Defeat the Reavers in the area. Watch out for Fafnir's lightning attack when navigating on the center.
Walk up the stairs on the left of Fafnir to destroy the first dragon shrine. Hide behind the ruined walls to avoid Fafnir's lightning attacks.
Turn around and head right to a cave leading to the second dragon shrine.

Defeat the praying Reaver and destroy the shrine.
Turn around and climb the wall. Have Atreus read the lore marker.

Loot the coffin on the right and open the gate leading back to the starting area.
Head back down the and climb the wall on the right.
Defeat the praying Reaver and the Traveler and destroy the last dragon shrine.
Open the gate on the right to create a shortcut leading to the starting area.
Head to the anchor to set Fafnir free. Defeat the Reavers and the Revenant that appear.
Loot the chest nearby and press the Square button on the anchor to release the dragon. Freeing it rewards you with a Brilliant Scale of the Chained.

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