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Otr's Imprisonment Favor Walkthrough

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GoW - Otr
This is a walkthrough for Otr's Imprisonment in God of War (2018) for the PS4. Learn more about the objectives of this side quest, quest rewards, as well as boss fight strategies!

Otr's Imprisonment Basic Information

How to Unlock Otr's Imprisonment

After meeting the World Serpent during the Path to the Mountain quest, you have the option to explore the surrounding area.

Head to the northeastern side of the Lake of Nine and dock at an island west of the golden gates.

Otr's Imprisonment Quest Rewards

615 XP Rare Enchantment Dragon Tear

Otr's Imprisonment Quest Walkthrough

Head to Veithurgard

GoW - Heading to the Veithurgard

Head to Stone Falls and use the wheel mechanism to open the gate leading to Veithurgard.

The nearby Lake Spirit gives you the Hammer Fall favor that also takes place in the same area.
Row pass the gate and dock at the beach.
Take out the Draugr and the Wolves in the area.

Head inside the small cavern and proceed to the next area. Watch out for the Wolf on your left as you exit the cavern.
Lift up the boulder and head towards the beach. Hit the chain to lower the boat.
Row the boat and dock at the nearest beach. Clear the Draugrs in the area.
Watch out for the Tatzelwurm that will ambush you when heading towards the chest.

The chest contains some Soft Svartalheim Steel and World Serpent Scale Fragment.
Head straight to the path to find a chained dragon on a platform. Watch out for the dragon's lightning attack.
A Draugr will ambush you from the left gap. Block its attack and take it out.
Head to the next gap and defeat the Draugr on the right.

Destroy the Shrines

GoW - Otr

Head right towards the ledge and defeat the Reavers. Destroy the dragon shrine in the area.
Head left and walk up towards the grassy hills. Destroy the dragon shrine in the area.
From the destroyed dragon shrine, turn around and head left. Drop down and head left to find a tall pillar with praying Reavers.
Head right to the stairs and open the gate to find a Nornir Chest. Head back and turn right to the small ledge.
Follow the path until you reach the castle doors. Defeat the Reavers in the area.

Open the Gate

GoW - Veithurgard Open the Gate

Hit left side mechanism to match the T and R runes.
Head to the right side mechanism and turn around to find a stone with the N rune. Match the top right switch with this rune.
Hit the bottom switch until it shows a right side up F rune.

Enter the Castle

GoW - Veithurgard Enter the Castle

Head inside the castle and turn right to find two Reavers with shields. Destroy the red urn above to deal massive damage.
Head down the stairs and defeat the Reaver inside. Watch out for the second Reaver that will sneak up behind you.

Hit the red urn to reveal the path leading to the last dragon shrine.
Defeat the Reavers and destroy the last dragon shrine.

Defeat Daudi Hamar

GoW - Veithurgard Daudi Hamarr

You can find an optional boss in one of the castle's rooms. We recommend taking it on as it drops loot.

Head back inside the room and turn the lever to lower the water level.
Head down the room and defeat the two Tatzelwurms that appear.
Head inside the room and find a Lore Marker on the left. Head down the stairs and defeat the three Reavers.
Climb up the ledge on the left side of the door and loot the chest.
Open the wooden doors and use the lever to open the cage to set the troll free.
Use a combination of melee and ranged attacks to defeat the boss. Avoid his stomps as it shoots out lava waves.
Defeating Daudi Hamarr rewards you with the following loot:
    Horn of Heimdall
    ・Vivarium Key Stone
    ・World Serpent Scales
    ・Soft Svartalfheim Steel

Return to the Dragon

GoW - Veithurgard Freed Dragon

Use the Vivarium Key Stone on the pedestal to open the door.
Loot the chest to find a Leviathan's Wake Runic Attack.
Climb up the ledge and lower the chain. Head down to the anchor.
Press the Square button near the anchor to release the dragon. Freeing it rewards you with a Brilliant Mark of the Dragon.

Boss Strategy: Daudi Hamarr

GoW - Daudi Hamarr Boss Strategy

Like most Trolls you'll encounter throughout your travels, he has three basic attacks he'll try to hit you with – a wide swing attack with his log, a stomp, and an attack where he vertically slams his weapon down on you. Avoid his stomps as it shoots out lava waves at you.

Mastering rolling and dodging makes the fight easier, as well as using ranged attacks with the Leviathan Axe and Atreus' Bow.

Nornir Chest Location

Map Location
Seal Locations
GoW - Horn of Blood Mead IconHorn of Blood Mead

On the area where you free Otr in Veithurgard, you can find a Nornir Chest behind a gate. Head to the area with the tall pillar and climb up the stairs. Turn right and head to the gate.

From the Nornir Chest, turn around and head back to the gate to find the R Rune on the left side.

Head back to the chest and turn right towards a corner near the bridge to find the C Rune sitting on a ledge.

Jump down the ledge and head to the area with the tall pillar. Head to the left side and look through the structure's windows to find the N Rune.

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